Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 200: Bloody Battle 2

The monarch looked up at the tower too and eventually shook her head. “The mysteries of the tower are as boundless as the ocean. It feels like Im just a single drop in the sea, completely insignificant and lost. Where do I even start?”

Li Qiye simply smiled. “Everything is hard in the beginning. It doesnt matter how vast the sea or how profound the idea, there is always an origin. One step at a time to walk a thousand miles. Start from the bottom with the most sincere attitude towards the top. If it doesnt work the first time, do it a second time. If you fail again, then go for the third. As long as you persevere, you will see results.”

“One step at a time to the top?” The monarch had heard that the top of the tower was the most precious location from the Sacred Ancestor.

“Yes, the power of the tower is at the top but without the support of the base, the top is only a simple ball.”

“How do you know all of this?” She wondered.

Li Qiye could easily reveal all of their secrets and Zi Cuining couldnt have told him either. Despite being the sect master, she didnt have authority over Pearl and its secrets.

“It would be stranger if there was something I didnt know in this world. Try your best, it will be a lifetime of benefits if you can grasp the tower.” He replied.

“Thank you, Young Noble.” She bowed gently and stopped inquiring about his knowledge regarding her sect.

When the two arrived outside the entrance of the Peacock Mansion, an attendant hurriedly came out to report to the city lord. He carefully looked at Li Qiye standing by her side before whispering to the monarch, “City Lord, the people from the sect are here!”

“Who?” Her eyes became serious just like her voice.

“Elder Sun,” the attendant replied. He paused and glanced at Li Qiye before continuing, “Someone from Ancestor Yes camp.”

“Ill go see him,” the monarch replied.

“City Lord, should we prepare? After all, who knows what those people are up to.” The disciple made a cut-throat gesture. The people from Pearl were very wary of Jiuzhous group.

“Lets go.” The monarch entered the Peacock Mansion with hastened steps.

Li Qiye only smiled and didnt comment. He followed the monarch inside.

There was an old man waiting in a typical robe with a sharp gaze. His aura alone made his power apparent.

A skinny disciple stood beside him, acting as a tea server. Two rows of burly men in battle uniform were situated to the left and right of the hall. They were experts from Heaven Suppression and gave off an aggressive aura.

Since Elder Sun had brought so many experts along with him to Pearl Mansion, his intentions clearly werent friendly.

Elder Sun stood up and addressed the monarch, “Bright Monarch, long time no see.”

Despite being a veteran elder, he was still below the monarch in terms of status and role. As the Pearl City Lord, she was on the same level as ancestors in spite of her young age.

“Elder Sun, sorry to keep you waiting,” she greeted with a nod after sitting down.

Li Qiye casually sat down on another chair. His eyes swept through the experts.

They resembled drawn bows, ready to rush forward at the elders command

Only the young disciple standing next to the elder was relatively timid. He occasionally peeked at Li Qiye and the monarch while holding the teacup.

Elder Sun found Li Qiyes action surprising. He thought that the guy was only the monarchs attendant but he didnt waste further thoughts on this.

He stood in the middle of the hall and cupped his fists. “Bright Monarch, Im here to congratulate you under the sect masters instruction.”

“For what?” The monarch was unmoved.

“Your rule at the Pearl Archipelago has benefited the people. The residents here have a peaceful life while all the tributary powers obey you without questions. The entire sect admires your meritorious service…” The elders sang songs of praise.

Anyone else would feel smug after hearing this and could picture themselves rising through the ranks to reach the top of the world.

However, the Bright Monarchs expression remained indifferent. “Only a trivial matter, not a cause for celebration,” she replied in a flat tone.

“No, no, you are too humble, Bright Monarch.” The elder hurriedly shook his head. “All the ancestors appreciate your grand contribution. The sect master feels that it is a waste of your talents to just govern this area so everyone wishes to promote you to a Chief Elder. You shall defend Heaven Suppression while aiding the sect master with management.”

She might be an ancestor right now so this was a sizable promotion on top of being the sect masters right-hand man. This would make her stage even greater in the future and no longer limited to Pearl City. Her new playground would be all of Heaven Suppression and the Grand Sea.

“Is that so?” She had no joyous reaction to this promotion.

“Of course, this is the order of the sect.” Elder Sun took out a scroll and spread it in front of the monarch: “Here are the official signatures from the sect master and ancestors.”

She simply glanced at it before smiling and shaking her head. “Elder Sun, you should know that as the Pearl City Lord, I dont need to accept this decree. I need to see a direct order from the sect master, not just this list of signatures. It is completely useless at Pearl.” Her smile was replaced with a stern demeanor.

This particular signed decree wasnt on the same level as a direct order since the latter contained the supreme will of the sect master as well!

The elder coughed in response. “Bright Monarch, you should know that the circumstances are different right now. If you dont believe me, you can personally go to Heaven Suppression and meet the sect master. Youll listen to her, right?”

The monarch shook her head. “Elder, the sects rules must be upheld over personal relationships. First, only a direct order is effective at Pearl. Second, in order to command Pearl, the Black Dragon Legion, the Sacred Ancestors branch, and the Elder Association of the village must give their signature as well. Otherwise, no one can command Pearl.”

With that, she continued on while looking at the elder, “You surely know this as an elder? Without these two things, I wont go to Heaven Suppression or mobilize a single troop from Pearl!”

Elder Sun rubbed his palms together. “Bright Monarch, its not like you dont know the situation right now in the sect. Many ancestors are trapped in the Black Dragon Hall including the members of the Elder Association, so they cant give you their signatures. Dont worry, after opening it, they will add another decree so your promotion will still be in effect. You deserve it from all your hard work.”

She responded with a kingdom-toppling smile.

This so-called promotion was only a diversion. Ye Jiuzhous group couldnt control the archipelago right now since outsiders couldnt take over Pearl City.

Meanwhile, the monarchs status was proper. Its not as if they could arbitrarily dismiss her even if Jiuzhou had full control of Heaven Suppression. Because of this, they used this promotion as an excuse for her to leave Pearl. Even if they couldnt insert a new city lord, they could still use her absence as an opportunity to wrest control over the city.

Of course, such a promotion could be seen differently depending on the person. In order to have a higher status in Heaven Suppression, this was not a bad choice.

However, it was different for the monarch. During this existential crisis for Heaven Suppression, Pearl City will remain as Heaven Suppressions last stand just like Zi Cuining has entrusted her.

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