Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 13: Chaotic Heart Forest 1

Not everyone understood the undercurrents driving everything in the Bonesea. Some still couldnt calm down and felt that something was amiss. Many began to think about leaving the area entirely.

“Meng Zhentian is leaving his cultivation.” To the dismay of the listeners, a certain piece of news spread through the continent. For many people, Zhentian was an unreachable character. Any news about him would spread like wildfire.

“Will Zhentian duel Li Qiye?” The charming spirits were the most excited with their eyes lighting up.

They couldnt be blamed for having too much anticipation. Li Qiye had been very fierce recently; he pushed down both the sea demons as well as their entire race, so they naturally wished that a charming spirit could take him down.

Many considered them to be the heavens favorites, so they had a sense of superiority and felt that they were stronger than the other races. Thus, the rise of a weak human left them with a sour taste!

A big shot from the previous generation commented: “Itll come. Even if it isnt today, them fighting is only a matter of time.”

Everyone who had experienced the previous battle knew that a fight between all the aspiring competitors would come regardless of how weak or powerful they were. There were only two results on this path for the throne; they would either become dried bones that pave the way or become the emperor.

The current situation was quite clear. Zhentian was an Era Evader, so he had an absolute advantage. There was no going back since he had come into being already, so he will fight to the very end!

At the same time, a monster like Li Qiye had never been afraid of anyone since he appeared at Heaven Spirit. Both gods and devils couldnt deter someone as fierce as him who was destined to reach the end as well.

For the two of them, the result was either Li Qiye dying or Zhentian dying! Only one will remain standing.

“The charming spirits shall have an Immortal Emperor in this generation!” A charming spirit applauded his own race and Zhentian.

In fact, all the older characters from this race wanted for Zhentian to become emperor. They havent had one for a long time. If they still couldnt produce one in the next one or two generations, they would no longer live up to their fame of being the heavens favorites. If he were to become emperor, it would justify their fame!

“The Heaven Suppressing Legion is searching for Li Qiye!” Another piece of news traveled across the continent amidst all the speculations.

“Its coming now. The winner will finally be revealed.” Many trembled after receiving this information.

The changes in the Bonesea made people want to leave, but now, they decided to stick around and watch. No one could bear to leave when a fight for the throne was about to happen. They would feel regret for the rest of their lives!

Someone excitedly exclaimed: “This generation really is different. The Heavens Will has yet to appear, yet the candidates have begun fighting already. When the competition formalizes, all the geniuses in the nine worlds will fight to the death!”

“His legion has finally found Li Qiyes boneship, but Li Qiye isnt there. Only the two schoolmasters from Void Imperfection are on board!” One more message arrived with haste.

“Dont tell me Li Qiye is afraid?” People exchanged glances upon learning about his disappearance. A charming spirit even sneered.

A second message quickly spread right after: Liu Ruyan and Zhuo Jianshi were fighting against Zhentians legion.

People rushed over in droves after hearing this in order to see how this storm would end. The fight was in full swing with both sides unwilling to be outdone.

At the same time, a carriage being pulled by a golden bird stopped outside of the battlefield right next to the other spectators.

The driver was the famous Crimsonflame Ancestor of the Treant Race, a Grand Godking that had once deterred the entire world. Alas, he was now a simple driver and had a respectful expression on his face.

This treatment made people feel a chill. Outside of Immortal Emperors, only Meng Zhentian was qualified to treat a Grand Godking as a driver.

From start to finish, Zhentian didnt show his face, but everyone was certain that he was inside due to the tyrannical aura emanating from within. It loomed over them like a monstrous mountain that no one could climb. This aura made him seem like the ruler of the nine worlds or an Immortal Emperor already. When he gave commands from this carriage, even deities would want to work under him.

“Thats Meng Zhentian.” Countless eyes full of anticipation were glued onto the carriage. For the cultivators in this world, his fame was simply thunderous, but few had actually seen him in person.

There were those from the older generation who had seen him before, but after evading a generation, they no longer knew what he looked like right now. As for the youths, they wanted to see the number one genius of the charming spirits even more.

However, the carriage stopped and remained motionless in the air. Zhentian didnt show himself.

“Boom!” The fight between the legion and the two girls reached the climax. The world exploded with great blasts as corpses flew right out.

Ruyan and Jianshi were like dragons that entered their sea. They ripped a huge gap through the legion and killed their way out. Their auras were majestic while using their cauldron and imperial sword. Both were currently showing their strength and ample blood energy.

They swept through the boneships in a domineering and fearless fashion, showing no hesitation even if Zhentian was here.

“Heaven Suppressing Legion, you better send out your elite squads because this group alone wont be able to stop us.” Ruyan was still smiling while standing on her boneship.

Many were surprised to see the two still acting this arrogant.

“Misses, Im afraid you have a misunderstanding.” Zhentians voice echoed from the carriage. It wasnt particularly loud, but everyone could hear it clearly. Moreover, each of his words was very rhythmic and came out in a magical manner.

“Im not here to cause trouble for you two, I only want to see Daoist Li.” He stated this with a rhythm very pleasant to the ears of the listeners.

People were impressed and filled with admiration after hearing him talk. One murmured: “The future emperor is extraordinary indeed, even his speech is charismatic.”

Everyone knew that he was the strongest, yet he acted in a friendly manner. This only improved peoples impression of him.

“I am sorry, but our Young Noble is not seeing guests, please return.” The smiling Ruyan still responded in a natural manner when speaking to Meng Zhentian.

After seeing the two girls protecting the ship, a charming spirit uttered under his breath: “Hes only a human, why is he so well-liked!”

Both of them were masters of Void Imperfection, a behemoth among the charming spirits. Many thought that this lineage should be supporting Meng Zhentian. After all, they came from the same race. But now, these two were actually supporting a human instead.

They simply didnt understand why Void Imperfection would choose a human over Meng Zhentian!

“I can wait if he isnt here. If you dont mind, may I board your ship?” Meng Zhentian spoke very politely.

“No!” Jianshi answered instead of Ruyan this time: “Senior Meng is matchless in the current generation and the two of us are only juniors. Today, we have our own tasks, so we cant entertain you. Please excuse us.”

They naturally wouldnt let him board since Fairy was still on the ship. Of course, they werent worried about her safety since she wasnt someone that Meng Zhentian could handle. What they were afraid of was him provoking her. If she became furious, it would be big trouble!

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