Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 246: Reigning over the Nine Worlds and Sweeping through the Eight Desolaces

After a good while, the girl said slowly: “Dont you want to fight to the end? Kill your way above the nine heavens and sweep through the emperors and gods? If you want to be the last man laughing, you need to have all the untouched treasures in this world or you wont be able to go further.”

“Youre wrong about that.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “No point in having an abundance of resources. Even if you have more, at the end of the world, it will only lend you a bit of strength. The truth is that you can only rely on yourself in order to win. Personal strength is the greatest force at the end of the world.” He solemnly said.

“But you still need resources along the way?” The girl said: “How can your men contend against them without ample resources? How can you train your own legions? Why would people join your banner? I dont need to explain these logics to someone who had lived for so long.”

She paused for a moment before continuing: “I can help you in this regards, giving you some things unavailable to others.”

“If you know how long I have lived for, why do you think I dont have enough resources? Plus, its not like I havent been there before, Im even more familiar to each blade of grass up there than you.” He smiled in response: “If you think you can give me some rare items, haha, fine, if you can give me something I dont have already, not only will I help you in this matter, I will even assist you in escaping this cloth, for you to return to this world with your own body.”

“What do you want?” The girl became slightly moved and asked with a serious tone.

“Its very simple. Give me one of the nine Grand Heavenly Treasures then I will use everything in my power to help you escape the cloth and rebuild your body. Success is assured as long as I make up my mind.”

“Of course, there are a few treasures I dont need among the nine. For example, the Myriad Thoughts Pot. Even if you can get it, I dont want it.” He grinned at this point: “And yes, there are a few you cant get either like the Longevity Grass or the Void Gate. They cant be in your possession.

“If I have the nine treasures, why would I need to make a deal with you right now?” She said with exasperation.

“Thats why there arent that many things I cant get in this world. Even the top weapons in certain epochs are in my possession. Imperial weapons are just cabbages in my eyes.”

The girl in yellow fell into a second silence. It looked like a wily old fox like Li Qiye was her nemesis.

“Of course, its not like you dont have a chance.” He smiled and said: “I can even help you come out in the future. When the time is right, rebuilding your body is fine too but I have a condition.”

“What is it?” She eventually asked after a brief lull, understanding that a free lunch wasnt possible in this world. Li Qiye had all the initiatives.

“Very simple.” He said slowly: “I only want one thing after releasing you from this sorry state, your loyalty and service for this generation!”

“Thats impossible.” She coldly refused.

He smiled in response: “Nothing is impossible in this world. Ive seen many amazing women in the world. It doesnt matter how noble your origin might be, you are just a downtrodden phoenix right now, no, not even that.”

“You!” She would be vomiting blood right now from anger if it was possible in her current state.

“I dont care whether you are willing or not.” He continued: “This is ultimately up to you since its no big loss to me, only a contributor at most. I can even groom emperors so theres no fear of not having new people.”

He stopped and smirked: “Its not the same for you. Im afraid there is no standing back up while being trapped in that cloth. Even if I was kind enough to release the cloth to the world, even if someone else were to pick it up, how many do you think can do the same as me, releasing and creating a new body for you?”

“Of course, you have plenty of time if you can withstand waiting till that day. Maybe it will be millions and millions of years later or a dozen epochs.” He was very pleased with his teasing.

She contemplated for a moment before finally answering: “Fine, I accept but dont push it!” She still chose to compromise in the end.

Her origin was unbelievably noble but like he had said, she was nothing right now.

If she continued to refuse his offer, she would be trapped in the cloth forever. Even if she could wait until someone else finds the cloth, they wouldnt be as capable as him. After careful consideration, she came up with this decision despite her unwillingness to serve him. This was the only way to have hope in the future.

The two finally into an agreement. She said: “Now, you have to help me get something back.”

“Dont worry, Im a man of my word since well be a family then.” He smiled and said.

“Who is family with you!” The girl expressed her annoyance once more.

After the conclusion of the arrangement, the two decided to leave. The matriarch told Li Qiye before the departure: “A second group of disciples from Soaring Immortal is entering the Grand Sea. They have sent many ancestors as well. Im afraid even someone like Ancestor Long will be there too.”

“Let them come then.” Li Qiye leisurely said: “I actually want to see if those princes have actually escaped from the Immortal Confinement and just how strong they are.” He was amused with the development.

“They can actually escape from there? I heard that it was virtually impossible to escape alive. Many geniuses from that sect have entered but the only one who successfully left was Immortal Emperor Can Long during his youth.” She found this surprising.

“This prison is not a bad item at all. Immortal Emperor Fei expended great effort just to bring it to his sect. Those who can leave the prison are very powerful indeed.” He smiled.

Of course, regardless of how powerful they might be, they were only his prey.

“However, Gu Zun isnt present. I used my divine intent to sweep through Heaven Suppression but hes not there.” She said solemnly.

Despite her great power, she was very careful when dealing with someone as crafty as Gu Zun.

“Hes just testing the water using Soaring Immortal as a pawn. Hell be hiding in the shadow to watch the fun.” Li Qiye expected this.

“Hell never give up though and will eventually make a move. Given his personalities, it would be the regret of a lifetime to not personally kill me so he wont miss that chance.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

“Im just worried about his plans behind the scene.” She said.

“Dont worry, doing that will only expose him. The guy is very careful and wont do anything so carelessly. At best, hell only bait others into action. I know Gu Zun too well.” Having said that, Li Qiye stared towards the horizon and chuckled: “Im interested to see his killing move. Who knows how much work he has put in for revenge? If his ace move isnt something amazing, then it will be too disappointing. An eonic genius has to be better than that.”

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