Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 229: Empress Hong Tian 1

he protection from these experts. They were only under Ye Jiuzhous order to avoid any potential complication before the marriage was done.

Of course, Jiuzhous preparation wasnt meant for Fiercest, only the other dissenters from Heaven Suppression. If he knew Fiercest was going to be coming, he would have personally presided over the area.

“Good dogs dont block the way.” Li Qiye glanced at the prepared forces and smiled.

A youth came out from the guards. He was well-dressed with a high crest while radiating a dazzling light with the powerful aura of a noble.

“Fellow Daoist Li, our city lord isnt seeing guests, please leave.” The youth didnt back down even before Fiercest.

“Dream Dragon King, Ye Jiuzhous favorite disciple.” The experts nearby recognized him right away.

“Hes quite strong for being so young, already a half completion Immortal Physique on top of training the other amazing arts from Heaven Suppression. Its a shame that the goddess is too talented so he was doomed to be under her shadow.” An expert who knew him said with a tinge of emotion.

It was almost a tragedy for the Dream Dragon King because his incredible achievements looked less impressive before Zi Cuining. He couldnt become the city lord.

“Its not up to you and not up to her either. If I say I want to see her, I shall.” Li Qiye stared at him and declared nonchalantly.

“You…” The kings expression turned ugly. He found it hard to swallow this anger when someone came to the Grand Sea and treated Heaven Suppression in this manner.

Despite knowing Fiercest, his sect was no slouch either. Moreover, his master and grandmaster were Ye Jiuzhou and Gu Zun, respectively.

“Li Qiye, everything has a limit, you shouldnt be too aggressive or you will have no place left to go one day, despite how vast the nine worlds are!” The king took a deep breath and didnt want to concede. He answered with the perfect tone, neither supercilious nor obsequious.

“No need to get all philosophical with me.” Li Qiye said with a smile: “I dont care about reasons. I will count to five, if you dont make way, Ill kill you all.”

The experts here werent happy to hear such contempt coming from a junior, evident by their angry glare.

“Fine, Li Qiye, Ill check out your supreme arts!” The king didnt back off and was ready to fight to the death. He had received the orders from his master to not let anyone see the city lord!

“You are not his match, get back.” Zi Cuining appeared on the pavilion above and gravely said.

The king hesitated and stood there quietly. He wasnt in the position to disobey her publicly. After all, she was still the city lord.

Her appearance attracted everyones attention. This was a peerless woman just like a fairy, a goddess of the sea!

Zi Cuining had a stern demeanor since she was robbed of her authority by Ye Jiuzhous group. To be perfectly frank, she was virtually put under house arrest.

The spectators were holding their breath to see how this scandal will unfold!

Li Qiye chuckled after seeing her: “Not bad. Girl, time to leave.”

Cuining smiled wryly and shook her head: “Brother Li, certain things cant be dealt with right now. I have my own problems, please excuse me.”

She naturally wanted to go with him in order to avoid the marriage. However, all the ancestors and old men from the village were locked into the Black Dragon Hall. The city right now was under Ye Jiuzhous control. If she were to leave, she would be playing right into his hands.

Thus, she must stay and wait for the right opportunity to strike back!

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