Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 178: Mysterious Eaves-Tile 2

“You!” The Wenren Clan Master was becoming livid. This was quite a bad strings of misfortune for their clan so they became quite unhappy.

“Father, let me talk with Brother Li.” Jianshi immediately pulled his father back and persuaded.

In the end, the clan master scowled before waving his sleeve then left.

After these experts left, a Dongfang guard came in and spoke coldly: “Crown Prince Hai wants to see you.”

This disciple didnt like Li Qiye at all. If he wasnt under orders to only stop Li Qiye from leaving, they might have tried to teach him a lesson.

“No, tell him to scram.” Li Qiye was disinterested and waved his hand.

The disciple was caught off guard. Even Lurui and Jianshi found it strange. If Li Qiye wanted to stay alive, his best option was to work with Hai Yangying but he chose against it.

Nevertheless, after the disciple left, Yangyin rushed in. He even dared to rush into the main chamber, let alone this place.

“I am upholding justice and saving your life, its one thing if you dont show gratitude but to even refuse an audience?” Yangying spoke aggressively with a stern demeanor.

“Scram. Youre nothing.” Li Qiye didnt bother looking at him.

Li Qiye naturally knew the guys objective. He wanted to persuade Li Qiye so that during the public trial, he would lambast the two clans. Once successful, the clans wouldnt be able to prove their innocence before the Crouching Dragon Cliff.

“You!” Yangying didnt like this response. In his eyes, Li Qiye was a nobody. If Li Qiye wanted to live, the guy must rely on him and beg. Even if Li Qiye was ten times more courageous, he still wouldnt dare to go against him.

But now, Li Qiye actually insulted him. This made the always imperious Yangying have a murderous flash in his eyes.

“Crown Prince Hai, since brother Li is going to attend a public trial, you should leave now.” Jianshi raised his voice.

“Oh? Wenren Jianshi, you want to oppose me too?” Yangying laughed in response: “If your clans Gu Qiyu were alive, he might be able to fight me for a couple of moves. But you? No chance.”

Jianshis eyes turned cold before such arrogance. Lurui also stared angrily at him.

Gu Qiyu used to be the Wenren Clans Eldest Martial Brother who happened to be Huaiyus father.

“What if I join?” Dongfang Cong walked in and spoke with a heavy tone.

Yangying looked at the two of them and laughed: “So just like the rumors, you two are quite close. I wonder if you can stay this way after this storm.”

Jianshi and Congs expression slightly changed but they didnt react.

Yangying ignored these two and sneered at Li Qiye: “If you want to survive as a cultivator of Crouching Dragon, dont rely on these two clans. Only my Soaring Hawk will be able to uphold justice for you…”

His intentions were clear while saying this in front of Jianshi and Cong. Anyone who wasnt utterly stupid would pick the right choice.

Even though Yangying was running his mouth before them, Jianshi and Cong couldnt do anything.

“Scram already.” Li Qiye interrupted him: “If you want to live, go tell the Sky Dragon King to go to the Field of Dragon War!”

Yangying instantly became livid with a murderous urge.

Though Cong and Jianshi werent Li Qiyes friends and resembled his enemies even more, they felt quite good to see Li Qiyes disdainful response towards Yangying.

“Crown Prince, please leave. Brother Li does not wish to see you.” Jianshi seized the opportunity and said.

Yangying snorted and gave one last glare before leaving.

Meanwhile, the duo stared strangely at Li Qiye. At this moment, they were quite confused. During the meeting earlier, they thought Li Qiye sided with Yangying in order to save his life.

However, he didnt give the guy any face at this moment. This matter was simply too bizarre.

Dongfang Cong asked him with a serious tone: “Brother Li, I dont understand what you are planning but you surely know that Hai Yangying wont save you. Hes only using you and couldnt care less about your wellbeing during the trial. Even if you leave the trial alive, hell definitely try to kill you to keep thing under wrap!”

“Is that so?” Li Qiye smiled casually while sitting down comfortably.

Dongfang Cong had no words to express Li Qiyes current attitude. It was as if he was the boss in this place. He looked at Jianshi and found the guy just as confused.

What could Jianshi say right now? Li Qiye only wanted to have fun while the Wenren Clan needed a scapegoat. But now, the development has gotten out of the two clans control. If he knew this was going to happen, he wouldnt have brought Li Qiye here!

Of course, both clans were surprised at the how things have escalated. The Wenren Clan wanted to kill Li Qiye, the so-called adulterer, to give the Dongfang Clan an answer. On the other hand, the Dongfang Clan needed the blood of this guy to wash away this problem.

They wanted to solve this issue as fast and as silently as possible. However, Hai Yangying came out of nowhere!

Dongfang Cong still didnt know that Li Qiye was fake. Only the brother and sister knew; who knows if the Wenren Clan Master was aware of this either. In fact, even if he did, it wouldnt have mattered. Li Qiye involved himself in this matter and was the perfect scapegoat!

Cong stared at Li Qiye and took a deep breath: “Brother Li, let the past be gone with the wind. The marriage alliance isnt something the juniors of the clans want. However, it has escalated to this level; the situation isnt good for the clans and for you or Miss Lurui either. Have you thought about when the world all know about this, where will you go to find peace?”

“Whats your opinion then?” Li Qiye became interested.

Dongfang Cong took a deep breath and said: “Brother Li, I can convince the ancestors in the clan so that you can marry Lurui and the clans wont pursue this matter any longer. With that, youll be one of us and Hai Yangying wont have a reason for a trial.”

“A bit interesting. However, thats not what I want.” Li Qiye looked at him and couldnt help but smile.

“Then what do you want?” Cong asked.

“Youll find out when the time comes.” Li Qiye revealed a mysterious smile.

Cong couldnt do anything about it. Li Qiye has seized the initiative. Even though he was staying at their clan, they were completely at his mercy. Due to Yangyings interference, its not like they could kill him now. This would give Yangying more firepower to frame them before the Sky Dragon King. Thats when the big trouble would come.

“Brother Jianshi and Sister Lurui, you two should convince him. Itll be better for our clans.” Cong told the other two.

Their clans wanted to take his head in order to end this private scandal but now, they had no choice but to compromise.

Jianshi stared strangely at Li Qiye and said helplessly: “If it wasnt for your attitude earlier, I would be thinking that youre a spy sent by Soaring Hawk.”

“You think too highly of that state.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Brother Li, its my fault for letting you become a scapegoat.” Jianshi said earnestly: “Just like Brother Dongfang said earlier, as long as you are willing, we can end all of this. I can convince our ancestors so that we can all have a better outcome.”

Li Qiye leisurely responded: “Why should we end this? The show has only just begun. It cant end just yet until I want it to.”

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