Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 226: One Physique Surpassing the Great Tribulation 2

While Li Qiye stayed as a guest at the Yu Mansion, news suddenly came from the Grand Sea regarding the marriage alliance between Soaring Immortal and Heaven Suppression. Zi Cuining will marry Long Aotian! They will meet to talk about the marriage at Soaring Immortals territory.

There was an uproar after this news since there had been rumors previously. However, they came from different channels, not the official ones like right now.

Because of this, though many believed it, some remained skeptical until this official announcement. The alliance was no longer limited to speculation but more of a sure thing.

“Two behemoths in our generation are still deciding to join forces.” One ancestor from a great power murmured in a daze.

Any insightful person would know the result of this alliance. It meant that nothing would be able to stop them since one had five emperors and the other reigned for the most recent three generations. Perhaps an Immortal Emperor would be able to stop them but nothing else in the nine worlds.

“Soaring Immortal had been separated from the nine worlds for a long time, they indeed need the support from Heaven Suppression. Nothing could be more perfect and powerful than this alliance.” Even Godkings from the last generation were aghast after hearing this.

The great powers in the Grand Sea had the biggest reaction since they didnt want to see this the most. This alliance would infringe on all of their territories. It meant that all decisions on the region could be arbitrarily made by just two sects. Everyone else must listen because these two could turn a great power to ashes overnight. Alas, no one could change the situation.

Meanwhile, many enjoyed talking about it as well, especially the younger crowd. They didnt care for the politics and balance of power, only the angle of romance.

“I heard Heaven Suppression Goddess was very close to Fiercest back in Eastern Hundred Cities. There were some rumors about them being lovers in the Heavenly Dao Academy too.” A gossiper revealed.

“Hmph, Fiercest is indeed strong enough to be arrogant but nowadays, the only thing that matters is ones origin. He came from Cleansing Incense, thats nothing. Its a different story for Aotian with Soaring Immortal. He has the lineage of an emperor and the arts of five, such a noble upbringing. How can a nobody like Li Qiye match him? With the goddess proud background, she naturally should be together with a heavenly prince like Aotian.” An old-fashioned cultivator said with disdain.

Some immediately became unhappy with this guy who thought he was better than everyone else just because of his background. One young cultivator, who was a big fan of Li Qiye, retorted: “So what if they have noble upbringing? Hmph, Fiercest doesnt give a damn. Oppose him and even imperial children will be slaughtered like dogs, not worth mentioning.”

“Thats right.” Many vagabonds agreed with the sentiment: “You think having a noble upbringing is that great? Fiercest never lacked women before. So many prestigious princesses and saintesses are willing to marry him. Fairy Mei, Sword Goddess Bai, all of them are from imperial lineages and they want to follow him anyway…”

Most cultivators from smaller sects and especially the vagabonds disliked hearing contemptuous remarks the most from the nobles. They found such rhetoric to be contemptuous.

Meanwhile, Cleansing Incense was a downtrodden sect. Thus, in their eyes, Li Qiyes achievement was a breakthrough for them so they viewed him as their pride!

“I agree. Fiercest wont have a lack of women just because of his accomplishments. He can get as many as he wants.” Another person added: “Heaven Suppression Goddess only agreed to marry Aotian because of the marriage alliance, it doesnt mean that she likes him. She probably loves Fiercest even more. After all, he was her first love back at the academy…”

The debates became fiercer and eventually turned into scandals. Many began to spout that Li Qiye and the goddess promised to marry each other back at the academy. Thus, the current marriage proposal was purely political in nature.

“Hmph, I heard that Fiercest will steal the bride for sure.” Some unknown cultivators spread this message. Who knows their real intent behind this?

“Steal the bride, really now?” Many were stunned after hearing this.

“One hundred percent. Just think about it, who is Fiercest? Has he been afraid of anyone? Soaring Immortal and Aotian are nothing to him, same with Heaven Suppression City! If Aotian dares to steal his woman, he might try to trample both the city and Soaring Immortal!” A speaker swore to his friend about the validity of this rumor.

Regardless of the ulterior motives of the message, many people found it reasonable. They all knew about Fiercests temper and merciless nature. There was nothing he didnt dare to do in this world. It would be strange if he didnt try to flip Soaring Immortal over since Aotian was trying to steal his woman.

“Fiercest will definitely teach Soaring Immortal a lesson!” The helpless great powers wanted this particular development.

At the same time, the Peacock Bright Monarch immediately reported to Li Qiye about the commotion.

Li Qiye simply smiled after hearing about the marriage.

“Im afraid Ancestor Yes group is forcing the City Lord. Maybe she lost her authority now.” The monarch worriedly said.

“With me here, Gu Zuns tricks wont amount to anything.” He chuckled.

The monarch quietly nodded since she couldnt do anything with her own power so she placed her hope on him. She stared at him for a bit but refrained from speaking.

“Go ahead.” Li Qiye took note and said with a smile.

She smiled wryly with a strange expression before speaking: “Rumor has it that you and the city lord had a marriage pact back at the academy so a lot of people think you will go steal the bride.”

“Thats just a message sent by the local great powers.” Li Qiye laughed: “Very well, if people want to have a show, then why not? Itll be lively when I go do it.”

He certainly understood that people wanted to egg him on. However, he didnt really mind. Since Gu Zun was aiming for him, he wanted to return the favor by destroying the alliance. He went to see the matriarch afterward.

She also heard the news and said instantly: “This is Gu Zuns plan. He wants to drag Soaring Immortal down and use its power to oppose you.”

“I know.” Li Qiye replied: “Gu Zun knows himself that he alone cant take me on at all so he requires an ally, and who is better than Soaring Immortal? Is there a more powerful lineage compared to Soaring Immortal in the nine worlds?”

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