Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 181 : Stomping Genius Beneath 1

After seeing the arrival of Li Qiye and the two clans, Hai Yangying couldnt help but smirk. This so-called trial was only a tool used by him to break down the Wenren and Dongfang.

He didnt care for Li Qiyes life. In fact, even if Li Qiye could survive the trial, he would kill Li Qiye if given an opportunity later on since the guy has offended him!

“The royal lords and sect masters are all here. You can start by telling them about how the Wenren and Dongfang Clan have abducted you.” Hai Yangying wanted to take charge before the Sky Dragon King was here so he told Li Qiye.

The experts from the two clans grimaced. This was their business but Yangying has told the rest of the world now. It was quite a humiliating ordeal.

“Abduction? What are you talking about?” Li Qiye laughed at the complacent fella.

Li Qiyes answer made the clan members heave a sigh of relief. The ancestors asked Jianshi and Lurui to go beg Li Qiye. In their eyes, Li Qiye was Luruis husband so he might go easy on them.

In the past, his attitude was completely unclear so the two clans were afraid that he would bite them back during the trial. This came as a pleasant surprise to them.

“Im talking about the two clans wanting to quietly dispose of you after they captured you.” Yangying hurriedly said: “Dont worry, youre not part of their clans. Any cultivator at the Crouching Dragon Continent is free from such injustice. They dont have the authority to detain or judge you. Just tell the truth and the sect masters and royal lords here will protect you.”

The ancestors ’ expression became quite ugly. The Wenren Clan Master couldnt help but yell: “Crown Prince Hai, this is our own business!”

“Is that so? The involved party is present, why dont we listen to him?” Yangying sneered.

“Thats right, well take care of this, go ahead and talk. When Her Majesty gets here, shell give you a fair trial as well.” One sect master helped Yangying.

“Oh?” Li Qiye smiled: “But if I am the Wenren Clans son-in-law, am I still an outsider or am I a disciple of the clan?”

Such words surprised the crowd, especially Yangying.

The Wenren Clan Master immediately echoed: “Thats right, this is our internal affairs, no need for a trial.”

“When did you become the Wenren Clans son-in-law?” Yangying turned serious and coldly said: “The daughter from that clan is betrothed to Dongfang Cong, everyone knows this so where did you come out from? What does that mean then? Hmph, it means you are purposely breaking a marriage alliance by seducing an innocent woman, an unforgivable crime of an adulterer, intending to break the peace of the continent. The world does not tolerate someone like you, so if you are truly this evil, you should be burnt slowly at the stake to set an example for those who dare to disturb the harmony of Crouching Dragon! Villains in this place will be punished severely!”

Yangyings eyes were full of murderous intention at this point.

Another sect master shouted: “It is true that a deliberate sabotage of a marriage alliance should be punished severely. A death by fire isnt unreasonable at all.”

They werent interested in any secret arrest from the Wenren Clan. In fact, many of them were guilty of this. Yangying was only using this as a starting point for his own plan.

However, seducing someone elses fiancee was a completely different story. All great powers used this type of alliance and no one wanted such a thing to happen to them. Because of this, more leaders were willing to burn Li Qiye to death. This was a warning and an example to all the playboys who want to break alliances.

Yangying continued: “Though I dont know what the clans have offered you but if you claim to be part of the Wenren Clan right now, you are still an adulterer who should burn at the stake!”

His threat was very clear at the moment. If Li Qiye were to take the Wenren Clans side, Yingyang and his supporters would kill him. However, if he were to bite back at the clans, there was a chance for him to survive.

Anyone else would know what choice to pick at this moment. They would implicate the clans for self-preservation. After all, these clans wanted his life in the past.

Li Qiye smiled and said slowly: “You are nothing, stop prancing around in front of me and scram before I become angry. Tell the Sky Dragon King to come and see me.”

Even the leaders here took a deep breath after hearing this while Yangying was astounded. The disciples from the two clans were naturally frightened pale as well.

This guy dared to bluster like this? Telling the Sky Dragon King to come and see him?

“Ignorant fool, Ill take care of you now.” Yangying was livid after being humiliated before everyone and immediately reached for Li Qiye.

“Bang!” Before he could grab onto anything, Li Qiye slapped him flying and smashed all of his teeth. Both teeth and blood gushed from his mouth.

Such a sudden change shocked and stunned everyone.

“Little animal, you want to die?! Go, get him!” The Soaring Hawk Royal Lord was furious and came together with several hundred experts to surround and capture him.

In this instant, a declaration came like the thunder: “Her Majesty, the dragon king, is here.”

Everyone quickly kneeled down. Even the Soaring Hawk Royal Lord ignored everything else and prostrated as well.

“Greetings, Your Majesty!” All those present at the field were kneeling, outside of Li Qiye.

Lurui and Jianshi saw that he was still standing and became frightened. Lurui quickly tugged on his sleeve and signaled for him to kneel down only to be met with his smile.

A woman descended from the sky. Her appearance engulfed the small island with an aquatic aura. The water dragon beneath her feet made her even more dignified.

Two old men accompanied her. Lights shot out from their eyes that would frighten any spectator with a glimpse.

Her eyes swept by the field and suddenly stopped on Li Qiye who was smiling at her.

“Your Majesty, please support us.” Hai Yangying rolled and crawled to the front before telling her: “This brat Li relies on the Wenren and Dongfang Clans and think he can do whatever he wants, boasting without shame and even besmirched you. I wanted to protect your prestige and went to stop him…”

At this time, Yangying was exaggerating in order to frame Li Qiye and the clans. It was hitting two birds with one stone.

The clans were scared out of their mind. It was over for them if Yangying could obtain his goal.

Meanwhile, the other leaders were indifferent. They wouldnt speak up for these minor clans. No one would care for their existence.

The Sky Dragon King stared intensely at Li Qiye while he stared back with a smirk.

Luruis soul almost left her body. She kept on pulling his sleeve while almost crying. If Li Qiye didnt kneel, a disaster would befall their clan.

“Your Majesty, this contemptuous person has no respect for your prestige. Allow me to capture him for you.” The Soaring Hawk Royal Lord noticed her stare and thought that she was unhappy with him. He assumed that this was a chance to win some merits.

Because of this, he and his group of experts instantly came for Li Qiye.

“Boom!” With just one kick, he sent them flying while spraying blood.

He didnt bother looking at them. He smiled and sat down on the throne that was originally prepared for the dragon king.

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