Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 201: Tetra-War Bronze Chariot 1

With her eyes peering at the elder, the monarch slowly said: “Elder Sun, its not like I cant accept the promotion but I need to see sect master at Pearl first before considering.”

Ye Jiuzhous group wished to transfer the monarch but she didnt let up. Due to the lack of communication, she was certain the Zi Cuining has been placed under house arrest. If Cuining could go to Pearl, it would be a chance for the monarch to rescue her then counterattack together.

“Bright Monarch, youre making this hard for me. The sect master cant come here right now since shes too worried about Ancestor Shan and the others being trapped in the hall. Shes busy researching the mysteries of the hall and cant leave. If you dont mind, you can go to the sect and see her…”

The monarch interrupted him with a head shake: “Elder, I have already given my answer. Either the sect master comes here to see me in person or bring a signed, official decree! ”

The elder quickly responded: “Bright Monarch, why bother adhering to an old law, you need to be more flexible since this matter is very beneficial for your future. Just come to the sect and your potential will be unlimited…”

“Elder, no need to waste more time. Well do this by the rules only.” She stopped him again.

“Monarch, this makes it quite difficult for me. If I go back empty-handed, how can I explain it to the sect master and ancestors?”

“Such a trivial matter, is there really a need to go about in circle like this? Both Gu Zun and Ye Jiuzhou are too prudent right now compared to back then. Gu Zun used to be quite domineering with no qualm for anything. If this was him in the past, he would directly attack Pearl City. Why bother resorting to tricks like this? How disappointing.” Li Qiye laughed and shook his head.

He had been quietly sitting there so Elder Sun didnt pay attention to him. But now, he was boasting shamelessly right away to the visible annoyance of the elder.

“Brat, who are you!?!” The elder immediately shouted.

Li Qiye didnt bother looking at the elder before grinning leisurely: “Just a nosy outsider.”

“Bright Monarch, what is going on? This is a confidential matter of our sect, how can there be an outsider here to steal our secrets? You know that he isnt part of the sect yet you still brought him here? This is blatant favoritism and lawbreaking…”

“Okay, dont bother trying to assign some blame.” Li Qiye answered instead while waving his sleeve dismissively: “To sum it up, you just want to seize Pearl City. Sigh, Ye Jiuzhou is old and Gu Zun is too timid now. Fine, come back, tell the two of them to scram.”

“Junior, do not insult my ancestors!” Elder Sun shouted: “Men, capture him!”

The two rows of experts stood up and surrounded Li Qiye with a murderous aura. There was no intention of capturing him alive.

“Monarch, you need to give the sect an answer for this…” The elder spoke gravely.

They wanted nothing more than to escalate the situation in order to have justification for a military installation at Pearl.

“Rumble!” All the experts went flying in an instant with spurting blood. With a series of loud bangs, they all fell outside of the hall and couldnt get up at all.

Li Qiye didnt move an inch. No one could see how he attacked earlier.

“I shall give you an answer.” Li Qiye spread out his hand before the elder could finish speaking. It resembled a monstrous mountain slamming down on the elder.

The old man was aghast and immediately roared to summon his treasure for a direct confrontation.

“Boom!” But the result was still the same as before. His treasure was impressive indeed but it failed to protect him. He was blown flying by one palm attack and spat out blood as well.

“Master!” The tea-serving disciple turned pale and quickly helped the elder up.

“Who the hell are you?!” As an elder from Heaven Suppression, he wasnt just all talk. However, he couldnt withstand a single palm strike today so it was apparently just how terrible his foe was. This was definitely the strength of a Godking; such a person couldnt be nameless.

“Li Qiye. Maybe you have heard of my name.” Li Qiye chuckled in response.

“Fiercest!” Even someone as experienced as the elder faltered backward in horror.

He was truly startled. Fiercest was too famous right now and just his title alone could scare many people.

He annihilated the Space Trample Mountain and banished Soaring Immortal back then. This battle record shocked all of Mortal Emperor so everyone would feel dread when hearing his name.

At this moment, everyone knew who “Fiercest” was. On the other hand, “Li Qiye” stopped being used by others for a multitude of reasons.

Heaven Suppression was illustrious at the Grand Sea but the elder knew that Fiercest had wanton regards for anything. There was no chance he would be scared of their sect! Him being an elder wouldnt make Li Qiye think twice about killing him.

“Good.” Li Qiye read his demeanor and chuckled: “Its good that you know fear despite being from Heaven Suppression. I would have killed a naive fool otherwise.”

Elder Sun took another step back after hearing this.

The disciple helping him tried to be brave but still stammered: “Our, our Heaven Suppression isnt, isnt afraid of anyone.”

Elder Sun jumped from fear and quickly pulled the youth behind him. This was his youngest disciple. The kid has always been obedient so he was very satisfied and didnt wish to see Fiercest kill him.

“Whats your name?” Li Qiye smirked while staring at the youth.

Elder Sun took another step back to shield his disciple and replied instead: “Li Qiye, our Heaven Suppression City has no grudges with you, why are you interfering with us?”

Li Qiye ignored the elder and looked at the youth behind him: “What is your name?”

“My, my name is Lin Qi.” The boy found enough courage to eventually respond with his head held high.

Li Qiye was amused by this boy and eventually waved his sleeve: “Scram, all of you. I dont want to see any of you again. Go back and tell Gu Zun and Ye Jiuzhou that I, Li Qiye, have arrived!”

Elder Sun was an unpleasant sight to behold at this moment. He didnt trouble the monarch any further. The wisest thing to do against Fiercest was to run away in order to stay alive. Otherwise, regardless of how powerful one might be and their backing, it would all be useless.

The elder immediately left with his disciples and the others with the greatest speed.

“Young noble, Ancestor Ye will have an excuse after this commotion.” The monarch smiled wryly.

“So what? They want to capture Pearl City regardless of whether there is a justification or not.” Li Qiye said flatly.

She sighed softly in response and understood this logic as well. The only thing she could do right now was to buy time.

“I wonder how the sect master is doing?” She worriedly said. The ancestors were actually safe being locked in the Black Dragon Hall. On the other hand, Zi Cuinings life might be in the hands of Ye Jiuzhou.

“Youre worrying too much.” Li Qiye shook his head in response: “And youre underestimating her as well. Jiuzhou is strong but Cuining has the Black Dragon Spear. If she really wants to leave, he cant stop her anyway! She must have a reason for staying behind.”

“I hope so.” The monarch said feebly. She understood that that the sect master was an insightful person and wouldnt have easily fallen into the hands of the enemy. Nevertheless, her perilous situation was still worrisome.

“Ignore these trivial matters. Come with me to Discover, Ill let you meet someone.” Li Qiye said flatly.

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