Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 212 : Underworld Rivers Secret 2

Many were mourning for Wolong Zi. There were only three people who could leave their shadows on the tenth step – Dingyuan Hou, Ye Jiuzhou, and Wolong Zi!

Zi was the youngest among the three but also the first to die while the other two were unstoppable and influential Godkings.

Some said that if Wolong Zi were still alive, his future achievements wouldnt be inferior to the other two. All eyes fell upon the eleventh step now with its one shadow. It meant that only one person has climbed up to this level before.

The discussion stopped when someone quietly stated: “Princess Yu is here.”

They quickly turned around and saw a young woman approaching. With her white dress, she looked like a lotus blossoming on the water surface. This was a beautiful woman with luminous and seductive eyes.

“Miss Yu.” Many quickly rushed forward to greet her. They were quite friendly since some aimed for flattery. Of course, some of them had a crush on her too.

Yu Yulian was very famous among the young generation of the Grand Sea, a highly sought-after lady.

“Im here today to test it out and didnt expect to see so much support. Thank you, everyone.” She said slowly with a touch of shyness.

“Youre too reserved. Princess, to be able to see your ascension is our honor.” One youth said with haste: “Our Majesty once said that you are the heavenly daughter of the contemporary, standing shoulder to shoulder with Heaven Suppression Goddess and Sky Dragon King, one of our three great beauties.”

This youth came from the Mu Zhuos Demon City and was Golden Dragon Princes martial nephew. His self-chosen title was Peacock Prince. His flattery act wasnt for himself but rather the Golden Dragon Prince.

The prince had wanted to propose to the Yu Clan for Yu Yulian. However, this was put aside due to Taijuns emergence. Because of this, the Peacock Prince wanted to use this opportunity to put in good words for his uncle.

“No way, the Golden Dragon Prince is too kind.” She smiled and said, quite pleased with the comment.

Everyone knew that Wolong Xuan and Zi Cuining were at the top of the young generation on top of being extremely beautiful. Yu Yulian naturally couldnt compare to these two.

However, many wanted to flatter the Yu Clan so they placed her on the same level as the other two. She was very willing to hear these praises while feeling very smug inside.

As the moon surrounded by the stars, she walked towards the twelve scales with her eyes fixated on the man alone on the eleventh step.

“Brother Longs temperament is matchless in history. He will definitely become emperor.” A strange glimmer flashed in her eyes. She didnt try to hide her adoration at all.

The young cultivators here also looked up at the shadow above. He alone stood proudly on the eleventh step.

Everyone became serious after seeing his aura. Even those who liked Yulian couldnt help but sigh. They became gloomy because this young man was supreme indeed.

“Young Emperor Long is indeed unique in this generation. When our king became sworn-brother with him, our king said that he will become Immortal Emperor.” The Peacock Prince who was a demon pheasant said with admiration.

“Yes, who can compete with Brother Long nowadays? He will be victorious for sure!” Yulians eyes stared lovingly at the shadow and wanted nothing more than to jump into its embrace as she said: “He already has a grand completion Immortal Physique.” She revealed an intoxicating smile at this point.

“Yes, Young Emperor Long could even slay a Nine Worlds Godking. No one can stop him.” The geniuses here were utterly convinced.

“Long Aotian.” Those who had a crush on Yulian became very annoyed as they murmured this name. Nevertheless, they could only express this annoyance quietly.

Members of the crowd were stirred to hear this name. It was too overwhelming and powerful in the Grand Sea. He had many young fans as well with countless noble daughters and princesses.

Being the successor of the Soaring Immortal Sect, he was destined for greatness and excellence! His cultivation didnt shame his background since he had a grand completion Immortal Physique already. Furthermore, his current level was at Emperor Candidate, only lacking the recognition of the Heavens Will.

The news was so shocking since he was already a grand completion user when he showed himself to the world with the strength of a candidate. He would be the magnificent son of the heavens, the object of countless praises and love.

He shall become the unbeatable master in this generation. How could others not notice him?

Yulian was elated to talk about him: “Brother Long still hasnt ascended just yet but he already has the style of one. After meeting and talking to him the first time, I can see that scene already, when he fought against the world alone for ten days and nights without tasting defeat.”

Her complexion had a peachy color after saying this. Her heart rapidly bumped with the resurfacing memories. She fell in love with him at first sight and wanted nothing more than being his woman even without any official title.

The people who had a crush on her didnt have an easy time looking at her current appearance but they didnt say anything.

The crowd was stirred with her message. The Peacock Prince had to admit: “Young Emperor Long challenged the heroes of the world and killed five Godkings in a row. Even the strongest Nine Worlds Godking, Hai Guai, was taken down too. Hes the only one who can have such a battle record.”

“Thats right, the Denary King can take on the whole world, thats an unparalleled feat!” The others quickly parroted.

Some werent too happy about the praises so they quietly scowled. After the Soaring Immortal Sect descended, they took up a sea region. Its inhabitants were naturally unhappy.

Moreover, they werent the nice crowd either. Despite being afraid of the Soaring Immortal Sects reputation, they didnt hand over their territory so easily.

They were offsprings between demons and sea monsters. Thus, they were adept at battle, especially in the ocean.

The great powers here joined forces to attack the Soaring Immortal Sect. A war erupted right away.

Despite having the numerical advantage, the result was too predictable. The Soaring Immortal Sect flattened all of them.

This displeased the other lineages in the Grand Sea because it was a blatant occupation. This sect claimed to be a traditional and orthodox lineage with a benevolent outlook. Naturally, others criticized them for this hypocritical action.

Because of this, Long Aotian sent a message to the world that his sect was only temporarily borrowing this sea region. If any sect was unconvinced, they could challenge him. If he were to lose, then not only would Soaring Immortal leave the Grand Sea instantly, they would also compensate for all the losses with Immortal Emperors manuals and weapons.

Thus, everyones attention was grabbed by these treasures. No one cared whether the invasion of the sect was lawful or not.

Remember, this was a sect with five emperors. Their manuals and weapons would have been incredible. Many experts rushed forwards like bees to challenge him.

Aotian created a stage on the vast sea. Anyone could challenge him without any restriction in numbers or otherwise.

In a short time, many demons, sea monsters, and even famous experts attacked him. They not relied on number, some even used assassination methods.

The battle astonished the entire Grand Sea. Even some dust-laden Godkings decided to participate.

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