Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 11: Arrogance 1

Trident! If any sea demon were to see this weapon in Li Qiyes possession, they would be scared of out their wits.

Yes, the weapon in his hand was the Trident, the supreme divine artifact of the sea demons, the spiritual totem of their race.

In their eyes, it was the pillar of hope, the key to their survival. They entrusted everything to this weapon, so the consequences of its absence would be unimaginable.

This weapon was ancient and unadorned with many runes floating around it. This was indeed the weapon held by the generations of sea gods.

The imitation from the Dongting Lake seemed to be lacking a little something compared to this one.

An imitation was just an imitation; it was no match for the real thing! This trident wasnt only the proof of a sea god, it was also their backing. Only with it would these sea gods be qualified to be on the same level as Immortal Emperors in terms of both status and fighting potential.

Without it, even the most excellent sea god would only be existences of the Emperor Assailant level, they couldnt command the same level of respect!

“Just how ancient is this weapon?” Li Qiye gently stroked it and gently smiled: “If I take it with me now, it will be mine and mine alone. From then now, the Dragon Demon Sea will no longer have sea gods!”

The world became silent to the extreme in the face of his declaration. The sea demons wouldnt be ready to accept this news. What would all the sea demons in Heaven Spirit think? The Dragon Demon Sea would surely fall into despair!

Without the Trident, there would be no sea gods! They didnt dare to think or imagine such a future!

He smiled and went on: “Im actually a bit disappointed. I thought I would have to pierce the sky and suffer a true defeat, but now, the Trident is in my hands. This was a little too easy.”

No one answered him. It seemed as if there was no other existence here besides him.

And yet, he continued to murmur to himself while standing there: “I see, it looks like the disaster is coming so everyone is recharging. How smart, the Bonesea, the Divine Tree Ridge, and the Maelstrom! Who will be the one laughing in the end?”

“So everyone can restrain themselves a little bit before its time. How interesting, I should also prepare a little gift, a little surprise for everyone. Im someone who has never liked Heaven Spirit, and the same goes for the three races. They can die for all I care. Alas, the times have changed. After thinking about it, Im going to stand with the charming spirits, so Ill prepare a gift to represent my bet on them!”

“Sigh, these are matters of the future, theres no need to blabber on about it now. This is what happens when you grow old, you cant stop but nag all the time.” He smiled and said: “Im a bit strange too, I dont really like things that come too easily so I wont take this Trident!”

Having said that, he casually inserted it into the ground as if throwing away a piece of trash!

No one would believe this scene if they were to see it. This was the real Trident, not an imitation! They all understood the significance and supreme power of this weapon!

“Im not here today for the Trident, so I shall trade it for an item!” He didnt bother looking at it again. In his eyes, it was completely inconsequential.

He calmly continued: “It is something that was lost in the ancient past and found itself here! Leaving it here will be completely meaningless, so I wish to trade this weapon for something else.”

The show of the madman speaking to himself continued.

His expression became dignified and cold: “Whether you agree or not, I will take it with me regardless. Agree and everyone can come together happily. The Trident will always belong to this place and the sea demons! If not, I will not only take away that item, the Trident will come with me as well after I flip over this land!”

The world was still silent; it turned a deaf ear to him.

Li Qiye only laughed: “My patience is limited, its better to make a decision fast. Of course, if theres something or someone that thinks they can destroy me or trap me here, I welcome all attempts. I actually want to see how hard it is to challenge a world. Back then, I suffered long enough at the old villainous heavens place, but the taste of defeat has escaped me. Will you allow me to feel this sensation again? To see if this place can handle me?”

He paused for a bit before smirking: “There is another thing I almost forgot. I have taken the little girl outside. The truth is that I actually hope to cause some trouble today so that the Bonesea will be livelier and that she can regain her clarity soon. This is who I am. I will never let those who trouble me off so easily! Haha, the Maelstrom, the divine ridge, and me as well… will the Bonesea be able to wait till that day?”

Silence was still the tune of this world.

Li Qiye didnt care whether he would get an answer or not. He continued to talk to himself with a grin: “Time is up. Either I leave the Trident here or it is time to play! In that case, let the disaster come a bit earlier to Heaven Spirit. An early arrival means an early end. Regardless of the outcome, I will take what belongs to me! After the disaster, the creatures of this world can be even more prosperous!”

“Clank!” The Trident that was inserted into the ground suddenly flew up and floated in the air.

Li Qiye happily smiled and said: “Very well, the transaction is done.”

“Clank!” The Trident immediately flew to the horizon and disappeared from sight.

Li Qiye would be lambasted to death if anyone were to see this. A supreme divine artifact that would allow one to become unbeatable has been thrown away so casually!

“Buzz!” A portal opened and a place that resembled a lake appeared before him. He stepped inside without thinking and immediately sank to the bottom of a lake.

The bottom was very wide and had a large iron disc. It actually occupied more than half of this lake and didnt look special at all. Who knows how many years it has been here for? There was no metallic luster to it, as if it was just a piece of scrap metal that had been thrown out.

He faintly smiled after seeing it. The majority of people would see it as rubbish. Even Immortal Emperors that could tell just how precious it was wouldnt be able to understand its magical uses. In fact, he only finally understood its mysteries in this generation.

He reached out to touch it and his forehead exuded a brilliance that consisted of two bright rays, one golden and one silver. The two of them entangled each other like two little flood dragons and floated around.

Under his command, the rays lit up brighter and brighter. Their lights shone through his body completely.

There was a great story behind these rays. The golden ray was obtained from the golden maelstrom back at the Stone Medicine World where the three ancestral veins collided, and the silver ray was obtained from the silver maelstrom back at the Ancestral Domain. After the acquisition of the silver ray, he finally connected all the dots and understood everything.

With the shining of this brilliance, his body became half gold and half silver as if he was made from these two metals. It was quite a strange appearance.

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