He entered the vast sea in this region after leaving the Yu mansion to begin his survey.

In fact, he had done such a task a long time ago since he couldnt just find a random place to build Heaven Suppression. He understood after the agreement with the girl that he had missed a few things back then. Some little crevices and clues still eluded him.

Thats why he became even more meticulous this time around with all the minute details in this region. It became much easier with greater productivity due to his prior experience.

The little details found this time made him find out that there were indeed some special matters going on in the Grand Sea for the treasure hunt this time with the girl in the yellow cloth.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” A loud blast occurred while he was exploring this oceanic region. A giant dragon suddenly flew to the sky with lightning speed. Ordinary eyes couldnt see it clearly at all.

This was a golden dragon. However, its body wasnt covered with a radiating glow, only a faint one. Nevertheless, it could still be considered a golden dragon. Another distinguishing factor was that it had four claws instead of five.

Nevertheless, it still emitted a terrible draconic aura just like a typhoon. This could instantly destroy someone with its palpable presence.

The dragon had wounds everywhere with many broken scales. There was a young man with dragon horns on his head lying on the dragons back. He was also grievously injured with wounds so deep that the bones were visible.

He gripped the golden dragons horns tightly while drenched in blood. The dragon ran away with him using all of its might.

Li Qiye was surprised to see the youth as well since he met him earlier back at the twelve scales.

On that day, Hai Lin was aggressive and fierce, a complete opposite of his current state with only one breath remaining.

“Boom!” The sky shook and another youth came over. A supreme grand path was paved beneath his feet. His presence was incredible and instantly suppressed the location. Even the myriad dao screamed in response with futility.

“Long Aotian.” Li Qiye chuckled at the newcomer. Even though he had never seen the youth before, the guys aura made it too obvious.

Thats right, Long Aotian was chasing Hai Lin who only made it out due to the golden dragons effort.

“Hai Lin, I will slay you even if you run to the end of the world. I will kill all of you sea demons and erase your race from the Grand Sea. No one will be able to protect you!” Aotians voice echoed across the region.

Hai Lin didnt respond and ordered the dragon to run in hope of losing Aotian.

So it turned out that with the old guides from Heaven Suppression, Aotian and the other members from his sect were able to sweep through the demon survivors hiding in the depth of the sea outside of Hai Lin.

Aotian was a guest at Mu Zhuos Demonic City and wanted to discuss the dao with others. However, in just two days, he got news about Hai Lin so he immediately gave chase.

He was very unhappy about not being able to kill Hai Lin despite defeating him several times. In his eyes, anyone who opposed him must die without exception!

“Rawrr!” The golden dragon crazily roared. The golden glow on its body exploded and gave it an explosive burst. Its speed reached the limit in order to escape.

It was burning its own longevity blood in order to take Hai Lin away!

Hai Lin was still no match for Aotian this time around. A senior in the form of this golden dragon had to save his life but this still wasnt enough to fight against Aotian. The dragon was still injured and had to run away with Hai Lin.

It needed to take Hai Lin to a safe place regardless of the price. Hai Lin was still young so he played a pivotal position for the sea monsters. If he could survive, their race could still pass down. However, if he were to die, they would only linger on for a while longer before total annihilation. The other scenario was being lowered down to being an insignificant race.

“Keep on running, youre not escaping from my grasp.” Aotian wasnt surprised at this speed at all. An immortal light exuded from his body as if he was ascending with an extraordinary aura. A remnant ray and many shadows were left on his path.

He looked quite slow to the point of stagnating but his speed was actually peerless. He made time slow down by half a beat.

In terms of speed, a grand completion Soaring Immortal Physique was virtually matchless. It wasnt hard for him to catch up to this four-clawed dragon.

Alas, he took his time with this pursuit because he wanted to find their lair in order to kill all the sea demons.

Li Qiye who was on his own mission chuckled and casually gave chase.

Aotians eyes suddenly turned cold and slightly moved towards Li Qiyes direction after spotting him. However, he didnt say anything and continued to chase after Hai Lin with great confidence.

He was still as confident as ever even with Li Qiye after him. There was no sign of caution or preparing for the enemy. This showed his confidence and fearlessness even against a foe as powerful as Fiercest!

Thus, the golden dragon was running for its life while carrying Hai Lin with Long Aotian right behind them with the right distance. Li Qiye was also following along to observe.

In fact, when they crossed through this sea region, one would see that there was another army behind them. The majority consisted of demons from the Mu Zhuos Demonic City. The leader was the Golden Dragon Prince.

So it turned out that this sect was also helping Aotian to kill the sea monsters. Even though they were demons, closely related to sea monsters; the prince was still sworn-brother with Aotian. The prince chose to ignore the ties so he didnt mind helping Aotian!

The chase created quite a spectacle and they crossed through several regions. This attracted the attention of the nearby inhabitants.

In a short time, many experts from the sect followed along, including many big shots from the great powers.

“Its Hai Lin again!” Some people said with admiration: “The boy is an unkillable cockroach, escaping time and time again, what a miracle.”

“Hai Lin has a lot of potential on top of having a good cultivation already. His bloodline is also prestigious, thats why hes so important to the sea monsters. Many powerful existences were willing to be his dao protectors, thats why he managed to escape from Aotian so many times.” A demon monarch commented.

He ended up becoming gloomy. Aotian almost killed all the sea monsters and demons in this place. Only Hai Lins group still dared to oppose him, the other demon powers have already started running for their lives.

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