Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 198: Calamity Befalls the Nine Saint Demon Gate 2

Li Qiye smiled mysteriously: “That island? An immortal lives there so when I accidentally got there, he gave me the amazing lamp with a light capable of suppressing anyone.”

“Youre joking, how can there be an immortal in this world?” The exceptional monarch naturally didnt believe him. After all, there were no immortals in the world.

Anyone else could be tricked by him and begin to spread false information about immortals.

He smiled again: “The world is unpredictable, who can be so sure? Maybe there are immortals but they dont want to be seen by ordinary people. Otherwise, what thing can instantly suppress you in this world?”

She smiled wryly and knew that he didnt wish to divulge the information. The same dreadfulness still existed in her mind while thinking about the pillar earlier. It didnt matter how strong she was. It could still instantly freeze her as if she was powerless.

Fortunately, he didnt do anything. This made her quite surprised because anyone else wouldnt miss such a good chance.

“Are you staying at Pearl for now?” She hurriedly changed the topic.

He replied: “Sure, Im thinking about going to Heaven Suppression to see Gu Zun later anyway.”

A grin showed on his face after saying this. He was interested in seeing what Gu Zun could do after planning for so long. Would it be a heaven-shattering scheme?

As the two were about to return, a rumbling noise resounded with a ship cruising through the waves with lightning speed.

It was a decent treasure with a large banner engraved with the word “Yu”. It was sizable and embroidered with golden strings. It was glittering and overly dazzling under the sunlight. One could see it from the far distance.

“People from the Yu Clan.” The monarch was surprised to see the banner on the ship.

Li Qiye chuckled and responded: “Yu Clan from Discover City.” He remembered a few things at this point.

An aggressive youth stood on the bow of the ship with many powerful men standing behind the deck.

The youth looked around seventeen years of age with an imposing aura. He looked quite proud of himself and stared around with disdain.

“Hey, did you see anything glowing around here?” He shouted at Li Qiye once the ship got closer.

Li Qiye only smiled, too lazy to respond.

“Brat, Im talking to you! You listening?!” The youth was used to this attitude in the Grand Sea so he shouted at Li Qiye again.

The monarch answered instead: “There was nothing glowing here.”

His expression turned for the better after seeing a beauty like the monarch. Nevertheless, he was still as arrogant as before because, in his eyes, everyone needed to show his clan some face, even Heaven Suppression.

“I heard a treasure has been unearthed here. This place is mine, so any treasure here belongs to me.” He said proudly.

Li Qiye wanted to laugh and said: “This is the Pearl Archipelago, not your Discover City. Better start playing nice for your own sake.”

It can be said that Li Qiye rarely acted in such a friendly manner but this youth didnt understand. He became unhappy and said harshly: “So what if its the Pearl Archipelago, this young master is here to find some treasures, who dares to say no?!”

He came out to find a treasure to celebrate the old ancestor coming into being. As he was going through the archipelago, he heard people saying that there was a sudden light flashing in this region so he went for a look.

Li Qiye glanced at him and said:While Im in a good mood, scram or Ill wring your neck.”

The boys expression turned ugly after hearing this. He might not know Li Qiye but the monarch did. Others might be wary of their Yu Clan in this region but Fiercest didnt give a damn about anyone. He would kill whoever he wanted.

“Young Noble Yu, go back. Theres no treasure here.” The monarch kindly said. She didnt want further complication. If the Young Noble from the Yu Clan were to die here, it would cause some trouble for Pearl as well.

However, her presence only embarrassed him even more. He should have been even cooler in front of this beauty and showed off his clans prestige. But now, after being yelled at by Li Qiye, he couldnt back down at all. It would make him look bad in front of her. This was detrimental to his clans prestige as well.

“Brat, stop shamelessly boasting. Do you know who I am?!” In order to show off before the beauty, he arrogantly shouted at Li Qiye again.

Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “Only a fool. You are throwing away your clans reputation.”

The boy didnt take kindly to this lambaste. His face turned red while shaking with anger. He was young and hot-blooded, unable to bear such humiliation.

“Break his legs for me, let him know the fate of daring to insult me!” He told a man standing next to him.

“Brat, youre too foolish to humiliate our young master.” The man immediately jumped from the ship and lunged towards Li Qiye like a tiger.

The monarch shook her head after seeing this. She knew that these fools were about to die yet didnt wish to say anything. Fiercest was too notorious. Anyone who tried to stop him from killing might be killed as well!

“Brat, kneel!” The other burly men wanted to catch him as well.

“Bang!” Li Qiye didnt bother looking at them. He casually swept his hand and all of them spat out blood before falling into the ocean.

The boy named Yu Zhan was shocked to see his subordinates being dealt with so easily and realized that he has messed with a master.

“Whos breaking whose legs now?” Li Qiye smirked and slowly walked towards the boy.

Yu Zhan was frightened and even took several steps back. However, he mustered some courage and took a deep breath to stand up straight: “Brat, youre not bad, quite strong even! But dont be so rampant in the Grand Sea, if my Yu Clan wants you to die, you wont live past midnight!”

Li Qiye suddenly teleported before the boy and shook his head again: “Fool. Stop throwing away your clans reputation.”

Yu Zhan was startled and immediately retreated. Alas, it was too late. Li Qiye brought him down and stepped on him on the deck.

The immobilized boys face turned red with Li Qiyes foot on his chest. He couldnt resist at all. This foot was as heavy as countless mountains.

“An ant daring to act arrogant in front of me? Take a look at yourself, a fool like you is worthy of being part of the Yu? Such a descendant is an affront to your old ancestors prestige.”

“Im from the Yu Clan! Brat, touch me if you want to die! It doesnt matter how strong you or your backing are, my clan will have revenge. Even if your master is a Godking, my ancestral grandmother will crush them with one finger!” The boy became emboldened after hearing about his ancestor again and cried out.

In his eyes, his ancestral grandmother was an invincible existence under the nine heavens. No one could oppose her!

“Matriarch Yu is still alive?” The monarch became startled. She has heard of legends about this person before like many others in the Grand Sea despite not seeing the woman before.

“Thats right.” Yu Zhan became somewhat smug in response: “My ancestral grandmother is living for another generation. Her venerable will sweep through the world. Anyone who dares to touch the Yu Clans children? Shell wipe their sect out!”

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