Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 195: Mysterious Dead Person 1

Inside the crystal pillar was a flickering light. It was extremely horrifying but Li Qiye was unaffected. He had already experienced the most terrible of ordeals and spent painstaking effort while sacrificing many items to obtain this item.

Anyone else wouldnt have the same calmness right now. He held the bronze loop to lift the pillar before looking sentimentally at the emperors.

A while later, the shadows of the emperors disappeared and returned to his mind.

Meanwhile, the Peacock Bright Monarch quietly waited outside for him to come out. She wanted to know what he got and where the island came from. After all, she didnt want something beyond her control within her own territory.

Li Qiye finally came out and she walked forward to ask: “What was inside?”

“This thing.” Li Qiye slowly raised the pillar. She immediately froze the moment she looked at it.

Her soul almost instantaneously left her body. This wasnt some type of immobilization art; it was an absolute suppression! Her cultivation, body, will, and even dao heart were instantly repressed.

She couldnt resist this ultimate suppression at all and felt that she was only an ant, cant reach the apex.

Even the tiniest sliver of resistance disappeared. This was the most terrible thing about it.

An Immortal Emperor could suppress anyone. However, the victim could still have the will to resist. This was simply not the case before this particular pillar.

It wasnt due to her weakness but the flickering light inside was too much. Just a single glimpse left her helpless.

She understood the implication; her fate was now in Li Qiyes hand. She was a fish on the chopping board, completely up to his whim.

“Curiosity kills the cat. This does save me some effort so I dont have to pry it from your mouth.” Li Qiye chuckled at the monarch while holding the pillar.

“What, what are you going to do?” She was terrified but couldnt move or resist at all.

“I want to see if you are the real Pearl City Lord.” He smiled.

“I am, if you dont believe me, you can go to the city for verification.” She hurriedly responded.

“No need.” To which he shook his head: “Plus, the Pearl City Lord isnt appointed by Heaven Suppression anyway.”

With that, he unbuttoned her shirt, just the top two knots. With that, a scene of spring became exposed. Her snow-white skin below her neck was in plain sight in all its tender goodness.

Out came her rounded and plump cleavage. Hands would sink deep into their snow as white texture and eyes would brighten as a result.

Such beauty tugged at the heartstrings. Men would feel their blood boiling and heart palpitating.

“What are you doing?!” She was scared out of her mind and turned pale despite being a Godking.

Keep in mind that she was still an innocent woman yet to be seen by a man hence her shock at Li Qiyes action.

More importantly, if Li Qiye had any idea about her, she was powerless to stop him. Of course, his eyes werent fixated on her breasts but rather the pendant on top of them.

It had an oval crystal with a glimmer flowing inside. The light was as magnificent as fireworks and continued to change shapes. The string was made from a thin law, virtually undetectable.

“The key to the Pearl Tower is indeed in your possession.” He smiled and said.

She heaved a sigh of relief and no longer misunderstood his intention: “Im the city lord so of course, I have the key.”

“No, even if you have the key, it doesnt mean that you are the city lord since you could seize it. However, its not hard to verify it.”

He placed his rugged hand on the pendant and her bare breasts This triggered both embarrassment and anger but she could do naught.

“Buzz.” The faint light in the pendant seemed to be entering her breasts without leaving any wound. He seemed to have taken control of her body at this crucial moment.

Her mind opened. Keep in mind that no cultivator would ever allow for this key spot to be exposed but it was no longer up to her. A little pagoda floated out from her forehead, only the size of a finger. It emitted a blinding light with a holy power as if it could wash away all the darkness in this world.

“Looks like your identity is real.” Li Qiye nodded and said flatly: “The city lords position can be bestowed and the key could be forcefully taken. Not the Pearl Tower though, one would need its permission.”

He pulled back and tidied her dress again: “You might not be under Zhangsuns branch but since the tower accepted you, he passed the key to you.”

“How do you know all of this?!” This was the biggest secret of Heaven Suppression. Even those who knew that the tower could pick its master would have no way of verifying it. However, Li Qiyes familiarity on this point astounded her.

Of course, how could she know that he was the one who created the Pearl Tower? If he didnt know the method, no one else would either.

“What is there that I, Li Qiye, do not know?” He put away his pillar and clapped: “Okay, youre free now.”

She shuddered for a bit before regaining control over her body again with the disappearance of the suppression. She became dazed as if looking at a ghost while retreating backward to keep a distance from Li Qiye.

“Youre hurting my feelings.” Li Qiye laughed and shook his head after seeing her scared expression: “Am I really that scary? Im not a devil with horns or anything, just a nice and compassionate person.”

The monarch thought otherwise. Anyone else would have escaped right away after regaining freedom but her choosing to linger around was already courageous enough.

Her face reddened after recalling how he unbuttoned and saw her bare breasts but there was nothing she could do.

She eventually calmed her raging emotions from past experiences of being an authoritative figure with a deep breath. His words echoed through her mind again and prompted her to blurt: “You, you are Li Qiye, Young Noble Li?!”

“Correct.” He said with a faint smile.

She didnt expect this ordinary man to be the notorious Li Qiye. She has heard of his tales in the past and didnt think she would bump into him today. Being imprisoned by Fiercest wasnt shameful at all. After all, this was a godslaying existence; a man who dared to kill members from the Soaring Immortal Sect. Was there anything he couldnt do?

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