Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 183 : Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law 1

Wolong Xuan smiled at Wenren Huaiyu and said: “Not bad.”

Truth be told, there were far too many people with similar talents as Huaiyu in Crouching Dragon, so the assessment of not bad was already quite generous.

“Good.” Li Qiye smiled back. “Im not taking any disciples, so let her join your sect and revere you as her master.”

Wolong Xuan was taken aback. Even if she wanted a disciple, how could someone like Huaiyu possibly be a candidate? She could only be a disciple of the cliff at best.

“Alright, if you think she can be my disciple, Ill take her in.” Wolong Xuan solemnly nodded after returning from her thoughts.

Putting aside Li Qiyes current status, just the fact that he was her savior in the past was enough for her to take in Huaiyu.

“Brat, go greet your master already.” Li Qiye ordered.

Huaiyu was quite sharp. It didnt take long for her to understand the situation. She immediately kneeled before Wolong Xuan. “Master, allow me to bow my head!”

Wolong Xuan smiled after seeing the clever girl. She took out a treasure and tied it around the girls neck. “This is masters greeting gift for you.”

She was too young, so the value of this gift naturally eluded her. Nevertheless, she was still very happy and bowed again before standing to the side like a well-behaved child.

Such a development left everyone dazed. The Wenren Clan Master and the ancestors didnt expect this at all. It was something they didnt even dare to think about.

Becoming a disciple of the cliff meant soaring to the sky and bringing honor to the family. Such an achievement was already incredible. But now, Huaiyu had just become Wolong Xuans first and only direct disciple.

But it was indeed reality. To the Wenren Clan, this wasnt just bringing honor to the family; it was a carp crossing the dragon gate to become a true dragon!

Huaiyus position at the clan has changed dramatically. She was no longer a bastard and no one would dare to point their finger at her. She was now the jewel and pride of the family!

All the leaders watched in shock with naked envy glimmering in their eyes. They would be wild with joy if any of their disciples were to enter the Crouching Dragon Cliff. Becoming the Sky Dragon Kings disciple was a lifetime of glory!

“Dongfang Cong, come forward.” Li Qiye took another sip and said slowly.

Cong came forward without slight and slowly kneeled there without uttering a single word.

“You are a victim in this storm but I like your heart and consider you a talent. Because of this, compensation shall be made. I will bestow you a Heavens Will Secret Law from the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom.”

Dongfang Congs eyes widened in shock since he could hardly believe his own ears. Everyone from the Dongfang Clan was stunned as well.

They wouldnt dare to dream of a Heavens Will Secret Law. However, such a good matter had just fallen down from the sky and landed on them.

“I…” Cong couldnt express his feelings.

“What are you waiting for, thank Young Noble Li already,” Wolong Xuan spoke in his stead.

“Thank you, Young Noble.” Cong bowed his head repeatedly.

After bestowing the merit law, Li Qiye spoke again: “Wenren Jianshi, come forward.”

Jianshi followed Congs footsteps and didnt dare to say anything while Li Qiye grinned at him.

Being stared like this by Li Qiye left Jianshi frightened. He didnt know whether it was a blessing or a disaster.

The rest of the Wenren Clan held their breath as well.

“Do you know your mistake?” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“I…” Jianshi was scared speechless.

Li Qiye shook his head and explained: “You might be a bit unwise but is still reasonably sensible. Today, your Wenren Clan can survive thanks to you. Very well, since this is also a type of fate, I shall grant you an imperial law from the azure kingdom.”

Everyone from his clan was at a loss for words. Imperial laws were out of their reach until this bestowment.

“Thank you, young noble.” Jianshi gratefully bowed his head.

Li Qiye gently waved his sleeve: “Leave now. The play ends here today, let bygones be bygones.”

No one dared to utter a single word. Wolong Xuan waved her hand and everyone left including the two old men accompanying her.

Only Li Qiye and Xuan were left at the Field of Dragon War.

“Brother Li, if you are giving out rewards, shouldnt you give me a few treasures as well?” The imperious Wolong Xuan smiled charmingly. She looked a bit playful this time around.

“Due to the origin of your cliff, you have no lack of treasures and merit laws. Plus, I have already given you a grand gift without asking for anything in return. This is already courteous enough.” He shook his head in response.

Xuan was startled for a moment: “Youre talking about the kid?”

She was intelligent enough to understand his underlying intent.

“Thats right.” He chuckled: “Huaiyu will be very helpful to your cliff in the future. She could even bring about a glorious age.”

“Im not quite clear.” She said: “The kids constitution is okay but we have many like her at the cliff.”

“After seeing you again, not only has your cultivation gotten better, your bloodline has improved as well. However, there is still one more problem before truly reaching the peak level of your bloodline.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

“You mean, the childs bloodline?” She keenly reacted.

Li Qiye denied: “No, shes not a dweller of the sea. Her father came from the dragonfish tribe so she has that bloodline.”

“Dragonfish? Brother Li, just tell me already, no need to build suspense.” Wolong Xuan was taken aback since the dragonfish tribe wasn ’t an amazing one at all.

She had a coquettish act at this moment. Someone as lofty as her playing around like this was quite enchanting. Anyone would feel their heart beating faster.

“Seems like you dont think this bloodline is significant at all. However, you should know that their tribe comes from the depth as well. Their progenitors origin is similar to your own. More important, Huaiyu is showing sign of atavism!”

“Atavism?” She didnt see it at all.

“Of course, its normal that you couldnt detect it because shes too young and had not cultivated. Her vitality is too weak so the signs arent clear. Later on, youll see it. From a bloodline perspective, hers isnt as precious as yours but there is a lot of room for it to change while yours is having a hard time. Because of this, the stronger her cultivation, the faster her transformation. It will have an incredible significance and show you the way when you want to reach the top of your own bloodline in the future.”

“Really?” Xuan was shocked at this revelation.

“Do you think I need to lie to you? The child is worthy of your tutelage so do your best. Her blood will not only show you the way. More importantly, when she reaches the top, theres a chance that she might have the bloodline of a True Dragon. Dont forget, a dragonfish is still considered a branch of the dragon race. Even if it is to a negligible level, the origin is virtually the same.”

“I see.” She murmured in a daze. In the beginning, she took Huaiyu in as a disciple in order to please Li Qiye. After all, someone of Huaiyus talents could barely enter the cliff, let alone becoming her disciple.

This was no longer the case after listening to Li Qiye.

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