Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 229: Empress Hong Tian 1

The Soaring Immortal Sect made a camp in the sea region they occupied after arriving at the Grand Sea.

The area used to belong to some demon great powers. They did try to resist but it was futile. In the end, these demons were forced to retreat while Soaring Immortal gained complete control.

Such a move attracted plenty of criticisms but nothing came of it due to the sheer power of the sect. In fact, before the reign of the Black Dragon King, Soaring Immortals influence spanned across the nine worlds.

After all, they had five emperors so they had extraterritorial headquarters all around.

Strangely enough, during Immortal Emperor Qian Lis generation, the sect suddenly left all of these headquarters; not a single disciple was left behind. From then on, they rarely showed up in the nine worlds again.

People didnt know what the heck was going on but the disappearance of this behemoth was a good thing for many great powers. Nobody actually wanted to have such a threat looming around them.

But now, the sect was back and used an unstoppable momentum to take over this region. This worried the cultivators in Mortal Emperor. The announcement of the alliance with Heaven Suppression shook the mind even more.

Henceforth, many eyes were fixated on their every move. Of course, others paid attention to Fiercest as well. The majority of people, especially the ones in this area, wanted to use Fiercest to retaliate against Soaring Immortal.

The romance rumors between Fiercest and the goddess became even more intense as if it was the truth. Whether it be deliberate or not, in short, everyone knew that these two had a marriage pact back at the Heavenly Dao Academy.

The young generation had a wonderful time talking about how Aotian dared to compete against Fiercest. They wanted nothing more than to come and watch the bride-stealing show in person.

“Fiercest is here.” People immediately discovered the moment Li Qiye and the Peacock Bright Monarch made it to the Soaring Immortal Sects territory. This news immediately spread with an unbelievable speed across the region.

“Is he really taking the bride away?” All eyes were on Li Qiye. The great powers became excited since this was what they have been waiting for. Fiercest was actually here.

“What did I tell you? Fiercest is invincible and prideful. He isnt afraid of anyone. Someone like Aotian is nothing, this guy thinks he can steal Fiercests woman? Hes about to be annihilated!” Some young fans felt their blood boiling after seeing Li Qiye.

However, a few noble youths disagreed. One snorted in response: “Fiercest might be strong but all of you are blind, cant even see who Young Emperor Long is. His backing is the Soaring Immortal Sect with countless Godkings and even Emperor Assailants. Hmph, no one has dared to oppose Soaring Immortal all this time. Nothing good will come of it.”

“So what? Aotian is just a dog relying on his sect then. Fiercest will kill the weakling so fast.” Li Qiyes supporter retorted.

“Dont be so sure. Young Emperor Long has a grand completion physique. Hes unstoppable among the young generation. Even the older generation cant take him on.” Long Aotians fans instantly shouted back.

“Fiercest has thirteen palaces, one and only in the ages. A grand completion Immortal Physique is shit, there have been too many of them already!” Li Qiyes support bit back.

“Young Emperor Long has triple saint talents and the arts of five emperors.” The other side contested.

“Fiercest has thirteen palaces!” This sentence was repeated to show Li Qiyes unique achievement and invincibility.

“Young Emperor Long is the Denary King; he fought against the world for ten days and ten nights without faltering, going against millions and even killing Godkings…” Aotians supporters were still unconvinced.

“Fiercest has thirteen palaces!” Li Qiyes supporters chanted this sentence even louder.

“You!” Aotians side trembled with anger without a response.

Fiercests amount of palaces had rendered all geniuses in this world breathless. Neither their achievements and brilliance mattered; all paled before the thirteen palaces.

Since the ages, there have been many Immortal Emperors and grand completion users. However, Li Qiye was one-and-only.

At this time, the duo entered Soaring Immortals area. They saw immortal energy and mist everywhere. Pavilions could be faintly seen in the distance along with big ships. Trees were connecting together to form large landmasses.

People had to admit that the sect was able to turn this area into a land of immortals in such a short time. It showed just how terrifying the number of resources they had at their disposal was.

It wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that their trash could please a great power. This was the style of a sect with five emperors.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!” The gong of war resounded. The disciples from Soaring Immortal became vigilant. Both ordinary members and even elders were getting ready for battle.

Soaring Immortal might claim its supremacy but it didnt underestimate Fiercest at all. They knew of his battle records all too well. Most recently, he destroyed their Skyfire Warships. In the past, he killed their Godkings and banished their spatial channel. This was a worthy foe!

The eruptive atmosphere between the two sides robbed the breath of spectators. Some were eager for a fight already.

“What? This is how your sect treat a guest?” Li Qiye leisurely smiled and said as if strolling through a garden.

Even his enemies or those who hated him admired his boldness. Being able to smile before Soaring Immortal was very impressive. Their legs would be trembling if put under the same situation!

This leisure attitude made the experts from Soaring Immortal glance at each other. They didnt know whether they should start fighting or not.

“Is Long Aotian going to fight?” One cultivator murmured.

“Long Aotian isnt here. He led some experts and ancestors to hunt the sea monsters right now at the depths.” A well-informed spectator shook his head.

“Li Qiye, what do you want?” An instructor from Soaring Immortal took a deep breath and asked with a serious tone.

Soaring Immortal found this situation difficult to accept. All of this time, their sect has been sweeping through everything without resistance. They have never met such a strong enemy before.

They didnt show the slightest carelessness and understood that elder-level characters werent enough to stop Fiercest. The lowest requirement to confront Fiercest was Godking!

“Nothing. I heard that my old friend, the Heaven Suppression City Lord is a guest at your sect, so Im here to see her.” He said slowly.

“So domineering, he got straight to the point.” The experts nearby secretly praised. Only Fiercest would be so unrestrained against Soaring Immortal.

The elders here were silent in contemplation. If it was someone else demanding this, they might have even killed the guy under their fury. However, they needed to be careful when it came from Fiercest.

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