Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 175 : An Eaves-Tile Bringing about a Calamity 1

There were many islands in this particular chain with large tracts of land. On a huge island next to Renowned was Eastern City, ruled by the Dongfang Clan.

A total of three powers reigned over this region: the Dongfang, Wenren, and the State of Soaring Hawk.

However, the two clans werent a match for Soaring Hawk thus they had no choice but to work together. Because of this, a marriage alliance has been the long-running tradition. It forged a bond of steel that could last for a long time.

However, because of Lurui running away from her wedding, a crack appeared in the alliance. The two clans almost turned into enemies!

This was why the Dongfang required a reasonable answer from the Wenren Clan and demanded the culprit right away. However, Lurui has been missing for the last couple of years. It became a cyst since the misunderstanding wouldnt go away.

For the Dongfang Clan, Lurui was still the beloved daughter of the Wenren so they couldnt do anything to her. However, the other adulterer wouldnt be able to escape. Both clans wanted to use the blood of this adulterer to wash away their grievances.

Of course, the Wenren Clan deliberately concealed the existence of Wenren Huaiyu in accordance to Jianshis wish. Because of this, she didnt go together with her mother but stayed by Jianshi instead.

Eastern City wasnt far from Renowned so the group arrived in just a short time.

A youth personally greeted them outside of the Dongfang Clans mansion. He was very handsome and noble with a body like gold.

“Brother Jianshi, the travel must have been hard.” He came up and greeted the escort unit. He was especially polite towards Jianshi.

This was the Elder Young Noble of the Dongfang Clan, Dongfang Cong, who was once Luruis fiance.

In fact, Dongfang Cong and Wenren Jianshi had an extremely good relationship. They werent brothers but were even closer. Because of this, both clans had high hopes for them. After Lurui married into the Dongfang Clan, the clans would have grown even closer.

However, the relationship soured after Luruis debacle. Nevertheless, the twos friendship was still strong but they were stuck in an awkward position due to their clans.

“Thank you for your hospitality, Brother Dongfang.” Jianshi gave Dongfang Cong a big hug. They sympathized with each other since they played the same role in their clan.

Wenren Lurui came down from the carriage as well. It was interesting that Dongfang Cong didnt become angry when his fiancee ran off with another man. Despite having a grudge about it, he maintained the demeanor of a noble.

“Sister, long time no see.” He could only sigh after seeing her haggard appearance. He was helpless in this matter as well.

There was no reason for him to be angry since the marriage was decided by the seniors. He could understand that she didnt want to marry him. However, it was meant for the future of the two clans so they werent in charge of their own outcome.

Lurui sighed in response and bowed deeply: “Brother, this was my fault so let it end with me.”

In her eyes, it wasnt because of Dongfang Congs lackings or flaws. She simply didnt want an arranged marriage and already had someone in mind. That was the reason why she chose to run.

If she had another chance, she would still make the same choice without regrets. The only thing she hated was her lack of agency while being stuck between the two clans.

“The ancestors will decide.” Dongfang Cong stated.

Dongfang Cong looked at Li Qiye carefully. He wanted to see just who Luruis man was.

He couldnt see anything special about the guy. Meanwhile, Li Qiye leisurely nodded as a greeting towards Dongfang Cong.

Dongfang Cong didnt wish to talk and said: “Lets go in.”

The Dongfang Clan didnt wish for a big commotion so they kept it very quiet. It was a mess for both of the clans so there was no need to publicize this matter.

The clan immediately convened a meeting in order to make a decision with the fastest speed in order to calm the storm. After all, their clan didnt wish to turn against the Wenren Clan either. Moreover, if the alliance were to fall, Soaring Hawk would take both of them down eventually!

The sooner they could solve this, the less complication. Afterward, both clans could maintain the alliance of past.

After making the decision, the ancestors from both clans summoned Li Qiye and Wenren Lurui. This was only to tell them the result.

The two saw the ancestors from both clans. Jianshi and Dongfang Cong were present as well with a solemn expression.

She gently sighed and knew that it was about to come. However, she was ready to meet her fate. As long as her daughter could be fine, she was willing to pay any price.

Li Qiye glanced at the ancestors and only smiled. He actually walked up to the master chair and sat down with wanton regards.

Such arrogant attitude made the ancestors ugly. Both sides angrily glared at him.

“Im already a dead man in your eyes, cant a dead man get to sit down?” Li Qiye nonchalantly laughed after seeing the glares.

The people present here snorted at this attitude but at this moment, they were more concerned about him acting as the scapegoat. This was more than enough.

Wenren Lurui took a deep breath and bowed: “Dear ancestors, this is my fault. All the blame is on me, I have shamed both of our clans so Im willing to bear all the sins. May my life eliminates the grievances.”

“Lurui, you dont need to speak for this Li guys sake.” One Wenren Ancestor shouted: “Your mistake cant be forgiven. Because of this, the clans have decided to imprison you in the inner tower for the rest of your life!”

Both Jianshi and Cong were shocked to hear this sentence. Cong stepped out and addressed the ancestors: “Ancestors, she is indeed at fault but it is only out of youthful ignorance. Just let this marriage past and our clans can still be allies. There is no need for a life sentence.”

“Conger, stand to the side.” A Dongfang Ancestor spoke coldly: “The laws must be upheld.”

With that, he turned towards Li Qiye: “And you, purposely breaking our marriage pact and alliance, seducing a married woman, a crime deserving of death! You shall be decapitated to set an example!”

An agreement has been reached between the two clans. If Lurui escaped with someone else, then the fault was on her. However, if Li Qiye was purposely breaking the alliance by seducing her, then it would be a different story. He would bear the bigger burden of the crime.

Both clans chose the latter version in order to kill this scandal as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye smiled and casually picked up some fruit on the table nearby before leisurely taking a bite.

This made the ancestors nearly vomit blood from anger. They felt an urge to kill him right away.

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