Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 216 : Bai Jianzhens Three Swords 2

Li Qiye smiled while looking at Yulian: “Does this Long Aotian guy know that you like him?”

Yulian blushed because of this public revelation. She angrily stared at him and said coldly: “None of your business.”

Li Qiye teased her again: “I dont really care for your romance since nothing good will come of it but I do have to say, daring to love and hate so openly is not a bad thing. If you like him, then go confess, no point in hiding it. Even if you do more things for him, he wont know about them and you will be nothing more than an insignificant stranger in his mind.”

Li Qiye had no problems with Long Aotian either. However, Soaring Immortal purposely came out in this generation and this has sealed their fate. They have broken the agreement of past so there was nothing left to say.

His blatant statement embarrassed Yulian while the boys who like her became justifiably annoyed as well.

“Li Qiye, stop running your mouth here!” She shouted: “If you cant climb the scales then just admit your defeat, no need to buy time!”

“If you dont want to do it, its not too late to give up.” Yulian coldly uttered.

“Very well, Ill break your dream then so that you wont keep on falling in deeper. Its not too late to turn back.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

Li Qiye only wanted to take the monarch for a look but didnt expect to encounter Yulians matter. Since this was the case, it was time to wake her up or it would be too late when her lover turned to ashes in the future.

Everyone watched with anticipation after hearing Li Qiyes confirmation. They stared attentively at each and every move of his and wondered how many steps he could reach.

In the past, Aotians achievement at the eleventh step has already rendered the young generation breathless. No youth dared to challenge him but it was different for Fiercest.

Some believed that if he couldnt make it to the eleventh step, he would be overshadowed a bit by Long Aotian. Even if he could reach this step, it would only show that he would be a capable rival.

They knew that he was at a disadvantage because he was doing it after Long Aotian. The guy has robbed all of the fame. Even if Li Qiye could reach the eleventh step, the reaction wouldnt be as resounding as before.

He needed to reach the twelfth step to be on the same level as the eonic genius, Gu Zun, in order to gain the limelight and surpass Long Aotian.

Otherwise, he wouldnt be shining as brilliant by just going evenly.

Meanwhile, the youths who had a crush on Yulian prayed quietly for Li Qiye to break Aotians achievement and reach the twelfth step. They wanted someone to take Aotian down a notch and rob him of his reputation. That was the only way for Yulian to know that her sweetheart wasnt that excellent.

In fact, even the monarch became a bit anxious. It wasnt about whether he could beat Aotian or not. She was wondering if he could actually reach the peak.

He stated so a while ago so if he could actually stay true to his words, it would be quite frightening. Some people believed that only Immortal Emperors could break through the dao shackles to reach the peak.

At this time, he has walked onto the first step. A note immediately played.

Outsiders couldnt feel anything but this wasnt the case for the climber. This booming sound was the noise of the grand dao, as sonorous as a bell. It instantly attacked the dao heart with a devastating force as if it could tear the body apart. It instilled a primal fear; someone with a weak dao heart would immediately kneel on the spot.

However, Li Qiye had no need to use determination and comprehension. There was no need for him to understand this particular dao note since his dao heart alone was sufficient! It has been polished by the tides of time, not something these twelve scales could touch.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” He took one step at a time before the leering crowd.

“One, two, three…” Someone counted quietly each step.

“Nine, ten…” He finally made it to the tenth to the dismay of Yulian. Her breathing became rapid as she made a cross with her hands and secretly pray for him to fail the eleventh step.

At this time, he purposely stopped to look at the group.

“Is that it?” One spectator said with a hushed voice.

Yulian heaved a sigh of relief at this sight.

“Should I continue?” He cheerfully smiled.

The crowd exchanged glances with uncertainty. They didnt know whether he could keep on going or was only preparing an excuse. Perhaps it could be a provocation as well.

Yulian slowly said: “This is a friendly competition. If you cant make it any further, dont force yourself. Losing to Brother Long isnt shameful at all. Hes the high heavens son!”

“Thats right.” Lin Hao thought Li Qiye was trying to get off easy as well. He snorted in response: “Losing to the future emperor is just fine. Dont force yourself, come down already.”

People saw Li Qiye standing motionlessly on the spot and thought that he was giving up. They became disappointed in his failure to take Long Aotian down.

“Looks like I have to try then.” He smiled and took another step.

“Eleventh!” Another cultivator shouted when he made it to the next step. Some people couldnt help clapping.

He glanced at Long Aotians shadow and chuckled before reaching out with one finger.

“Boom!” Aotians shadow was instantly destroyed with nothing left.

“No!” Yulian shouted with a pale complexion.

“Thats too fierce.” The crowd was astonished after seeing this casual yet destructive gesture.

Keep in mind that Li Qiye was withstanding the same pressure as Long Aotian. The shadow left behind was created by the dao note. It wasnt so easy to break.

“What did you do?!” Lin Hao howled after seeing this.

“No challenge at all.” Li Qiye ignored them and took another step towards the next.

“Twelfth step!” Another screamed after seeing this.

“So amazing.” The young cultivators here began to cheer.

“The guy is unreal. Such dao heart and talents can compare to an eonic genius!” Some were utterly convinced.

Li Qiye chuckled again and shook his head while looking at Gu Zuns shadow. He shot out another finger strike.

“Boom!” Gu Zuns shadow turned to ashes too!

“You!” It was the Heaven Suppression disciples turn to become angry and glare at Li Qiye!

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