Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 241: Immortals Blood Spear 1

Aotian was born to be in the limelight and to be extraordinary. All eyes were destined to be on him.

The successor of Soaring Immortal with triple saint talents and eleven fate palaces; possessing the arts of five emperors and a grand completion Immortal Physique; fighting against the world for ten days and ten nights – any of this was enough to look down on the geniuses in this world and steal their spotlight.

Aotian didnt try to hide his aura at all after coming to Mu Zhuos demonic city. He unleashed his energy in order to threaten the inhabitants in this place. It wasnt only a posture of aggression. He wanted to make his invincibility clear.

The city has always been powerful. Not many would dare to try such a thing but Aotian was here to show his might.

“The Denary King… only Fiercest could compare to him in the contemporary.” An expert murmured.

Aotians prestige used to be peerless when Soaring Immortal descended on the Grand Sea. Many people thought that he would surely become emperor.

However, Fiercest once again entered everyones eyes and had a negative impact on Aotians perfect momentum. Everyone saw that Aotians rival had arrived. Only Fiercest in this world would be able to take him on.

Despite the obnoxious fanfare, the city didnt show any signs of discontent. On the other hand, the current city lord – Golden Dragon Prince – and the other ancestors personally came to greet him with servility.

Many knew that the Golden Dragon Prince and Long Aotian were sworn-brothers. Their two sects were alliance as well so it wasnt strange for the prince to be so respectful towards Aotian.

In fact, they didnt find this sycophantic act to be shameful. By flattering and obtaining Soaring Immortal as a backing, it would grant a lifetime of benefits. Others would love to have this chance.

“I came here today to learn the grand dao with the heroes of this world and to disperse this information to the world.” Aotian slowly said: “Im willing to talk with anyone, including Fiercest!”

Aotians calm voice emanated across the entire city and even this sea region. Despite the lack of hostility, it still shook everyones mind.

The crowd gasped in response. They knew that no one would dare to participate in this dao discussion with Aotian in the form of a spar. He had killed plenty of Godkings. Others simply werent his match.

Thus, they understood that this was a challenge aimed towards Fiercest.

“A great battle is coming? The two best candidates will be fighting even before the Heavens Will take shape?” This was the first reaction.

The spectators became breathless at this development. They knew that this was the start of another storm.


After leaving the Crystalfowl Immortal Mine, Li Qiye returned to the Yu mansion. Someone immediately wanted to see him.

Li Qiye granted the audience and smiled widely after seeing the guest.

“Time passed quickly after our last meeting, Brother Li. Your style has become even more matchless, I feel inadequate standing before you.” The youth prostrated and said with respect.

His scholarly aura would fool a stranger into thinking that he was a helpless young man.

Li Qiye was amused to see the guy:” A bit interesting to meet you again. You want to come out and play too?”

The youth looked up and said: “No, no, Brother Li. I lost to you convincingly back then. You are the sun in the middle of the sky, how can we, tiny fireflies, compete with you?

LI Qiye chuckled: “Shouldnt you be saving those words for your senior brother? Which do us do you think will win?”

The youth contemplated before bowing again: “My senior brother is a contemporary hero and so are you, both are dragons among men.”

“Alright, I wont make it difficult for you. Since you, Heavenly Emperor Lin, came from Soaring Immortal, forcing you to say stuff like this is a bit too forceful.”

“Thank you, Brother Li.” The youth answered: “Nothing can hide from your sight. Its not that I didnt want to tell you back then. I just wasnt in the position to.”

“Forget it, I already knew.” Li Qiye said flatly: “Your cultivation method could only come from Soaring Immortal so you had to be a disciple of the sect.”

The youth was no one else but Heavenly Emperor Lin who had lost to Li Qiye in the past. He was very famous in the Barren Earth back then but his background was too mysterious. No one knew which sect he came from.

“Sit.” Li Qiye glanced at him and said.

After sitting down, Lin cupped his fist towards Li Qiye and said: “The truth is that I was born in a scholar family, all my ancestors were mortals. Later on, my master toured through the Barren Earth and took me in as a disciple. He told me not to tell outsiders of my background so I had to obey. There was no ulterior motive in hiding it.”

Lins background was indeed surprising and misled the cultivators in the southern region.

“Your sect has violated the agreement and had disciples sneaking into the nine worlds. Thats the reason why your master didnt dare to let outsiders know.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

Lins expression turned awkward after hearing this and was at a loss for words. In the end, he said: “I have heard the seniors talk about this but I know very little about it, being a junior and all.”

“Its fine, Im not criticizing you.” Li Qiye answered with a glance.

“Thank you, Brother Li.” Despite being from Soaring Immortal, Lin was still as respectful towards Li Qiye as ever

“Its no secret that for the last two generations, your sects disciples have been sneaking into the nine worlds. But this time, such a blatant entrance… looks like it is going all out then.” Li Qiye commented.

Lin carefully weighed his words before answering: “Brother Li, to be perfectly candid, coming into being this time was not my branchs idea.”

“Is that so?” Li Qiye smiled and said: “Judging by your cultivation, you should be a member of the Can Long branch. From what I know, your branch was shining and even greatly supported the brilliant Immortal Emperor Ren Xian.”

“Well…” Lin was hesitant before speaking softly: “Brother Li, the truth is that our branch has fallen, not the same as before.”

“Is that so? Your branch had Asura, allowing you to stand above the nine heavens.” Li Qiye continued: “So to say, Asura is no longer in this world.”

“Yes.” Lin replied: “The seniors said that after the troubles back then, Forefather Asuras lifespan was nearing its end so he eventually passed on.”

“Really now?” Li Qiye laughed: “It must Immortal Emperor Ren Xians descendants taking over. Asura has lived since Immortal Emperor Can Longs generation with an ocean of resources to keep him alive for so long. Now when your sect has been suppressed and he has lost his authority, there is no more life-prolongment resource, right?”

Lin could only sigh in response.

Soaring Immortal was the strongest lineage in this world. When it faced a common external enemy, the sect had no problem uniting. However, no sects in this world, including Soaring Immortal, could be transcending enough to escape from the internal power struggle. This particular contest within the test was cruel beyond everyones imagination.

In fact, this shouldnt come as a surprise. A behemoth like Soaring Immortal would allow the person in charge to wield the ultimate force in the world. Anyone would be moved by this temptation and authority. This was the reason why no single branch in Soaring Immortal could hold the power. There were ups and downs, ebbs and flows, and prosperity and declination.

For example, the Can Long branch that Lin was from, they used to be at the zenith with an invincible forefather like Asura backing them up. This allowed them to control the direction of the sect itself!

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