Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 174 : Heavenly Sky Plate 2

Jianshi turned to leave again but Li Qiye suddenly asked: “Do you know who your brother-in-law is?”

His body froze for a bit before turning around again with an unnatural expression: “Isnt it you, Brother Li?”

“Both of us are only saying that towards outsiders. I wont reveal it and you wont either but you know that I am a fake.” Li Qiye chuckled.

It was an implicit understanding of sorts between the two to keep this a secret.

“But it is Brother Li at this moment.” Jianshi smiled back: “You know that I didnt force you at all. You agreed to this.”

“Thats true.” Li Qiye replied: “Let us go back to the topic of your brother-in-law. Though your lil sis is tight-lipped about this matter and probably never told you, you probably have guessed it being her brother and all.”

“Im not all-knowing. I don ’t know if Lurui doesnt tell me.” He shook his head.

Li Qiye laughed in response: “Your little trick is of no use in front of me. Even if your sister doesnt tell you, you know the father of that child!”

“I also want to know but theres no place to start.” Jianshi firmly denied.

To which Li Qiye laughed: “Is that so? I know that you know after seeing your expression towards Huaiyu. You dont mind the child at all and even like her a little.”

He paused for a bit before continuing: “Just think about it, a man suddenly breaking the marriage alliance between your two clans and even had a daughter with your sister. This is a big scandal and as the future clan master, you wouldnt want something like this to happen at all. Say, you love your sister so you can accept her mistake, I can understand this. However, from the perspective of the future clan master, you will not be able to accept a bastard into your clan even if you love your sister! But surprisingly enough, you adore the little girl and could accept her without any difficulty. What does this mean?”

He smiled mysteriously and stared at Jianshi: “it means that you can accept her identity and bloodline. On a deeper level, it shows that you know who her father is but it even goes further than that, you must have had a deep relationship with him! If it wasnt for this marriage alliance, perhaps you would have been happy to have him as a brother-in-law!”

Jianshi was shocked after hearing this and staggered backward with waves surging in his mind.

Though his sister really didnt reveal the father, they grew up together so when he saw Huaiyu, he immediately guessed everything, including the identity of the father.

Just like Li Qiye has said, a bastard child shouldnt appear in the Wenren Clan. However, he didnt mind at all and could accept her. One could even say that he was very excited to see his niece and was ready to assume the responsibility of being an uncle.

Despite his guess, he didnt tell anyone, not even his father because he didnt wish to besmirch the reputation of a hero. After all, he made illustrious contributions and gave up his life for the Wenren Clan!

He thought that no one would know this matter outside of Lurui herself. Who would have thought that Li Qiye would know everything? There was an impulse manifesting in his eyes. He didnt want this news to spread.

“Dont bother thinking about it. It should be clear that Im not afraid of anyone since I am sitting right here without any stress.” Li Qiye leisurely smiled.

Jianshi took a deep breath and smile: “Brother Li, youre overthinking it. It would be good if I were to know but it doesnt matter right now since you are my brother-in-law.”

“I wont deny it.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

“The Dongfang people will come soon. I think youll be departing tomorrow so take care then.” Jianshi said.

“Thats no problem, I can handle taking the blame. However, you need to tell your father that if he wants me to be a scapegoat, Huaiyu must stay in my sight. If I am her father, I shall have the final say in her fate!”

“Brother Li, Im afraid I cant do that but I can assure you that shell be safe.” Jianshi considered for a moment before shaking his head.

“You missed my point.” Li Qiye said flatly: “Im not negotiating with you or your clan. You only have one choice and that is to follow my wish.”

His aggressiveness changed Jianshis expression!

“Brother Li, that was too arrogant just now.” Jianshi took a deep breath and said.

Li Qiye smiled back: “What do you think? Do as I say and take her along. I dont want to let the child see too much blood, understand?!”

Jianshis demeanor changed rapidly several times in a short period. Though their clan wouldnt be intimidated so easily, but Li Qiye was here alone and completely at ease. He couldnt tell what the guy was capable of.

“Ill tell them about your request.” Jianshi made up his mind.

Sure enough, Li Qiye was taken to the Dongfang Clan on the second day.

In fact, the Wenren Clan had no choice. The moment they took Lurui back, the Dongfang Clan has gotten wind of this as well.

Right now, the Dongfang needed the Wenren to hand someone over. As in-laws, they might not do anything to Wenren Lurui but an outsider like Li Qiye seducing their bride? There was no chance for forgiveness.

Both clans wanted to deal with this in a low-key manner. The Dongfang clan found out very quickly so the Wenren Clan had to hand Li Qiye over.

In fact, the Wenren Clan Master had no control over this matter. They could only hope Li Qiye would shoulder the blame, then they could deal with it quietly and defuse the misunderstandings.

There were many people waiting outside when Li Qiye was escorted out. Outside of Jianshi and his father, a bunch of experts from the clan was responsible for him too.

In addition, there were several old men from the Dongfang Clan. They immediately sent out unfriendly gaze at him right away.

Two experts wanted to take his arms in order to subdue him.

Li Qiye didnt become angry at all and repeated the same phrase with a smile: “You want to keep your dog hands?”

“Leave it.” Jianshi ordered. He knew that Li Qiye wouldnt run away at this moment. He would have done so long ago if there was any intention of escaping.

A carriage slowly came about with Wenren Lurui inside. She was silent with a haggard complexion since she didnt know what fate was awaiting her at the Dongfang Clan.

The thing she was worried about the most was not herself but her daughter, Wenren Huaiyu. Alas, she alone couldnt protect her daughter.

The carriage was in front under the escort of the Wenren Clans experts.

“Brother Li, its time to hit the road.” Jianshi politely told Li Qiye. He even deliberately let Li Qiye stay close to Huaiyu.

His intention was obvious. If the Wenren Clan has agreed to Li Qiyes condition, he must also not go back on his words and shoulder the blame.

“Good, I also want to take a trip.” He smiled and said: “Lets go fast, I have to leave after dealing with this trivial business.” With that, he trotted forward.

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