Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 182 : Stomping Genius Beneath 2

As Li Qiye was sitting on the throne, the leaders on the ground were gasping. Who the heck was this brat, daring to act all arrogant before the Sky Dragon King?

The Wenren Clan, in particular, was completely pale. It was as if they could see their own destruction already.

This wasnt only acting presumptuously before the king. He was even sitting on her throne. It was virtually treason, a crime worthy of death regardless of the location. It could be a nine clans extermination as well.

The worst part was that Li Qiye was more or less related to their clan at this moment. They would be dragged down in this mess as well.

“Brat, cease your disrespectful act!” One sect master shouted loudly in order to win some points in front of the king.

Li Qiye continued to sit there without a care and looked at the dragon king: “My beautiful Xuan, I came all this way to visit you, wheres your hospitality?”

Some leaders were jolted at this moment. Now, the guy was even teasing Her Majesty? Their king definitely couldnt stand this.

Who would dare to tease a top expert of the Grand Sea with an exceedingly high position? He was simply tired of living.

However, the Sky Dragon King surprised everyone since she responded with a kingdom-toppling smile. The people have never seen her smile like this before.

“I knew you were visiting, Brother Li, so I personally brought some tea from my cliff. Please, take your time.” The dragon king said.

This was Li Qiyes old acquaintance, Wolong Xuan!

“A perfectly brewed Deep Sea Tea is worthy of a taste indeed.” Li Qiye nodded and smiled.

At this time, the two old men prepared a stove for the tea then ignited the fire.

The enchanting woman came forward with a peerless posture. She sat before the stove and personally controlled the fire. She poured some spring water inside to boil her tea.

A while later, smoke came out with the fragrance of the tea. The whole scene was silent outside of the kindling wood.

The leaders here were astounded and watched in disbelief. Who was the Sky Dragon King? She was the supreme ruler of their Crouching Dragon Continent. It was hard for them to see her once.

However, their king was brewing tea for this ordinary man sitting on her throne. Before they knew it, he looked like the master of the nine heavens, the greatest of all existences. Meanwhile, their king was only a tea maid.

This scene was too much to take in. The members of the clan felt their jaw dropping to the ground. They never expected for something like this to happen. The goddess in their mind, the deity in their heart, was actually brewing tea for this man.

After the tea was finished, she personally brought it to him. Such a treatment was unbelievable. Who else could enjoy this service from their king?

Li Qiye sipped a mouthful and clicked his tongue: “Good, good. However, there is still a gap compared to the tea from your progenitor.”

“So you have tasted our ancestral tea?” Wolong Xuan smiled and asked with her autumn waves eyes.

Li Qiye didnt answer and put down the teacup before staring at the leaders on the ground: “Stand up.”

In just a moment, all these kneeling leaders were frightened. The ones who criticized him earlier were even more aghast and became paralyzed on the ground.

Even their king brewed tea for this person yet they dared to act pompous before him. This was a sect-destruction sin!

“If Young Noble Li has forgiven your rudeness, stand up.” Wolong Xuan glanced at them and said.

She had the bearing of a master at the moment with the prestige of a king. Her reputation wasnt just all talk.

After hearing her, the leaders slowly got up. They felt their legs shaking with fear at this moment.

“I am someone who likes to hold grudges.” Li Qiye drank his tea again and chuckled: “Hai Yangying, drag him out, decapitate.”

The two old men didnt wait for Wolong Xuans affirmation before pulling Hai Yangying outside. They knew of Li Qiyes identity. This was someone who exiled even the Soaring Immortal Sect. These leaders were mere ants before Fierce!

“Your Majesty, please show mercy-” Yangying was scared out of his mind. His beautiful dreams earlier all shattered. Only an impending doom was coming.

“Your Majesty, please spare him.” The Soaring Hawk Royal Lord also begged for mercy on the ground.

“I will only kill your ignorant son.” Wolong Xuan gave him a cold look: “If Young Noble Li has to do it, hell annihilate your country. Your choice.”

The royal lord dropped down on his butt and became stunned.

“Crack!” The two old men didnt hesitate and chopped off Yangyings head. This was only a nobody. Provoking Li Qiye could even end with their cliffs destruction, let alone a tiny sect like Soaring Hawk.

Li Qiye didnt care at all and continued: “Wenren and Dongfang Clans, come forward.”

The same fear emanated across the clan members. All of them felt their soul leaving their body. They quivered while walking forward while the other leaders here didnt dare to breathe loudly. They were afraid that the slightest misstep would bring about calamity to their sect.

“Brat, come here.” Li Qiye waved at the kneeling Wenren Huaiyu.

She looked at her mom while the clan members couldnt help but stare at her. They felt a bit hopeful since Li Qiye was Luruis husband after all.

Of course, Jianshi on the other hand only sighed. He knew this wasnt the case.

Eventually, Lurui nodded and Huaiyu finally walked forward.

Li Qiye patted her shoulder and spoke flatly to the Wenren Clan Master and ancestors: “I dont care about the marriage alliances. However, this girl has a fateful connection with me. She has the right to know who her father is.”

“Young noble…” The Wenren Clan Master shivered for half a day and didnt know what to say.

“Alright, clan master, I dont care if you are unaware or is just playing dumb. I am only a scapegoat, not your son-in-law.”

“This lowly, this lowly one doesnt know anything!” The clan master and the ancestors hurriedly kowtowed.

“Wenren Jianshi, you should speak now.” Li Qiye slowly told Jianshi.

Jianshi was also scared as well. He looked at his ancestors then the Dongfang Clans members. In the end, he gently sighed and revealed: “Huaiyus father is our Eldest Martial Brother.”

“Gu Qiyu!” Not just the Wenren members but even some Dongfang members were stunned.

“Yes.” Lurui lowered her head and openly admitted.

Jianshi looked at Dongfang Cong apologetically and then solemnly spoke to Li Qiye: “Young Noble Li, Brother Dongfang, this is all my fault. I shall face the consequences. My life is in your hands now, Young Noble Li.”

Dongfang Cong sighed as well. He understood Jianshis intention. The Wenren Clan needed a scapegoat right now.

Li Qiye ignored him and smiled at Wolong Xuan: “What do you think about this child?”

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