Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 207 : True Invincibility 1

Zhengfeng drank his wine and eventually spoke: “I really want to know why the emperor chose to return on this grand dao.”

He also cultivated the grand dao left behind by the emperor. However, this was not one the emperor used for his ascension.

The name of this dao was World-weary, created by Immortal Emperor Mu Zhuo after his ascension. He didnt cultivate it either and only left it behind. Zhengfeng came across it by chance later on.

“You can go ask him.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “The nine worlds might not have anything that piques your interest but you can leave this pub and broaden your horizon. With that, you can personally ask the emperor why someone as invincible as him chose to walk on this grand dao.”

In a sense, the emperor was invincible and his life was perfect. There was no reason for him to pick the World-weary Dao. No one would be able to understand his choice.

Zhengfeng contemplated for a moment before shaking his head: “I dont want to know then. He is him and I am me.”

Li Qiye took his time before replying: “Do you want anything else besides waiting for death?”

“Yes.” Zhengfeng smiled: “To die here in the same place that birthed me. Thats all I want.”

“Alright.” Li Qiye smiled wryly: “You win. Theres nothing I can do since its your choice.”

“No matter what, I am still grateful to you. Im aware that you have tried several times to change me during my stay here at the pub. I can only let you down though, all I want to do is remain here.” Zhengfeng said.

Li Qiye took another sip: “No, maybe you have the right idea. After all, to die in your birthplace isnt bad, just like the leaves falling down towards the roots.”

A momentary silence filled the air. After a while, Li Qiye broke it: “Yes, dying in your birthplace is nice but for me and many Immortal Emperors, it is too out of reach. Many of them thought about returning one day to die here but they cant. I cant either. Its good that you can enjoy this.”

“Thats why you are great, same with the emperors. You all want your death to be meaningful and worth it. Thats why you guys insist on struggling without a moment of respite.” Zhengfeng freely laughed and said: “Emperors were able to become emperors and you were able to become the eternal dark hand, it must have something to do with your charisma and personalities. I, on the other hand, can only die at home.”

“I hope so, for a meaningful death, that is.” Li Qiye laughed as well.

Zhengfeng poured another cup for him while he gulped them down. Li Qiye said: “Okay, lets not talk about these things any longer. The second reason why Im here is because I want your fire spark. I have a cauldron for weapon refinement that is missing a fire spark so I need to borrow it from you.”

“You want the World-weary Flame?” Zhengfeng asked.

Li Qiye nodded in response: “You certainly have the purest World-weary Flame.”

Zhengfeng quickly went to get the spark for him.

Finally, it was time for Li Qiye to leave after achieving his purposes here.

Before leaving, he stared at Zhengfeng one last time and smiled: “Brat, the days are long still so keep waiting to die. Maybe Ill die before you in the future.”

“Your life is eternal. I will definitely die before you, Your Excellency.” Zhengfeng smiled back.

They had many things to say. At their level, it was hard to find someone to talk to but before the departure, words couldnt come out.

After Li Qiye left, Zhengfeng went back to his counter and curled up then slowly closed his eyes into a slumber. The tiny fire inside the lamp was still jumping like before. This faint light illuminated his face in a surreal fashion.

It was peaceful for this old man and his small pub residing in the little alley. It seemed that no one would pay attention to it until the day of demise.

The monarch who has been waiting outside quickly caught up to Li Qiye. She had to look back at the entrance after taking several steps. She couldnt understand why a supreme master was hiding away from the world in this place. Though there were many reclusive masters in the world, they would pick paradisiacal and picturesque locations instead.

Alas, this great character was hiding in such a rundown pub. No one would believe such a story.

“No need to look.” Li Qiye shook his head and sighed while walking: “Hell stay there forever. Wont be easy to get him to come out.”

After a long time, she couldnt contain her inquisitive mind and quietly asked: “Young noble, who is stronger between Matriarch Yu and this senior?”

Needless to say more about Matriarch Yu. She was someone who fought against Immortal Emperor Yin Tian and was recognized to be an Emperor Assailant. As for the old man, he was Matriarch Yus older brother who has lived for three generations.

“You think hes too unknown, right? Power cant be measured by prestige. Matriarch Yu indeed has the power to assail an emperor but Yu Zhengfeng, hes much stronger.”

“Stronger than her, even?” The monarch was shaken and eventually asked for elaboration: “Rumor has it that those who could survive one hundred moves from an emperor are considered assailants.”

Li Qiye laughed in response: “One hundred moves as the baseline? Which idiot told you that? Too many people would be assailants then. Plus, not all emperors are bloodthirsty. They actually love talents and juniors so they go easy on the challengers.”

He shook his head and continued: “This belief emanated from a few fools who are trying to increase their own worth and reputation.”

“Then whats considered a real Emperor Assailant?” She said with great curiosity.

She has heard many things about this title. The most popular belief was the one hundred moves requirement.

“An assailant isnt that easy to come by.” Li Qiye explained: “The normal standard is that against the regular power of an emperor who is not holding back, they just need to last one thousand moves to be qualified for this title.”

“Regular power?” She didnt understand this.

“It means not using the Heavens Will.” Li Qiye continued: “The standard is strict so emperors cant go too easy. They have to take it pretty seriously against the real ones. For example, the ones who can last one hundred or two hundred moves were usually young talents and the emperors went easy on them.”

He slowly recalled: “When Matriarch Yu fought against Immortal Emperor Yin Tian, the emperor actually used a life treasure and nearly shattered the world. Matriarch Yu relied on her own incredible strength to last more than one thousand moves. The emperor recognized her strength and bestowed her the assailant title. The other self-claimed assailants cant compare to her at all.”

She has heard of Matriarch Yus legends before but no one knew the exact details of the fight or how long she had actually lasted. But now, this revelation took her like a storm. Matriarch Yu actually made it to the one thousand moves mark against an emperor using a life treasure, the grand dao, and not holding anything back. Even without using the Heavens Will, each strike could destroy the world. Thus, one could imagine how mighty Matriarch Yu used to be.

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