Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 17: Demon King Lun Ri 1

Daoist Lin and the Extreme Yang Monarch struggled to climb out of the pit. Both were shaking like eighty-year-old men and were unable to stand straight.

Meng Zhentian was silent in his carriage. He understood that these two still had more tricks up their sleeves, so he wanted them to test Li Qiyes cards. Li Qiye was very mysterious so he couldnt see through him at all!

In the end, the monarch hatefully uttered: “Li, you are quite strong and ruthless!” Losing in just one move was very humiliating.

Li Qiye leisurely asked: “Are you sticking your neck out, or do I have to forcefully take your head off?”

Even Meng Zhentian was nothing to Li Qiye, let alone these two.

“Hahaha…” Daoist Lin started laughing from being too angry: “Li, even though you might be strong, we arent on the chopping block either! Were not afraid of anyone and will fight again!”

Such words left many people stunned. Some charming spirits enjoyed this development and looked forward to a miracle from the two to reverse the tides.

Lin and the monarch might not be the strongest prodigies of their race, but they were decently ranked. It would be too big of a blow for their race if these two were to admit defeat in just one move after working together.

“Oh? You still have a killer move? Then go ahead, my words are still valid. It doesnt matter what killer moves you two still have, if you can handle three moves from me, I will grant you a big creation!”

The two almost vomited blood from hearing this. Suffering defeat was already unbearable, but Li Qiye was kicking them when they were down. They glanced at each other and ground their teeth before making a decision. The monarch fiercely exclaimed: “Li Qiye, this will go to the death!”

“Boom!” He took out a divine box and opened it to reveal a sun.

“Crack!” The earth dried up from the terrifying flames assaulting it.

Everyone quivered and retreated in the face of this sun and its frightening flames that were seemingly capable of burning a Godking to death! Even though it was much smaller than the one hanging in the sky, it still contained enough refined sunfire to destroy an entire world.

“Just how much sunfire is in that thing? A tenth of an ordinary sun, or perhaps a twentieth?” Even the people from the previous generation grew wary.

“Boom!” The monarch empowered this sun despite his injuries and eventually swallowed it. With that, his body exploded and crackling sounds ensued. Cracks appeared all over his body and the refined sunfire shot out from these gaps.

He was like an erupting volcano that could potentially destroy the whole area.

“Ah!” He screamed as the cracks became larger and larger. It was as if the swallowed sun was exploding inside him. Despite the pain, he crazily channeled his Extreme Yang Physique. The light that represented his vitality became increasingly bright.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” He used a law made out of sunfire to coil around his body in order to prevent the sun from exploding. At the same time, he was absorbing its power.

It turned out that he had a great harvest at the Bonesea and took out a sun from a giant skeleton. Rumor has it that this was the core of a golden crow. He initially wanted to take his time absorbing this fire which would increase his power by several levels.

However, this sun was extremely powerful. He would need at least ten years before fully absorbing it. Alas, he was currently enraged. Without washing away the shame of today, he wouldnt be able to show his face around Heaven Spirit, so he threw caution to the wind and swallowed this sun completely. In his mind, it was either him or Li Qiye who was going to die!

On the other hand, Daoist Lin took out an ancient bottle with many talismans covering it. People immediately knew that the object inside was incredible from the seal alone.

He unwrapped the talisman and opened the lid. A buzz came about as a holy brilliance spewed out towards the sky.

“Rumble!” This pillar of light made the sky start to shake. Its holiness engulfed the entire area as if a huge lotus flower was in full bloom.

It blossomed and poured down holy lights from the sky. In just a short period of time, the world was being purified by its brilliance.

At the same time, an immortal sound came from the treasure bottle. It sounded as if there were preaching immortals with strands of laws floating about. They looked like little elves flying out with transparent wings. Daoist Lin suddenly assumed the appearance of an immortal with the bottle in his hand. Wherever he stood became a holy land.

“What is that thing?” Many people were stunned. They understood right away that this bottle in his possession was definitely incredible and of the immortal level.

They couldnt calm down in a short amount of time. Some felt their hearts palpitate since anyone who could seize the bottle would definitely become rich overnight.

A God Monarch recognized the liquid stored in the bottle and exclaimed: “Thats the longevity blood of a grand completion Immortal Physique user!”

Many loudly repeated: “Grand completion longevity blood?!”

The spectators stared at this bottle while salivating. Some subconsciously swallowed by greed! Even a fool would know that longevity blood of this level was amazing!

Its value couldnt be estimated. If one could drink this longevity blood, it would benefit them for a lifetime.

Remember that the Immaculate Expanses progenitor was a grand completion Void Imperfection Physique user. This was the most gentle physique among the twelve, so a cultivators injury would be treated if they were to drink this blood. As for the other physiques, if one wasnt powerful enough, forcefully drinking the longevity blood of a grand completion user would damage their own physique.

Just imagine, who wouldnt covet an immortal physique users longevity blood? Even though they didnt know how much blood was in the bottle, just one drop was already more than enough to last them for a lifetime. Alas, no one dared to try and rob it from the daoist.

He himself looked at the bottle and felt pain in his chest. Their sect only had a little bit of blood left from their progenitor. After being given the bottle by his grandmaster, he had been reluctant to use it, but there was no choice other than to go all out today!

Eventually, he made up his mind and swallowed all the blood inside the bottle!

“Whoosh!” An incomparably sacred light shot out from his body. He became brighter and brighter as if his very being was made up of light particles connecting together to form a pillar. It illuminated and sanctified the entire world. All of its inhabitants were being cleansed by its warmth.

Daoist Lin now looked transparent. His body was completely see-through, including his clothes. Holy lotus flowers descended from the sky while one bloomed below his feet and slowly raised him up.

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