Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 192: Tricking the Martial God 2

Allheaven Grotto was one of the oldest and longest lasting lairs of Li Qiye. He had taken his slumbers here more than just once.

It was very secretive and few people have found it. Arcane Guru used to be a mouse in this place and Li Qiye later threw it out. It then cultivated into a demon using the dao.

Because of this, the guru was very interested in Li Qiyes stories and always researched more about him. The demon found many amazing things while tracing Li Qiyes path.

The three characters lit up once Li Qiye came to the entrance. Rays of light locked around his head. Moreover, a terrible formation emerged on this hill with thunder tribulations refined into heavenly swords. Each sword could easily render Godkings into ashes.

A true mantra came out from his palaces. With that, the rays locking his head disappeared along with the formation as if nothing has happened.

In fact, that was very risky just now, at least for the outsiders. Without his true mantra, any intruder would be annihilated instantly.

“Click-” The heavy gate of the grotto finally opened and closed after he came in. At the same time, the two halves of the hill came together again. No one looking from the outside would know about the existence of this amazing grotto inside the hill.

The place itself was quite large while bathed in a gentle light. One would find rows of shelves made from sacred wood in this place. Decay was virtually impossible for them.

Jade scrolls and boxes were everywhere on the shelves. The boxes came in all shapes and forms as well. Some were made from bronze, gold, or wood. Some were locked while others were left open but they still emitted a faint glow. It came from the treasures themselves, not the boxes.

A few of them didnt have any light but when one got closer, they would feel a terrible and chilling divinity. There was no need to open them to understand that there were ominous weapons within.

Without a doubt, the best artifacts were contained within all of these boxes.

The jade scrolls were arranged in an orderly fashion as well. Some were covered in dust but one could still see the words “secret laws”, “ultimate techniques”, and “heavenly arts”.

Li Qiye didnt look at these treasures. He was the one who gathered them so he knew them all too well. Moreover, he didnt plan on touching this treasury either since he had ample treasures and merit laws at this moment.

In fact, he even left a few items to this place. Recently, after destroying the Ancestral Terra and the other lineages, he had too many treasures. They had many generations of accumulation to come up with so much.

Of course, he would welcome as many as possible. After all, grooming an Immortal Emperor wasnt so easy. It needed a great number of resources. This was especially true when creating a legion.

Back when he was the Dark Crow, he wouldnt have been able to create invincible legions like Azure Dragon or Silver Fox without the necessary resources.

Finally, he entered the deepest part of the grotto. There was a special dao platform here. There was no portal, only floating runes. They were quite faint and didnt move at all.

He raised both hands while standing on the platform then poured his vitality inside. With this channeling, a magnificent amount of energy like a true dragon moved around the platform. It also contained the profundity of the grand dao; only this would wake up the platform.

As the channeling speed increased, an explosion finally happened. The vitality in the platform soared to the sky and stained all the suspended runes red.

With a metallic noise, all the runes lit up and came back to life. They started to fly around in a chaotic manner. He had to arrange the runes directly with his hands.

He did this faster and faster before completely arranging them to his whim. A chapter was finally formed by the runes.

After this chapter came out, a majestic power poured from the platform itself. With a loud bang, the complete chapter instantly shattered and the runes scattered down on the ground. In this split second, Li Qiyes body flashed and vanished instantly. He was teleported away.

In an unknown space, there was another old dao platform. It suddenly lit up and Li Qiye emerged in this place.

A round mirror appeared in his mind. Of course, this wasnt a treasure at all but a type of astral platform. When his mirror illuminated on the physical platform, writings materialized on it and fused together with the writings on his astral platform.

“Buzz!” A new secret passage suddenly appeared with the emergence of golden paths leading to all directions with unbelievable speed.

These golden paths traveled as far as the eye could see and crossed through the entire world. It wasnt a real pathway since it was made from different nodes. This meant the each of the nodes represented a particular coordinate.

Thus, it could lead to anywhere in the world as long as one found the right node. It was Li Qiyes secret passage capable of going to any existing location. It took him several generations and countless treasures to create. In the beginning, he meant to use it for swift withdrawal and to avoid the Ancient Mings pursuit during their uprising.

After the Ancient Mings destruction, he perfected this secret passage even more. In the past, it could only lead to safe locations but now, it could go virtually anywhere.

Due to its incredible foundation, it utilized a heaven-defying method to evade the boundary of the nine worlds and create its unique space. This meant that even if the nine worlds were sealed, the passage would still be unaffected.

However, he wouldnt use it unless there was no other choice. Very few others knew about it. Even if he allowed for his trusted confidants to use it, he would only tell them a few nodes. He alone understood the nodes and their respective coordinates.

In fact, this passage wasnt only meant for traveling. It also hid another astounding secret. A faint smile could be seen on his face while looking at the golden pathways leading everywhere.

He instantly picked a node and chose the coordinates. With a buzzing sound, he disappeared again and was transmitted into the nine worlds.

This was a barren location with thousand miles of dry soil. It seemed there was nothing here, a clear lack of life and sound.

The sand rustled as he dug the ground beneath him. There was a symbol down there that looked like a large dragon horn. It looked infused on the ground and would never disappear regardless of how much polishing was done.

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