Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 231: Contention for the Underworld Boats 1

Li Qiye remained firm despite his ever-present smile: “You must go with me.”

“Brother Li, please understand.” Zi Cuining naturally knew that this wasnt about romance like the rumors said. He came for Gu Zun, not to steal any bride.

She also wanted to resist Gu Zun, but protecting the ancestors and disciples from Heaven Suppression was a priority as well.

“Ill take care of it. Do you want me to massacre Soaring Immortal or Heaven Suppression?” Li Qiye chuckled.

Experts from both sects furiously glared at him after hearing this. He spoke as if they were mere ants.

Zi Cuining became silent after hearing this. She understood that he wasnt the blustering type and would stay true to his words, especially when it came to massacre for his name is Li Qiye!

“Alright, Ill listen to you then.” She took a deep breath and solemnly said.

She had to change her strategy to deal with Gu Zuns group now. With Li Qiyes help, maybe they could break through Gu Zuns grasp on Heaven Suppression in a different manner!

“Fiercest is so domineering. Any woman would want to follow a man like that.” A few experts misunderstood her intent and said with emotions.

The Dream Dragon King became alarmed for this went against his duty. If Zi Cuining were to leave, he would be letting his master down.

“City lord, Heaven Suppression does not yield to anyone!” He shouted hastily.

Zi Cuining stared at him and understood his thoughts. She said flatly: “Youre not Young Noble Lis match!”

“Even if we arent, we will still fight like true disciples from Heaven Suppression and will never…” He declared sonorously.

This was the only way he could answer to his master later without shame.

“Thats fine. Kill them.” Li Qiye interrupted the king and told the monarch disguised as a servant.

“To battle!” The king knew that his end wouldnt be pretty so he roared to ready himself for battle!

“Clang!” All the guards here unsheathed their weapon. A murderous aura engulfed the area instantly.

“Die!” The monarch soared to the sky without any hesitation and unleashed a barrage of techniques. Each of them could cut the sun and take down the moon. This was truly a spectacle to behold.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Explosions followed by screams resounded. These armored guards simply couldnt stop her path.

She was the Pearl City Lord and had obtained its inheritance on top of being taught by Lu Zhangsun. Her cultivation was definitely among the top at Heaven Suppression.

The crowd was shocked to see a servant killing experts from Heaven Suppression so easily. Even a servant was this powerful? There were too many hidden masters on Fiercests side then. Such power could rule any area instead of being a simple servant. This was too much to take in!

“Cease your arrogance!” The Dream Dragon King had to join in. He jumped to the sky and exuded an oscillating light surrounding the monarch.

This light could penetrate everything and turn people into a pin sieve. However, the monarch channeled her power with a cry. Halos emerged around her body to stop the incoming rays.

However, the kings body became even more dazzling. A blinding expanse drowned the monarch. She instantly disappeared into this bright expanse.

The spectators felt their soul leaving their body while staring at this vast expanse. One senior immediately reminded and protected his juniors: “This is Divine Light from Heaven Suppression. Dont look at him or youll lose your mind.”

The young cultivators broke out in cold sweat after regaining their thoughts. Just glancing at this light alone was startling enough. Being directly struck by it would turn someone into a fool instantly.

“Boom!” While people were amazed at the kings art, the monarch tore apart this sea of light and made the king vomit blood with a counterattack.

She was perfectly fine. This soul-destroying art of his failed to affect her in the slightest.

The king was aghast and activated his Extreme Yang Physique at half completion. The area became sweltering as he formed a mirror with both hands.

“Whoosh!” The sunfire instantly entered the mirror. The mirror then channeled this element into a tidal brilliance. It soared with an unstoppable speed towards the monarch.

Keep in mind that a half completion physique was already strong enough. This power was then combined with a divine mirror personally crafted for the king and became amplified to an incredible level.

“Boom!” The monarch was slammed flying by this ray.

However, the little pagoda in front of her chest also lit up as she no longer held back.

“Screech!” A peacock screeched. Bright colors forming a screen appeared behind the monarch as if a peacock was spreading its tail. It immediately stopped the remaining offensive ray.

“Peacock Bright Monarch!” Dream Dragon King immediately knew who he was dealing with.

“Its too late!” The brilliant colors came crashing down like the suppression from the heaven itself. Anything could be crushed under such might.

“Bang!” The king couldnt stop her barrier and was forced down to the ground.

But he couldnt crawl up in time before a foot came from the sky and trampled him. He couldnt move at all as if a mighty mountain was taking away his freedom.

“You!” He was furious and afraid after seeing that it was Li Qiye. This was simply too humiliating.

He shouted at the monarch: “Monarch, you are a Heaven Suppression disciple. Conspiring with others is a capital punishment!”

The monarch stared coldly at him without responding. Many people found it strange. The monarch was a leading member of Heaven Suppression. Why was she together with Li Qiye and even opposing her own sect?

Li Qiye looked at the king beneath him and smiled: “Should I crush you now or let you send a message to Ye Jiuzhou and Gu Zun?”

“Li Qiye, do as you please! People from Heaven Suppression will never beg for mercy! See if I even grimace in the slightest!” The king cried out.

“Really now?” Li Qiye said: “Im indeed interested in seeing whether you are that unyielding after my torture.”

“Fellow Daoist Li, please forgive him.” An old man came out from Soaring Immortal with several elders accompanying him.

Despite his aged appearance, his eyes were flashing with yin and yang and the derivation of myriad dao. Even paragons would get a cold chill after meeting his stare. The person was simply too powerful.

“An ancestor from Soaring Immortal, the one in charge right now over the Grand Sea, a World Dominating Godking!” A sect master was aghast and blurted.

Outside of Long Aotian, this ancestor was giving the orders. Countless big shots from the demon race in this area were murdered by him. Thats the reason why so many experts from the Grand Sea were scared to see him!

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