Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 214 : Thousand Emperors Gate 2

The young cultivators glanced at each other after seeing Li Qiye. They were puzzled – who was this man? Why did he dare to say such a thing?

In fact, the crowd was also confused. No one recognized him so they didnt know of his identity. Some of them didnt care due to his ordinary appearance.

Yu Yulian wanted to use Lin Hao to profess her feelings towards her crush but being interrupted by a nobody left her sour. She uttered coldly: “No need for an outsider to worry about the Yu Clans business.”

Li Qiye simply glanced at her and shook his head: “Your ancestors prestige will be destroyed in the hands of you fools!”

Her expression changed greatly as she furiously said: “Who are you? Daring to run your mouth like this!”

“Princess, no need to worry about who he is. Allow me to teach the ignorant brat a lesson for blustering before you.” Lin Hao immediately told Yulian.

This was the nice part of being a disciple from Soaring Immortal. They had no qualm about opposing anyone in the world.

“No need for Young Noble Lin and princess to dirty your hands.” The Peacock Prince from Mu Zhuos Demonic City jumped out with the intention of currying favor. He pointed at Li Qiye and shouted: “Brat, being disrespectful here is a sin worthy of death. Come, Ill break your limbs in just one move.”

The Peacock Bright Monarch in the form of a servant shook her head and chuckled. These people didnt know who they were dealing with. They wont know how they will die either.

Li Qiye leisurely smiled at the Peacock Prince: “Whats your name?”

“This young noble is the Peacock Prince of Mu Zhuos Demon City!” The prince sneered and smugly stated his title. After all, he was a famous character in the Grand Sea.

“Peacock Prince?” Li Qiye laughed in response and told the monarch standing next to him: “A demonic pheasant naming itself peacock, this is besmirching the word.”

The princes face reddened. He hated when people talked about his origin the most. Being a pheasant gave him a sense of inferiority so now, embarrassment turned to anger. He screamed: “Little animal, come accept your death!”

The other young cultivators here watched amusingly on the sideline. Yu Yulian and Lin Hao, on the other hand, didnt care for this unknown junior.

“Slap him.” Li Qiye ordered the monarch next to him, too lazy to care about the Peacock Prince.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The monarch instantly attacked. The Peacock Prince might not be bad among the young generation but there was too much of a gap between the two. He was slapped a dozen times in just a blink.

His cheeks flared red with blood dripping down his lips while being completely confused. Once he calmed down, he spat a mouthful of blood with all of his teeth falling out.

She had already gone easy on him or he would be dead.

“Animal, Ill kill you!” The mad prince roared with an aura rushing to the sky. Several hundred sharp blades appeared before him and acted like arrows with extreme speed. They instantly pierced at the monarch.

She easily shattered all of them with a bang. Next, she had him by the neck.

“Ah!” The monarch slightly clenched her fist and shattered his dao body to reveal his true form. A pheasant appeared before everyone. Its feathers were quite beautiful. The beast was screaming while being grabbed by the monarch.

“Young noble, what should I do now?” She asked while staring at Li Qiye.

The princes life-and-death was up to Li Qiyes answer.

“Just a junior, no need to kill him.” Li Qiye said flatly without looking at the pheasant.

“Boom!” She casually threw him on the ground causing more blood to ooze from his mouth. He struggled to turn back to his human form.

The guy was lying on his stomach in fear, not daring to even get up.

Everyone was aghast including Yu Yulian and Lin Hao. The princes cultivation wasnt bad among the young cultivators but this guy defeated him in one move. It seemed as if killing him was even easier than crushing an ant.

More importantly, he was only a servant. Thus, this ordinary master must have been even more frightening and powerful.

The twos expression changed. They were keen enough to know that these were masters.

“Who are you?” Yu Yulian questioned. Nevertheless, they came from invincible sects and could still maintain their composure.

“Li Qiye.” He looked at her and said insipidly.

“Fiercest!” Someone shouted after hearing this name.

In the shortest possible time, everyone here turned pale. The majority quickly retreated so the area around Li Qiye suddenly became empty. The youths here kept their distance.

Even Yulian and Lin Hao staggered backward in fear.

Not everyone might know the name, Li Qiye, but the whole world knew of the title, “Fiercest”.

This person annihilated Space Tramble, massacred Azure Mysterious, and banished Soaring Immortal. Such deeds and notoriety were preeminent. The inhabitants of Mortal Emperor trembled before his name.

The crowd took a deep breath and stared at Li Qiye in horror while their legs quivered. They knew that opposing him meant death, even imperial lineages werent spared. Juniors like them were nothing before Fiercest.

They were aware that Soaring Immortal was unstoppable since its coming. The only time it suffered a loss was to Li Qiyes banishment. He had done the impossible.

Because of this, even Lin Hao was scared. Fiercest wasnt someone that would be deterred by his sects prestige.

“Looks like some of you have heard of my name before.” He said flatly.

Yulian and Lin Hao were quite powerful, capable of killing ordinary Godkings. Alas, the disparity between them and the banisher, Li Qiye, was too great.

“The Yu Clans juniors are too disappointing compared to Matriarch Yu.” Li Qiye stared at Yulian and gently sighed.

He wasnt looking down on her but was lamenting the fact that she couldnt be polished into gold. In the past, Matriarch Yu used to be his confidant and an important figure in his administration. Unfortunately, Yulian wasnt even a tenth as exceptional as Matriarch Yu at the same age. He was sad at the Yu Clans lack of capable successors.

Yulian considered herself a heavenly daughter that was on the same level as Wolong Xuan and Zi Cuining. Her expression darkened after hearing his evaluation.

“Li Qiye, you might scare the Grand Middle Territory but no need to show your bravado at the Grand Sea, especially at Discover.” She coldly uttered.

“I cant do as I please here?” Li Qiye couldnt help but smile after hearing this: “Is it because of you, the Yu Clan, or Soaring Immortal? Someone of your level cant understand whether I am capable of carrying out my whim or not.”

“Heaven Suppression is also here, not just Soaring Immortal. Yes, and the Black Dragon Legion as well!” She went on.

Meanwhile, the crowd was watching with bated breath. No one dared to comment thoughtlessly. The notorious Fiercest has scared the soul out of many.

“Youre courageous indeed.” Li Qiye shook his head: “Its a pity that you rely too much on your ancestors prestige. Go home, dont throw away all your face here. Be a good girl and think about your mistakes and focus on the dao. Your future will be better in this way.”

In his eyes, Yulian and Lin Hao werent qualified to talk to him. He was only giving such good counsel to her due to Matriarch Yu and would be too lazy to care for anyone else.

Her complexion kept changing from being livid. Fury overwhelmed her mind since she has never been shown such contempt before.

“Li Qiye, you wont be invincible much longer!” Lin Hao finally mustered some courage and claimed: “There is still someone who can trample and defeat you, youre not the best genius in our generation!”

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