Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 244: Heavenly Jewel Mortal King

Matriarch Yu stared at Li Qiye and declared: “For your conquest of Soaring Immortal, I am willing to be the vanguard.”

“No rush.” Li Qiye chuckled and shook his head: “Remember, Qingfeng, you should be enjoying your old age. I dont want to see you stained by the smokes of war again.”

She understood that he was protecting her. After all, at her age, she couldnt fight as freely since it would require expending too much vitality.

Of course, it would be another story if her clan has been growing all along. Alas, they couldnt handle such a great war right now.

“Your Excellency, which legion will you use?” She asked. The Black Dragon Legion was in name only after the last battle with their king. Only a pitiful amount of soldiers remained.

“The Azure Dragon Legion shall have this glory. Back then, they paid a heavy price; too many soldiers died on foreign soil. All along, they have been recuperating. This is the time for them to shine again.” Li Qiye answered.

“The Azure Dragon…” A sense of respect rose in her mind. She has heard many stories about this legion. Though they had been reclusive from the world, she knew they continued to exist.

“The war back then was unimaginably cruel. When it was time to see the dawn, not too many old soldiers were left.” He gloomily said.

“I heard the legion is hiding inside Heavenguard.” She softly said.

He nodded: “Thats right. The soldiers from the legion came from all over the nine worlds but the main force is still Heavenguard. Qi Zhen as the commander prepared a firm foundation for Heavenguard. This is so that they could fight against the Ancient Ming again in the future if necessary. After the end of the war, many survivors returned to Heavenguard to rest and prosper.”

She enjoyed the snippets of the old war that she couldnt personally see in person. Nevertheless, she could still imagine the price this legion paid during that merciless struggle.

“When war comes again, the old soldiers will still be ready. Though I do not want Heavenguard to join again since the previous carnage was too bloody, they deserve this glory and to be written down in history. It would be too cruel if all of their effort and sacrifice go unknown.” Li Qiye said with a tinge of emotion.

With the end of the Ancient Ming Era, what was left of the Azure Dragon Legion began to flourish. This legion even once asked to go with him above the nine heavens to sweep through the enemy.

However, Li Qiye felt sorry for them and didnt want to send the men there to die again. Thus, he refused both Heavenguard and the legion. Regardless of the changing times, he has always kept in mind of their sacrifice and that he owed them a debt of glory. Thus, this was the time for them to be remembered by the nine worlds.

This was the reason why he wanted to use the legion for this particular battle. Their banners and reputation shall flutter across the nine worlds again!

The matriarch didnt say anything this time. She understood that it was over for Soaring Immortal. This incoming battle would change the landscape of the nine worlds. In a near future, the name of this legion shall echo again.

Just like that, the world didnt know that the fate of Soaring Immortal had been sealed.

Li Qiye wasnt in a rush after making up his mind. He quietly cultivated at the Yu mansion.

A few days later, the Peacock Bright Monarch came to see him. She bowed and said: “Young noble, there are some matters that I must attend to back at the sect. I have to personally return to Pearl.”

“What?” Li Qiye asked.

She answered right away: “A few demons and sea monsters are taking refuge at Pearl. Our elders are calling me back in order to decide whether to expel them or not.”

“This must have something to do with Heaven Suppression too.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

The monarch nodded after a slight hesitation: “After their defeat, the demons hid in the depth of the ocean. Soaring Immortal tried to find them several times without being too effective. However, news came from the sect. Ancestor Ye ordered some people to lead the way for Soaring Immortal. Thus, the demons found themselves at a dead end.”

“A dead end yet they can still run to Pearl?” Li Qiye smiled in response: “So they purposely left the monsters a way out to Pearl so that they have an excuse to send troops there.”

She sighed in response. Pearl was a trading center for cultivators to come and go. The presence of the demons there placed the city in a precarious situation.

She continued: “Some ancestors in the city do not want to allow their stay. This would be the best way to protect Pearl.” She glimpsed at him.

“You want to hear my opinion?” Li Qiye couldnt help but smile after seeing her appearance.

She hurriedly nodded: “Please do.”

She didnt only come here this time to bid farewell but also wanted to ask Li Qiye for the right path.

He smiled and said: “Your city already is an independent entity, there is nothing else to say unless they have the proper documentation. Plus, theres no friendship between you and Ye Jiuzhou. It seems meaningless to help him.”

“More importantly.” Li Qiye said: “If Soaring Immortal is here, let them come. It is time for battle.”

“Fighting against Soaring Immortal?” She gasped after hearing this. Despite being a confident person, she would need to carefully think about the consequence of fighting against Soaring Immortal.

“Is that your answer?” Li Qiye smiled: “As the current ruler of Pearl, do you want to work with Soaring Immortal while they stay in the Grand Sea or for them to leave, or maybe even destroying them?”

She had no response to this question.

“The decision is in your hands. My opinion is only to offer another viewpoint.” He added.

In the end, she eventually nodded: “I understand.”

“How is your city lord now?” He casually asked as she were about to leave.

“She has sent a message back. Ancestor Shan and the majority of disciples have decided to retreat. Some still wanted to stay to oppose Ancestor Yes group.” She elaborated.

“Let them be.” He didnt care for this matter and gently waved his sleeve: “Theyre only wasting time with Gu Zun there.”

She eventually bowed and took her leave.

Li Qiye still remained in the Yu mansion after her departure and began to refine his weapons. During this period, he had also heard about Aotians challenge towards him.

He wasnt in a rush to do anything since he also wanted to see just how much strength Soaring Immortal could muster. In his eyes, Long Aotian and Ancestor Long werent his final targets. The ones he wanted were those who experimented on the bloodline back then.

He knew that although many have committed suicide, the ones behind all of this were still alive and plotting their return.

This might be the reason why they wanted an alliance with Gu Zun since he had an unbelievable amount of information.

Li Qiye only chuckled at this notion. Both Gu Zun and Soaring Immortal would become ashes soon before he leaves the nine worlds.

Meanwhile, the weapon refinement process was underway. The materials were extremely priceless.

Back in Heaven Spirit when he destroyed the Ancestral Terra, he didnt only take their treasuries but also the three ancestral trees.

They couldnt survive after being uprooted, losing their connection to the earth. Nevertheless, the trees were still precious enough. If someone was capable of refining them into weapons, the resulting power would be unimaginable!

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