Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 193: Lion Monarch Ba Xian 1

The dragon horn symbol put a smile on his face. A small law the size of a silk string with a faint glimmer came out of his finger.

It drilled into the symbol like a spirit snake and emitted a golden glow, changing the symbol into the same shade.

Li Qiye nodded approvingly after seeing this before vanishing into thin air. The secret passage had teleported him again.

In the next second, it was an area full of red and scorching lava with a temperature capable of melting everything.

He pushed down on the lava surface and revealed an identical symbol of a dragon horn before doing the same action with his finger. Another small law came out and lit up the symbol again…

This process was continued in many locations. One was a mountainous region and another was under the ocean. He even went into a large star…

All of these places had the same symbol that was eventually lit up by him. They scattered all over the world.

Finally, he came back to the secret passage and was transported to a large planet, seemingly occupied by a great dragon. He was standing on a platform with a large dragon horn.

This was the real thing and looked like it belonged to a True Dragon, surely a priceless treasure. If it was used to craft a weapon, the result would be as amazing as any Immortal Emperor True Treasure.

“Wooooo-” Li Qiye blew on the horn. The melodious horn was powerful as if it could echo across the nine heavens. Everyone could hear this clarion call.

With this cry, the individual node transmitted the sound. In a short time, it seemed like thousands of True Dragons were howling. Even Godkings would piss their pants from fear.

The symbols in all the different locations resonated as well but they sounded like little whispers.

In a short period, the same horn resounded across the world. Li Qiye continued for a long time as if wanting to send a message.

Eventually, he put down the dragon horn and looked at the secret passage with a sigh: “I hope no one in the future will use this pathway again.”

Only a few old confidants of his knew about it. If anyone were to use it in the future, it would mean that they were experiencing a disaster, one that would threaten the nine worlds so they needed to run using this passage.

It meant that a darkness has engulfed the nine worlds just like the rule of the Ancient Ming back then.

He returned to the small courtyard at Peal City. The old man was now enjoying his time in a chair and basked in the sun. He looked quite lazy and comfortable.

It was as if he was enjoying the twilight of his life, the remaining few moments of his life. Li Qiye sighed emotionally after seeing this. He wondered if he could enjoy the same treatment one day during his old age.

He didnt disturb the old man and left silently. Before leaving, he couldnt help but look at the two pine trees again before leaving Pearl City completely.

There were more than ten thousand small islands in the Pearl Archipelago. Most were inhabited by people but some were deserted. He was sitting in the southern edge of an uninhabited one.

He watched the waves assault the shoal rocks with a forlorn gaze.

After a long time, he said flatly: “Come out, you have been following me for a long time now since Pearl City.”

Once his words fell, a charming figure appeared nearby. It was the Pearl City Lord, Peacock Bright Monarch!

She wasnt surprised at all and bowed elegantly yet not subserviently towards him: “Im very curious about you so I couldnt help following. Please forgive me.”

This was an authoritative figure in the entire Grand Sea so such words coming from her were very sensible.

“If I took offense, you wouldnt be alive right now.” Li Qiye glanced at her and chuckled before shifting his gaze back at the ocean.

The monarch shuddered after hearing this. This seemingly ordinary man was anything but that. She couldnt see through him at all, completely unable to gauge his strength.

“Im curious about one thing too.” He said: “As the Pearl City Lord, are you on Lu Zhangsuns side or Gu Zuns? Of course, I know Zhangsun is no longer alive.”

This actually surprised her. She couldnt help but stare at him with a flash in her eyes.

“Of course, I know youre not Zhangsuns descendant or disciple or you wouldnt be cultivating another supreme art from Heaven Suppression.” He revealed while still staring at the ocean.

This made her even more cautious with her stare becoming more intense. She said slowly: “May I ask why you are here? Is it because of my Pearl City or Heaven Suppression?”

“Both.” Li Qiye chuckled and leisurely replied: “If necessary, Ill take back the two cities.”

“Who are you!” She became quite alarmed and lowered her tone: “Who sent you here?! The Soaring Immortal Sect?”

Li Qiye shook his head in response: “The Soaring Immortal Sect is nothing. They arent qualified to order me. No one in this world can!”

The vigilant monarch was stunned. Who would dare to utter such words in Mortal Emperor? It might bring about a sect-destroying calamity if the Soaring Immortal Sect were to catch wind of this statement.

No, one person indeed dared to say something like this. However, she has only heard of his name.

Li Qiye continued: “Well talk about Gu Zun now. As the Pearl City Lord, have you actually seen him?”

The monarch calmed down and hesitated in responding.

“It looks like youre not quite sure either.” Li Qiye smiled: “Tell me, what does Gu Zun look like right now? An old man or still a very handsome youth? Or a deity shrouded in a divine aura and visual phenomena?!”

She chose to shield her thoughts: “Young Noble, this is our business. I cant answer.”

She became quite curious about his origin and intention. But as he has said, he came for both Pearl City and Heaven Suppression. Nevertheless, she didnt know whether he was a friend or a foe!

“Okay then, tell me about your Heaven Suppression Goddess. Where is she now? Inside Heaven Suppression or did Gu Zun escort her to a secret location now?”

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