Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 187 : Old Ghosts Small Shop 1


Such art didnt exist in this particular epoch since it came from the most technologically advanced Machine World. Li Qiye was the only one who knew about it now after a long period of accumulation and research.

This weapon was its highest culmination, at least in Li Qiyes eyes.

The middle-aged man was surprised to hear the clicking gears: “What, what is this treasure?”

“Netherlord Hexagear Launcher, the supreme weapon.” Li Qiye smiled happily. After so many years, the complete version was finally out.

Meanwhile, the man didnt expect for their temple to be hiding this treasure. It seemed that it was waiting for Li Qiye to come and take it.

“The world has never seen a destructive weapon of this magnitude.” He commented while patting his weapon.

He was quite excited at this moment and wanted to try the power of this weapon. Of course, he needed to meet a worthy foe first or it would be too wasteful.

After all, there were only six shots. Because of this, he wouldnt use this precious weapon until he meets a worthy foe.

“I hope someone in the nine worlds will be worthy enough for me to test it before I leave.” He thought to himself while grinning.

The middle-aged man didnt know Li Qiye but he was creeped out by this smile from Li Qiye.

In the end, he put away the weapon and left.

The man closed the gate and quickly chased after him: “You, you are friend with the goddess? She has mentioned you before.”

“Thats right.” Li Qiye nodded.

The man rubbed his palms awkwardly and didnt know how to phrase the next line.

Li Qiye glanced at him in response: “Dont worry, the old men wont die for now and nothing will happen to Zi Cuining either. Before having absolute control over the situation, Gu Zun will leave himself a path of retreat. Hes not only a fox but also a very cautious one, preparing an escape path after every step.”

“I want to go to the city to take a look at the ancestors but I have to protect the village.” His face grew red with helplessness.

Even if he wasnt very clever, he still knew that something has happened since the ancestors have been gone for so long. Alas, he couldnt leave the village and had to anxiously wait here.

“Its no use even if you go. Gu Zun isnt someone a junior like you can deal with. Dont worry, since Im here, Ill take care of it.” Li Qiye gently shook his head.

The man heaved a sigh of relief. Despite not knowing Li Qiye, he has heard the goddess talk about him before so he was confident.

He then asked: “Just how powerful is Gu Zun?”

Gu Zun was a popular topic in the village. Each time talking about Gu Zun, the ancestors became very cautious so Gu Zun left a deep impression on him.

“Not just strong.” Li Qiye chuckled and stared towards the distance: “His talent is incredible, only better than the Black Dragon King, not worse. Im afraid few can be his match in the present day due to this.”

1. This is a rare moment when the author describes with modern terms. Even the mecha world didnt have modern terms outside of gears. Also, Im glad I didnt name it a cannon or tube since its a pistol, launcher was ambiguous enough for me not to go back and fix it yet still sound relatively okay.Previous ChapterNext Chapte

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