Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 194: Lion Monarch Ba Xian 2

With a changed expression, she glared at him and said slowly: “I wont talk to an outsider about Heaven Suppression.”

Li Qiye stopped and smiled at the ocean. It seemed that something there was attracting his unblinking gaze.

The monarch followed his stare as well and found something amiss. There was a halo appearing in the horizon like a rising sun.

However, it wasnt the sun because the real thing was hanging high in the sky. Moreover, this halo was very faint and not dazzling and intense like the sun at all.

This faint light rose and darkened as it got higher. In the end, after reaching a certain height, it disappeared without a trace.

A dark shadow emerged instead from the horizon and was coming towards them. From the distant, it looked like an island soaring through the waves. It seemed quite slow but this was far from the truth. It was crossing through space at an unbelievable rate.

It didnt take long before it appeared before the two, not far from Li Qiyes position.

The monarch finally got a good look at this island. It was shrouded in fog so no one could actually see the real thing. Even if one could peer through this obscurity, they could only faintly see a mountain within.

She was an incredible master so she could sense something special. With her heavenly gaze, she found that it wasnt actually fog shrouding it.

Space was the thing blocking all view because the island wasnt located within the common space. Even though it was right before them, it was separated by several different realms. This gap made it look like it was shrouded in fog.

Though she could tell the spatial disparity, she couldnt see how far away it actually was.

“Its a different space.” She understood that in order to board the island, they must cross through many different realms. It wasnt easy at all.

She also realized that the halo earlier was the island was crossing from an ancient time and space to appear before them.

“Your perception is indicative of your great strength.” Li Qiye chuckled and praised.

“Buzz.” A portal with rippling radiance opened just like the waves.

He smiled and entered without any hesitation. When his foot set on the portal, his laws entered as well, allowing him to disappear. It looked like he threw himself into the fog in order to board the island.

The monarch didnt dare to miss this opportunity and followed but she couldnt enter at all. The portal repelled her completely.

She didnt give up and shouted to channel her power. She created a grand dao just like a peacock spreading its tail. The power of this grand dao came crushing towards the portal since she wanted to force her way in.

“Boom!” The end result was the same. She still went flying despite her considerable power. Her internal energy churned and she saw stars in her eyes.

She tried several times again but the outcome was still the same. The portal repelled her while she was completely helpless against its power.

She finally gave up and knew that there was no way she could get in. Thus, she stood there waiting. There was no way for her to know that this was a portal of the Immortal Emperor level so her strength was insufficient.

This mysterious island piqued her curiosity. Just what was on this island that has crossed through time and space? Why was it here?

Of course, she understood that it had something to do with that ordinary looking fella. Perhaps he was the one who called for it.

After entering the island, Li Qiye climbed to another exceedingly high platform as if it could connect with the heaven above. One could pluck the stars while standing up there.

This was an altar with boundless runes carved on it from Immortal Emperors! It has experienced blessing and empowerments from these beings.

It seemed there was nothing else here outside of the imperial runes. No, there was a bronze loop fastened to a lid. There was nothing decorating this lid; it was just a bronze cover that has never been carved before.

He was instantly attracted to the loop on the lid as if it was the prettiest woman in the world. He simply couldnt look away.

He eventually commented with a tinge of emotion: “The ultimate weapon. I dont want that day to come but I need a weapon capable of threatening everyone into backing off! Even the damned heaven would have to falter! I hope the day when I need to use it will never come or the nine worlds will turn into ashes. History will no longer exist.”

Having said that, he took a deep breath.

“Boom!” His sea of memories emerged. Invincible auras gushed out and assaulted everything. Luckily, this was a separated spatial location or the entire Mortal Emperor World would be trembling right now.

One Immortal Emperor after another came out. Of course, they were only shadows encompassing the emperor ’s will, battle intent, supreme grand dao, and imperial laws! Each of them was extremely mighty and could contend against the emperors dao avatars.

Immortal Emperor Xue Xi, Immortal Emperor Min Ren, Immortal Emperor Tun Ri, Empress Hong Tian, Immortal Emperor Qian Li… All of these emperors came out of his mind.

They each occupied a particular position to create a supreme formation.

Even Legendary Godkings would be quivering in fear before this ultimate formation created by so many shadows of emperors. This thing could suppress everything in the world!

He grabbed the loop with both hands and said solemnly: “Let us begin and hope for an end in this generation regardless of the outcome. We wont escape from fate! This is our choice!”

“Boom!” All the emperors erupted with a massive aura. This power ravaged these temporal-spatial realms!

Finally, they channeled the altar with their unstoppable laws. All the runes there began to shine.

“Clank!” Li Qiye pulled the bronze loop and the thing sealed inside the altar was being pulled up slowly.

“Bang!” He finally took the item out.

It looked like a lantern post with a cover on both the top and bottom. The purpose seemed to be sealing the crystal column in the middle.

The column wasnt transparent and resembled a white stone carving. However, it also seemed natural enough to be the original form without any alteration.

Nevertheless, this opaque property didnt stop others from seeing a faint flame within. It was weak enough to be extinguished by the most gentle of breeze.

Li Qiye stared at the swaying and ordinary flame within with a grin. This was no ordinary flame; the thing inside could destroy everything in the world!

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