Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 227: Middle Continent Princess 1

The matriarch shook her head in response: “Even if Gu Zun involves Soaring Immortal, they cant stop you at all even if they utilize their full potential.”

“That sect needs to pray for their own fortune. If they grow some eyes, they can continue to survive. But if their eyes are on the back of their head, then Ill just end them.” Li Qiye smiled leisurely.

The matriarch was accustomed to such style. For the world, Soaring Immortal was full of experts and could be considered the supreme of the nine worlds. However, for Li Qiye, this was only a big sect at best. He could destroy them whenever he wanted. This was the reason why Soaring Immortal chose not to come out for three generations!

“The sect should know a bit about you, right?” She said.

Li Qiye smiled back: “You lived during Immortal Emperor Yin Tians generation so you dont understand Soaring Immortal completely. Its power structure isnt simple. It has many external realms with an incredible amount of citizens and maybe more than ten million disciples.”

He paused for a bit before continuing: “Its power structure, to put it in the simplest manner, is made up of five branches. It is complex and changes in each era. Whichever branch has the advantage would be in charge.”

“That might be so but does it matter which branch is in charge? None of them should try to touch your whiskers, especially Immortal Emperor Tun Ri and Immortal Emperor Ba Mies branch. The generals under their wings should still be loyal towards you.” The matriarch said.

“The times are changing, same with Soaring Immortal. Plus, Tun Ri and Ba Mie arent considered my students since I only helped and taught them a bit.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“Plus, they are powerless too. After all, the sect has its own rules and they have made their pact. Moreover, they are old now and might not have control over anything.” He elaborated.

“If they really wish to oppose you, then theyre just frogs under the well seeking their own destruction.” She stated.

Li Qiye revealed a faint smile: “The chance of them suiciding is quite high. Immortal Emperor Ren Xians influence is great so his branch should be quite strong now.”

She frowned in response: “Hmm, you think the emperor still had grudges against you back then so he left behind some plans to oppose you?”

“Ren Xian has great self-control. Regardless of his origin and bloodline, he is still an emperor with the foresight to understand what should and shouldnt be done. In spite of his great achievements, he still showed great restraint after becoming emperor, thats why he wanted the title, Ren Xian!”

“He wants to get on your good side on top of showing his determination against his origin so his title flaunts a human origin.” The matriarch was aware of the circumstances.

Back then, Ren Xian was the chosen candidate from Soaring Immortal for the Heavens Will. However, because of his bloodline, Li Qiye didnt agree with this but Soaring Immortal was hellbent on having a fifth emperor.

They had a minor fight because of this but the sect ultimately made many promises, even a blood oath. The emperor himself was part of this.

Due to all the concessions, Li Qiye chose to turn a blind eye to the competition.

During that generation, the young emperor didnt let the sect down. He swept through the nine worlds and seized the throne. Nevertheless, even after becoming invincible, he kept his promise and was still very respectful towards the Dark Crow.

“Although I didnt agree with him becoming an emperor, he did a good job after the fact. Regardless of his sincerity, he still kept his promise and exercised self-control. He didnt do certain things just because he was an emperor or his sect was Soaring Immortal…”

“… Its hard to criticize him in these aspects. The problem is his descendants. They believe Soaring Immortal is the true ruler of the nine worlds, and that their bloodline is the most powerful and precious. These beliefs drove them crazy.”

“Therefore, they were forced to isolate themselves, not allowed to come into being during Immortal Emperor Qian Lis generation.” She said.

She didnt personally experience the ordeal but she had heard of it before. In the past, some people in the sects secretly did a few things with their bloodline and invoked the anger of the Dark Crow.

He forcefully searched every inch of Soaring Immortal. The sect trembled before his coming and many big shots were forced to commit suicide! In the end, they isolated themselves from the world. This was the reason why so few disciples from the sect showed up during the Black Dragon Kings three generations.

“A bunch of idiots being bitten by their own blood, thinking that theyre the masters of the world.” Li Qiye said emotionlessly.

“Bitten?” She was surprised to hear this: “Will it devour their body eventually?”

Li Qiye shook his head: “I dont know but theyll increasingly be removed from their own race while inching closer to the true nature of this bloodline. This is why the bloodline is so frightening. Even the thinnest strand could have a chance for atavism! Thats why this race was so powerful!”

“Did you find any clues when you searched the sect back then?” She asked after contemplating quietly.

“Just a little bit. They had absolute loyalty to Soaring Immortal. Once they knew that I was about to pry even more, they immediately committed suicide and destroyed all traces. However, I know some of them tried to experiment with this blood already.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“They actually hid it from you? It must be a big deal then.” Her expression slightly changed.

“It has something to do with a supreme artifact.” Li Qiyes eyes became serious as well: “Its not at Soaring Immortal but Im sure it has secretly shown up there every once in a while. Thats the reason why Im certain the item is still in this races possession!”

She vaguely understood what the item was because Li Qiye had been searching for it when he was in control of the nine worlds.

“It doesnt matter since it wont escape my grasp in the end.” Li Qiye calmly declared: “I dont care how many generations or how well they hide it, Ill take it one day.

The matriarch knew that Li Qiye has set up a big trap and was just ready for the enemy to fall down.

After a short while, she said softly: “Your Excellency, why did you relent then? If you were steadfast against letting them train Immortal Emperor Ren Xian, they wouldnt necessarily dare to do it then.”

Li Qiye pondered this question carefully. He closed his eyes and leaned back on the master chair as if sleeping.

He eventually opened his eyes and replied: “No one really has a heart of iron. Or maybe it was because I have killed too many people so I turned soft-hearted then.”

She didnt reply, only waiting to listen to him.

“Sometimes in the dead of the night, I thought about whether I have massacred too many people. But then again, I should never show mercy on this matter. If humans or any of the races had something to do with this, I should slaughter them.” He said slowly.

“Your Excellency, you were right about this. Only by wiping out this blood completely would the nine worlds have peace. Otherwise, darkness shall still loom over all of us.” The matriarch said solemnly.

“Qingfeng, I know you have always supported and listened to me. But, you have never actually witnessed the periods when I massacred the nine worlds, when I let the blood seep deep into the soil! During those times, some generals started to waver. Tell me, what should I have done with them?”

“Kill.” She answered without hesitation.

“Yes. and killed them I did.” Li Qiye closed his eyes again and said bitterly: “Personally ordering the death of loyal generals with countless meritorious exploits… Its not an easy thing for the heart.”

Silence took over the room. After a good while, he gently sighed: “Therefore, I am a tyrant, the dark hand behind the curtains. I am someone who can only exist in the darkness. Im not an Immortal Emperor, a beacon of light, only a heartless butcher who had slaughtered the nine worlds. My hands are stained with so much blood!”

1. Ren Xian = Man + Virtuous/Worthy. This is a hard title to translate because it has underlying meanings and implications, not just to sound cool Previous ChapterNext Chapte

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