Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 202: Tetra-War Bronze Chariot 2

“Discover City? To see whom?” The monarch was surprised to hear this.

“Someone who can help you and Heaven Suppression. A backer in the future.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“A person who can be our backer?” The monarch was astounded. She would have burst out laughing if someone else were to tell her this.

Who was number one at the Grand Sea? Clearly Heaven Suppression! They would still be a top ranking sect in all of Mortal Emperor. There were so many experts with invincible Godkings like Ye Jiuzhou. Moreover, a legendary existence like Gu Zun was unfathomable.

In this region, they were others backer, since when did they need someone else to be their backer?

Thus, it was understandable for the monarch to be surprised. However, Fiercest wouldnt make a joke like this.

“Young noble, you are referring to Matriarch Yu?” She mused about the possibilities and only came up with one person.

Matriarch Yu was the only existence in this domain that could make Heaven Suppression wary. She was also the only one who was a match for Gu Zun.

“No. There is someone else outside of Matriarch Yu in Discover.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“Excuse my ignorance then. I have never heard of such an amazing person.” She answered.

They needed to be Emperor Assailants in order to be Heaven Suppressions backers.

“Just because you dont know doesnt mean they arent there. There are many experts in this world or someone as powerful as Gu Zun wouldnt be tucking his tail for a generation.” Li Qiye chuckled.

The monarch wasnt in a position to make a comment. After all, despite the internal strife, she wouldnt look down on her own ancestor.

“Young noble, Pearl is very important so if I leave, it would be very inappropriate. Well be playing right into Ancestor Yes hand. If you dont mind, Ill let the First Elder from Pearl go with you?” The monarch pondered before suggesting.

“If I dont mind? Do you need to ask me something like this? It is a great fortune to be favored by people standing at the peak. You think just any random guy could go along and be accepted? Im taking you to him because you have been accepted by the Pearl Tower so you have the ability to be great at Heaven Suppression. Others arent qualified for this chance.” Li Qiye refused.

She didnt expect this response but after carefully thinking about it, it made sense. A person who could become the backer of Heaven Suppression should be incredibly powerful. Not just anyone could be granted an audience or be favored by them.

“As for Pearl, leave it. If Gu Zun ’s group wants to come, let them. You think the Pearl Tower is only there for looks? Its actually good if they come so we can capture all of them in front of the tower.” He smiled and said.

“Okay then. We can also see Matriarch Yu during this trip to Discover. If she is willing to help, that might be able to turn the tide. Rumor has it that she is from the Black Dragon Legion.” She said after careful consideration.

“More than just that.” Li Qiye said flatly and couldnt help staring at the horizon.

“Go get ready then well go to Discover.” He told the monarch.

After having made up her mind, the monarch stood up and suddenly realized something strange. Ever since Li Qiye got here, he became the one giving the order. Moreover, it seemed so natural as if this was how it should be and no one could resist him. She didnt understand the reasons why.

She walked a few steps before stopping and looked back to say: “Young Noble Li, why do you know Heaven Suppression like the palm of your hand?”

Li Qiye was privy to secrets unbeknown by ancestors. For example, after being accepted by the Pearl Tower, she had a little one in her mind. Too few people in Heaven Suppression were aware of this secret.

“You should ask your progenitor, the Black Dragon King.” Li Qiye revealed a mysterious smile.

The monarch suddenly felt a bit breathless after hearing this response. She turned and left the hall right after.

After taking care of matters in Pearl, she left with Li Qiye. However, she was very low-key this time and didnt let others know so she took the guise of being Li Qiyes servant.

Discover was an old city in the Grand Sea with a rich history. Few cities were older than it. One had to talk about the Yu Clan when they came to this place. It wasnt a great lineage at all in terms of territory.

Moreover, they didnt have that many members either unlike the imperial lineages. There might only be several hundred thousand disciples. The direct branch would only have several thousand. In terms of scale, this was a second-rate sect at best.

Nevertheless, the clan was immensely famous in the entire Grand Sea. Numerous talents appeared with countless experts.

Among the young generation, there were amazing geniuses like Yu Yulian. As for the prime generation, the clan master was quite powerful. As for the upper realm, the Yu Ancestors were quite dominating.

It has been very lively at the clan. Countless powers came to visit with many big shots including Godkings. This was due to a recent incredible news. Matriarch Yu has made it to another generation.

After the big shots calmed down, they rushed to congratulate her.

Anyone would feel a sense of respect after hearing her name. Even the strongest would feel quite apprehensive. Ancestors from Heaven Suppression would call her senior as well.

According to some sources, she was the best general of the Black Dragon Legion and has never been defeated. She joined this legion during Immortal Emperor Yin Tians generation. She contributed greatly and was completely unstoppable.

However, her battle record didnt stop there. One story told that after the emperor ascended, she even fought against him. Alas, outsiders werent qualified to watch.

Nevertheless, people said that after the end of the battle, one disciple asked the emperor how strong was Matriarch Yu? He simply said: “Capable of assailing an emperor.”

The world uproared before this revelation. It had a completely different meaning when an emperor was the one to say this.

Although many people claimed to be Emperor Assailants in the nine worlds, these were only self-boast. Some Nine Worlds Godkings would actually call themselves Emperor Assailants.

Some people took it to the next level. For example, a few older characters took this title after just lasting three to five moves against an emperor in order to propel their own status. They certainly didnt have this power.

This was not the case for Matriarch Yu. She personally challenged the emperor and never boasted about her own record. The emperor himself praised her great achievements. There was no reason to doubt its validity.

Because of this, she was a well-known Emperor Assailant in the Grand Sea, one of the very few recognized by an emperor. This was her virtually matchless reputation.

Unfortunately, even Emperor Assailants couldnt withstand the passage of time. During Immortal Emperor Ta Kongs generation, her lifespan ran dry and she had to try a death meditation.

Everyone thought she would die with this last attempt but no one expected for the Yu Clan to announce that she has come out successfully.

Because of this, the world thought that she could really live for a second life. No one would even dare to dream about such a thing so if this was indeed the truth, it would be too shocking!

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