Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 220 : Grand Dao Saint 2

The atmosphere was oppressive. An elder from Soaring Immortal was being threatened by a junior in this manner in this humiliating ordeal.

At the same time, the youths here were shocked at Lin Hais domineering attitude. Despite losing to Long Aotian before, he was still provoking Soaring Immortal. Not too many would choose this course of action.

He didnt stay long. The guy turned to leave but he paused and bowed his head towards Li Qiye standing on the twelve scales: “Brother Li, this little brother has heard of your reputation long ago. I am a big fan but unfortunately, I have other matters to attend to and cant have a drink with you. I shall ask again in the future given the chance!”

Li Qiye simply smiled and nodded.

Seeing the two acknowledging each other left the crowd with admiration. One was a monster while the other was the Fiercest. No wonder why they would like each other.

People heaved a sigh of relief after Hai Lin left. Ancestor Yu told the elder from Soaring Immortal: “Elder, my apology for being an inadequate host. Please come to our humble abode.”

“I agree.” The elder hurriedly said. The purpose of his trip was to congratulate Matriarch Yu.

“Wait until my business is finished before leaving.” Li Qiye lazily said as the two were about to leave.

The elder was aghast while Ancestor Yus expression soured. The elder was completely livid for suffering this humiliation today in the hands of Hai Lin and Li Qiye. However, he could only keep it in since there was nothing he could do.

Fiercest was even more ruthless and powerful than Hai Lin. Anyone had to play the nice child in front of him.

Ancestor Yu frowned and slowly said: “Young Noble Li, no need to add to the fire. If the disciples from Soaring Immortal have offended you, you are the bigger man, why not…”

He was also shocked by Li Qiyes ability to reach the peak. He had heard of the guys fame long ago but didnt wish to see anything happen to the master-disciple duo at Discover.

“No need for your clan to stick its nose in.” Li Qiye interrupted him with a hand wave and said: “Return from whence you came, youre not qualified to mediate my issues.”

Ancestor Yus expression turned ugly as well. Though he was only a Grand Godking, he was still an influential figure in Mortal Emperor. Moreover, with his clans prestige, he was qualified to interfere with worldly feuds. But now, Li Qiye had shown him complete disdain in public; this has become quite unbearable.

The elder from Soaring Immortal coldly responded: “Li Qiye, our Soaring Immortal Sect isnt to be bullied. Were not afraid of trouble…”

“I know.” Li Qiye interrupted him too and chuckled: “No need to talk about how strong your sect is, Im well aware and still don ’t give a damn. However, Im a reasonable person too. This issue has nothing to do with you. Its your disciple who is trying to besmirch my reputation. I wont make it difficult for you, hand him over and you can leave!”

Lin Hao turned pale after hearing this. If his master were to really hand him over to Fiercest, death was the most likely outcome.

“Thats impossible!” The elder immediately refused: “I will not watch a disciple of my sect being harmed by others!”

He was a protective person and would never hand his disciple over to an enemy since he was aware of the fatal outcome as well.

“If thats the case, Ill take care of you too.” Li Qiye leisurely smiled and said.

“Come then, Ill take you on!” The stubborn old man was unyielding. He knew he was no match for Fiercest but still chose to protect his disciple instead of just watching on the sideline.

“Courageous enough, not a disgrace to the Soaring Immortal Sect.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

Ancestor Yu stepped out to join the conversation: “Young Noble Li, how about dropping this matter? Discover is willing to welcome both sides…”

“Too much nonsense. Run back to your clan!” Li Qiye said dismissively and spread out his palm at the ancestor.

The ancestor wasnt happy at this disrespectful gesture before the crowd. He roared and with a loud bang, a light emanated from his body and made it seem gigantic. The aura of a Grand Godking engulfed the entire city, almost causing it to blow up.

“Ill have a taste of your peerless art then, Young Noble Li!” He couldnt bear this humiliation so he decided to go all out.

“Boom!” A long and melodious note resounded. Dao runes floated around Li Qiyes palm. Next, a gigantic palm that resembled Li Qiyes own emerged. It was made from thick and divine laws. This was the palm of a true god containing the power of their sacred race.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” A string of dao melodies came urgently as if the player was pulling the zither string with great speed.

“Boom!” Ancestor Yus incredible attack instantly faltered before the true gods palm. He staggered several steps backward from the impact.

“The power of the twelve scales!” Ancestor Yu was astonished. He knew about the scales more than outsiders. Even their clan couldnt control its power so this came as a huge surprise.

“Scram!” Li Qiye didnt bother glancing at the ancestor. He swept his sleeve and a storm came about, nearly pushing the entire city up to the sky.

The ancestor and the children from the Yu Clan were helpless and instantly swept flying back to their clan. When they finally calmed down, all were pale.

Even the elder from Soaring Immortal was shocked.

“Rumble!” At this time, the sky suddenly turned dark. Gigantic ships spanning for a hundred meters emerged like monsters.

These ships were made from pure gold and beautifully decorated with red lacquer. The diagrams carved on the surface made the ships look blazing. There were a total of eight ships with cannons on the left and right hulls.

“Skyfire Warships!” People who were aware of these ships battle potential cried out.

“Fire!” The elder was ecstatic and gave the command.

Their ships were here to celebrate Matriarch Yus exit from meditation. They were also meant to showcase their sects power but now, this force was being used on Li Qiye.

“Whoosh!” The refined jades engraved on the ship lit up. A majestic worldly energy instantly ignited the sunfire inside the cannons.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Several hundred cannons on the eight ships unleashed the sunfire shots like raging dragons towards Li Qiye on the twelve scales.

The Skyfire Warships were Soaring Immortals tools of war. The earliest version was created by Immortal Emperor Tun Ri. Later on, the sect created another batch using his original blueprint.

These were the preeminent weapons used by them to occupy the territories in the Grand Sea. Their power was not to be underestimated, evident by numerous past exploits.

“Boom!” The entire city quaked before the incoming barrage. The refined jades served as the catalyst while the sunfire became the shots. They could render enemies into ashes instantly.

The spectators were astounded to see the raging fiery shots and understood how Soaring Immortal could push back so many demons in such a short time. Not too many great powers could withstand this first round of bombing. Discover seemed to be under a great crisis.

“Bang!” When all the shots struck the twelve scales, smoke filled the entire area so no one could see what was going on inside.

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