Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 16: Miracle 2

Some charming spirits wanted nothing more than to tear Li Qiye to pieces because of his arrogant rhetoric!

The Extreme Yang Monarch coldly said: “Li Qiye, youre acting very mighty, do you think you are an Immortal Emperor already?!”

Daoist Lin scowled as well and insinuated: “There is always a higher mountain and a greater man. Keep running your mouth and the wind might cut off your tongue!”

Li Qiye casually smiled in response: “Theres practically no difference since no one dares to ascend to the throne before me! In the current generation, even if I have yet to ascend, gods will still have to obediently stand to the side.”

This casual yet domineering remark made everyone gasp! Who would dare to utter such words? Perhaps even Meng Zhentian wouldnt dare to do so.

“Such a big tone!” Daoist Lin revealed a dark smile: “Your thick skin is definitely unmatched. I suppose when there is no tax, people can run their mouths all they want. You need to show your true abilities in order to convince people.”

“True abilities? You and the yang brat can come together, Ill take your heads in three to five moves.” Li Qiye spoke in a carefree manner without a care for Lins mockery.

The two turned quite unsightly after hearing this. Their initial feud worsened since even a statue would become angry after receiving such blatant humiliation!

“Li, I know you are strong, but we can handle five moves.” The Extreme Yang Monarch was furious. They were both rulers of their respective domains. If they couldnt handle a couple of moves, there was no need for them to show themselves in public any longer.

“Come, watch how Ill take you down within five moves.” Li Qiye was too lazy to care about the current situation. He didnt even want to look at Meng Zhentian.

Daoist Lin stood out with the monarch and shouted: “Fine! Li Qiye, well settle this with three moves.”

He simply didnt believe that Li Qiye could kill them with so few moves since they still had powerful cards up their sleeves.

“Bang!” Both of their blood energies soared without holding anything back. They assumed their peak battle state. Lins body emitted a holy light just like a blooming lotus while the monarchs fire ignited. He became a sun that emitted a terrifying temperature, forcing people to retreat.

“Clank!” At this time, both of them took out their weapons. One was an imperial weapon while the other was an artifact from a grand completion Immortal Physique user.

“Die!” Both attacked at the same time with their strongest move.

“Boom!” The entire continent trembled in the face of their attacks. The monarchs move looked like a gigantic fire dragon soaring forward. It carried a monstrous rage that could incinerate deities.

Many people palpitated from its furious roars and maintained a safe distance.

Daoist Lins weapon echoed as well. Numerous holy rays descended from the sky as if they were judging Li Qiye. These rays wished to disintegrate him as they engulfed his body and laws.

The monarch cultivated the Extreme Yang Physique while Lin had the Void Imperfection Physique. Their combined attack was indeed powerful.

In fact, these two werent weak at all. Alas, they were utterly defeated several days ago by Puresun, so it gave the misconception that they were insignificant and weak. In actuality, Puresun was simply too strong. At his current power, few Godkings from the previous generation would be able to contend against him or force him to unsheathe his sword. Those who could fight him might have to be at Meng Zhentians level.

The hearts of the crowd skipped a beat after seeing this display of strength. They were indeed talented prodigies despite not being a match for Puresun!

Li Qiye didnt bat an eye in the face of this incoming attack. In an instant, his body lit up with all four Immortal Physiques at the same time.

Just imagine the outcome of all four physiques erupting together! Infinite weight, infinite power, infinite speed, and infinite evasion! All other offensive and defensive means became meaningless. Even the strongest attack wouldnt be a match for their combined might and the strongest defense would be as vulnerable as a piece of paper.

“Boom! Crack!” A bang was followed by bone-cracking noises. Two bodies flew across the sky while vomiting blood before loudly slamming into the ground.

Both Lin and the monarch were lying on the ground as their blood slowly dripped down. They couldnt stand up even with their weapons supporting them.

Li Qiye was too fast and powerful. If their weapons didnt protect them in the split second before impact, they would be long gone by now.

Li Qiyes physiques had yet to reach grand completion, but his mastery meant that it wasnt far from achieving this level!

Even Zhentian raised his brows after seeing Li Qiye in action. His combination of physiques was too fast, even Zhentian couldnt see through the secrets right away. Suddenly, Zhentian had an ominous feeling that he couldnt clearly describe.

The scene turned quiet right away as everyone took in a deep breath. If Zhentian couldnt figure it out, then others would naturally be even more confused.

Daoist Puresun was also startled. He became suspicious about Li Qiye cultivating multiple Immortal Physiques. However, he didnt dare to confirm this conjecture right now.

The spectating experts glanced at each other in astonishment. No one thought that these two working together wouldnt even be able to block a single blow from Li Qiye. This was a heaven-defying might beyond their comprehension. Prior to this, some were unhappy while others even felt hatred towards him. But now, these people were trembling inside and didnt dare to show disrespect. This was especially true for the charming spirits.

Li Qiyes move just now was a great deterrent!

“Too weak.” Li Qiye flatly said this without a care. His nonchalant appearance made everyone speechless.

After pondering in the octagonal tower, his cultivation became even stronger than before. He had embarked on the path of the heavens while his grand dao moved beyond its initial form.

In fact, he could have entered the heavenly path long ago, but he was purposely suppressing his cultivation because his grand dao wasnt complete.

After learning the Grand Primordial Dao — the innate gift of the Kun Peng, Li Qiye finally took the first step in forming his dao! This improved his cultivation by leaps and bounds.

The words “too weak” werent appropriate to describe Daoist Lin and the monarch. If they were too weak, then the other cultivators here shouldnt even show their faces. Alas, no one dared to speak up against Li Qiye. This was the moment when the crowd finally realized that Li Qiye was qualified to compete against Zhentian!

Earlier, some charming spirits secretly belittled Li Qiye and thought that he used unorthodox and heretical methods. But now, such statements were found to be baseless.

Profound slightly frowned as well. Despite him disliking Li Qiye, he had to admit that Li Qiye was very powerful. After seeing him in action, Profound felt a chill inside. Li Qiyes strength has exceeded his imagination once more.

Puresun was the only one who stayed calm. As he had said before after seeing Li Qiye exit the octagonal tower, no one in the contemporary was a match for Li Qiye!

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