Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 179 : Slay Genius 1

At this time, Jianshi had an indescribable dilemma. Their Wenren Clan had to please Li Qiye now. Both the clans didnt want a public trial. Regardless of the result, it would end well for them.

“Brother Li, will you go easy on us? Just tell me whatever you want and Ill discuss it with the ancestors.” Jianshi was on the verge of begging.

He could be considered the starter to this whole mess since he knew that Li Qiye was fake. However, the guy was only doing this for fun while the Wenren Clan was in a hurry to end this. He didnt expect this reckless decision would eventually reach an uncontrollable juncture.

“Why do you think that this must be a bad thing?” Li Qiye smiled: “Maybe this is a once in a thousand years opportunity for your clan.”

“I dont see that at all.” He smiled wryly: “If something goes wrong, our clan will face a disaster. Im the one at fault here, if you want revenge, just do whatever you want to me. I hope that you can go easy on our clan. Itll be very benevolence of you!”

“Alright.” Li Qiye gently waved his sleeve: “I know what you are saying. Just wait to see the actual outcome before crying doom and gloom. Youll see soon.”

Such a response only further perplexed Jianshi since he didnt know what Li Qiye wanted at all!

“Sis, you talk to him too.” In the end, he placed all hope on Lurui and took his leave.

Lurui didnt know what to say either. In fact, she knew as much about Li Qiye as her brother. Jianshi thought that Lurui knew him and could perhaps convince him.

“Young Noble Li, what are you looking for?” Jianshi said seriously: “If you are willing to stand by the Wenrens side, I can give you my life.”

He chuckled in response: “Have you thought about what will happen to your daughter after this mess is over? Will I stay as a fake forever? When will she find out about her real father? Does she even know now?”

Lurui became dejected after hearing this since she knew that this secret shouldnt be revealed.

“Its simple. If this matter is quelled, your daughter will never have the chance to come out. Even if the Wenren Clan accepts her, shell only be a bastard, a mortal, someone who will spend her life under disdainful glances. Even if you could take her away from this clan, what will she do? Follow you for the rest of her life without knowing her father? Even if she does, she cant claim him either.” He said flatly.

Lurui took a deep breath and looked up: “I know that its all my fault. Ive brought this on her. But the Wenren Clan is still my family and her fathers family. Given the chance, both of us will pay whatever price to protect it!”

“I know.” He spoke again: “However, your daughter has a fateful connection with me so I dont want to see her being chastised as a bastard, spending the rest of her life while keeping her head down. Thus, I shall give her a chance.”

“I dont understand.” Lurui was dazed.

“This is her fortune.” Li Qiye continued: “Its just that you dont know your daughters worth and potential.”

“But…” She said: “A public trial is not good for anyone. Itll bring downfall and the only one laughing, in the end, will be Soaring Hawk.”

“Ill be the only one laughing in the end. Soaring Hawk is nothing.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

Lurui became quiet from not knowing Li Qiye at all.

“Young Noble Li, that state might invite the Sky Dragon King. At that point, even if you have a plan, Im afraid you cant control the situation. No one can change the kings decision.” She slowly speculated.

“We can satisfy your demand and end this problem first before dealing with other issues.” She requested earnestly.

She tried her best to protect the Wenren Clan since she would always be a part of this family. Thus, she was willing to give up her life when necessary.

“Why do you think the ruling of the dragon king will be unfavorable? Dont have such a pessimistic view.” He laughed.

“Young Noble Li, maybe you dont know too much about the Crouching Dragon Continent. In this place, our clan is only a small sect, not even part of any top ranking or be considered a second-rate power. Even the Soaring Hawk is only barely considered a country. You think the dragon king will care about a sect like us? Maybe Soaring Hawk and their allies could use this opportunity and get the king to destroy us.” She spoke seriously.

The failed marriage was their own matter in her eyes. This only related to the Wenren and Dongfang Clans. It didnt matter how much of a scene they made, an alliance would still be there in the end.

However, the situation has escalated outside of their control. They didnt mind being enemies with the Soaring Hawk. After all, tension has always run high. Moreover, their clans territory has been verified by the Crouching Dragon Cliff.

Nevertheless, they feared the involvement of this sect since they were only insects in comparison. Not to mention the Sky Dragon King, just any character of the elder level would be able to annihilate their clans.

In the trial, even if the king could issue a fair verdict, they would lose all face afterward. The king might even have a bad impression of their clans and abandon them or even remove their status in the continent.

“No big deal. Well talk after the king is here.” He casually smiled.

Li Qiye then waved his sleeve: “Lets go. I have already decided what to do. Oh right, tell your brother to take good care of your daughter or Ill hold him responsible if anything were to happen.”

Lurui understood that there was no persuading Li Qiye. She sighed gently and left.

Li Qiye smiled and looked out the window: “Pretty Xuan, you have been interested in your cliffs bloodline, right? Then I shall give you a chance. An ancient lineage shall surface again from the depth.” With that, he closed his eyes as if sleeping.

Today, both clans received the news that Soaring Hawk and several great powers demanded a trial for Li Qiye. It was an official message as well.

This country worked quite hard. In just one day, they made several powers send a letter to the Sky Dragon King and ask her to preside over this problem.

She was on a patrol tour across the continent nearby. To everyones surprise, she actually accepted right away.

In fact, even Soaring Hawk found this astonishing. Their country has been wanting to complain to the cliff about the clans several times. Their goal was to rely on the cliffs attitude to gain a favorable position before destroying the clans. However, their complaints were always dismissed.

They didnt have that much hope this time either. However, a positive reply left them in disbelief.

Meanwhile, the ancestors of the two clans were frightened after finding out that the Sky Dragon King will personally take charge in the trial. These old men were completely helpless in this incoming crisis.

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