Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 233: Myriad Star Water 1

This might be the most overbearing and bizarre massacre the spectators had ever witnessed.

From start to finish, Li Qiye didnt channel his blood energy at all and didnt use any techniques. After a single barrage from the eighteen cannons, the disciples were annihilated with mangled limbs.

The crowd stared in horror at the weapon in his possession. Even the deified disciples were killed so quickly, others naturally wouldnt stand a chance either.

“Die!” The Soaring Immortal ancestor erupted with rage! Even a World Dominating Godking like him had never seen such a terrifying ordeal.

His imperial weapons weeping echoed across the nine heavens with its imperial aura. Dao laws poured down like the rain. The stars shattered and the ocean bled dry before this monstrous power causing hair to stand on ends!

This wasnt a true treasure but under the control of a World Dominating Godking, the resulting attack was still formidable.

“Not bad.” Li Qiye laughed before the incoming storm of imperial laws.

The cannons instantly sealed all the laws. With clicking noises, the barrels rotated again. All of them became red hot and the particles began to fire at each law.

The imperial weapon from the ancestor was indeed amazing but not against the eighteen cannons made with unique materials excavated from the Crystalfowl Immortal Mine.

“Rumble!” After another round of barrage, the ancestor could only shift his focus from offense to defense to protect himself.

In this manner, the particles couldnt pierce through his imperial weapon but he couldnt counterattack against this unique firepower either.

The crowd gasped to see a Godking with an imperial weapon on the defensive. They were in awe of this terrifying weapon.

“Its a shame that your imperial weapon is lacking. This might have been interesting if you had a true treasure but youre just a punching bag like this.” Li Qiye teased.

The ancestors expression soured. His sect had many imperial weapons but it also had numerous experts with five branches. The world couldnt possibly imagine the number of Godkings in this sect.

But the worst part was that his Immortal Emperor Life Treasure was a higher-ranked one in both the material and refinement method yet Li Qiye made it sound so worthless. This truly enraged him but retaliation wasnt possible while being under fire.

“Click!” Li Qiye loaded a new piece of uranium with a smooth and lightning-fast motion.

The ancestor couldnt seize this moment. He didnt expect that it had a reloading period.

“Ka!” Suddenly, the eighteen cannons were no longer rotating. Three sets of six suddenly came together to form three larger barrels aiming at the same direction.

“Whoosh!” The bundled barrels suddenly shot out three shuttles the size of a fist.

With a loud bang, the shuttles instantly locked onto ancestors coordinate and exploded at the same time. Everything in that area became ashes before a small black hole took their place.

This was spatial destruction. The ancestor tried to escape to no avail so he spat out blood from the impact. The weapon protecting him was still unhurt but it couldnt save him from the terrible blow. The force was too powerful. Anyone else would have had their bones shattered or even died.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The cannons fired multiple waves with three shuttles each time. They locked onto the area before crazily exploding.

“Rumble!” The barrages left nothing behind in this area, only a terrible wound. The spatial fabric here wouldnt recover for a while.

The ancestor went flying even under the protection of the imperial weapon. He spat out even more blood and was completely aghast despite being an amazing Godking.

He took advantage of a momentary pause and immediately crossed through space to escape.

“Thats what Im waiting for.” But the moment he did a spatial shift, Li Qiye instantly locked onto him again and three more shots came out to destroy that space.

“Ah!” The ancestor instantly broke to bloody pieces and couldnt use the weapon for protection at this last moment.

The panicking old man was tricked into escaping by Li Qiye and fell right into his trap. If he had waited for a full reload, perhaps that spatial shift would have worked.

Smokes were still coming out from the barrels. Once the heat subsided, Li Qiye gently blew the smoke away.

“Sigh, even a World Dominating Godking cant stay calm during perils. Thats a lack of life-and-death experiences.” Li Qiye said leisurely.

Spectators had nothing to say since fear overwhelmed them. They shuddered after looking at the weapon in his hands.

The Soaring Immortal camp had been destroyed completely. Even a World Dominating Godking couldnt escape this fate. Such a weapon was too terrifying.

The only weakness would be the day when it ran out of ammo. At that point, it would have no power to speak of, only a decorative piece.

The experts nearby felt a chill running down their spine. A while ago, the demons and sea monsters mustered their forces and couldnt retake this area. Soaring Immortal slaughtered and chased them away. But now, Li Qiye destroyed this camp with no problem.

“Where is this weapon from?” Someone quietly whispered.

People shook their head in response since they didnt know of its origin. Only some ancestors with deep ties with the Yu Clan thought about a particular legend pertaining to the weapon.

This was the reason why powerful Godkings felt dread towards the Yu. They had such a monstrous weapon in their arsenal.

“Your turn now.” Li Qiye smiled at the Dream Dragon King.

The guy was also horrified with a pale countenance. He had never seen such a monstrous weapon before in his life!

“Ill do it myself!” He knew that there was no escaping today. The guy was tough enough and committed suicide instead of waiting for Li Qiye.

“Bang.” He dropped to the ground with blood dripping from his orifices and met death.

Zi Cuining gently sighed after seeing this. Though the king was Ye Jiuzhous disciple and part of the coup, he was still a disciple of Heaven Suppression. At the very least, he didnt throw away their reputation by begging before death!

“Okay, done with that. What a pity though, where is that successor from Heaven Suppression?” He put away the eighteen cannons and clapped his hands.

In the distance, the cultivators didnt dare to say anything. This battle achievement had said enough.

One particular question rummaged through their mind – could Long Aotian actually have a chance of beating Fiercest?

The Denary King has been famous ever since Soaring Immortal descended on the Grand Sea. He challenged the world and defeated everyone after ten days and ten nights of combat.

But now, Fiercest in action made the crowd question themselves again.

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