Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 173 : Heavenly Sky Plate 1

Li Qiye waved his sleeve to interrupt the clan master and said slowly: “Clan master, no need to go in a circle, get straight to the point. Im waiting to listen.”

“You…” The clan master became furious. This brat seduced his daughter and broke their clans marriage plan. He had plenty of reasons to kill the brat but now, the guy was still so rude and arrogant. He really felt an urge to strangle the brat.

He stared at Li Qiye intensely and eventually subdued his anger once more. After a while, he spoke again: “Remember, brat, your sin is worthy of death.”

“I know.” Li Qiye smiled: “As the one causing this trouble, you want to hand me over to the Dongfang Clan to absolve your own of any problem.”

“Thats right.” The clan master repeated: “Breaking our marriage alliance is an unforgivable sin. The fact that you can still prance around in front of me right now is because Im merciful enough.”

“Really?” Li Qiye didnt mind at all. He was only killing time by joining into this mess.

The clan master took a deep breath and said: “Lurui has made a great sacrifice because of you. She gave up her noble status from her own clan, giving up the chance to become the mistress of the Dongfang Clan as well as Eastern City and giving up staying in Renowned, all of this just to risk escaping with you. Shes still thinking about you right now and plead earlier so that I would let you go.”

“Are you trying to convince me?” Li Qiye chuckled. He could understand why she pleaded for him since he was only a stranger being caught up in the storm.

“You can see it that way.” The clan master spoke frankly: “You must know that a marriage alliance between two clans has grave importance. Once broken, it must be cast again with blood!”

“I understand. The perpetrator must die. You are afraid that I wont admit to it, thus all of this persuasion.” Li Qiye was still all smiles.

The clan master scowled, not liking his blatant reveal.

Just like Li Qiye said, though they have captured Li Qiye, there was no evidence. The Dongfang Clan wouldnt simply believe their words that Li Qiye was the one breaking the marriage.

At that moment, what if Li Qiye changed his mind and decided to bite them back? The relationship between the two clans would deteriorate to an unfixable level! The relationship was already awkward due to the failed marriage. If the Dongfang Clan were to think that the Wenren Clan used a scapegoat, there would be nothing left of their alliance.

“You must understand that you have to pay a price if you still love Lurui. This isnt only for the Wenren Clan but also Lurui and your daughter!” The clan master coldly said.

“So you are still trying to protect your daughter.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

The clan master hesitated for a moment before maintaining his cold tone: “The Wenren Clan can only try its best. As for Luruis fate, further deliberation is necessary with the Dongfang Clan. However, if you agree, we can guarantee you that your daughter will be safe!”

“Is that a threat?” Li Qiye inquired.

The clan master answered him with a cold stare. In fact, they understood that their only cards were Lurui and her daughter.

“Even if you dont care for Lurui, you must think for your daughter since youre the one bringing her to this world.” The clan master added.

“What do you want me to do then? Admit that Im the one breaking the marriage? Or let me put the blame on Soaring Hawk, that Im a spy sent by this power to seduce your daughter in order to break the ties between the two clans?”

The clan master found it hard to reply because of Li Qiyes demeanor. He was unsure of the kind of person he was speaking to.

“Looks like you havent made up your mind either. However, since you want to hand me over to the Dongfang Clan, so be it. Ill take a trip with you guys to that place.” Li Qiye smiled. In his opinion, since he was already involved, might as well go all the way and finished a good deed.

The clan master took a deep breath and felt relieved. He was waiting for Li Qiye to say this.

“Very well. Just be aware of your own choice. I cant guarantee anything else but your daughter will definitely be safe!” The clan master finished.

Li Qiye chuckled and said flatly: “Dont worry, I am a man who always picks the right choice.” He left after saying this.

The clan masters eyes turned cold. Everything that has transpired so far has escaped his expectation. In the past, he would think that Li Qiye would be panicking after being caught, especially when his daughter was in the hands of the Wenren Clan.

However, this ordinary brat was too calm and completely indifferent to everything. This made it quite difficult for the clan master to have a grasp of the situation.

He really wanted to use the hostages to force Li Qiye to admit that he was a spy from Soaring Hawk. With that, the storm would subside quickly and the relationship between the two clans could be mended. Moreover, that was a great opportunity for their clans to join against Soaring Hawk as well.

However, Li Qiyes attitude was too bizarre. The guy was too calm as if he has predicted everything. Such nonchalant attitude made the clan master question whether he should recklessly implement this plan.

In his mind now, it was good enough for Li Qiye to admit fault. As long as they handed him over to the Dongfang Clan, that would be considered an appropriate answer to this whole mess.

“Go, inquire meticulously about who this brat is and where he came from.” The clan master eventually ordered the disciples from the clan.

After Li Qiye returned to his place, he found the place swarming with Wenren disciples. It was on lockdown with patrols everywhere. Of course, it wasnt to protect him, only to stop him from escaping.

Wenren Jianshi came to him and said: “Brother Li, Im afraid its too late for you to leave now. The chance is gone.”

“I havent thought about escaping.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “Plus, if I wish to escape, your clan wouldnt be able to stop me.”

Jianshis eyes slightly batted. He couldnt see through this man at all so he didnt know whether the guy was a master or was just putting up an act.

“Tomorrow, the Dongfang Clan will come and take you back to their clan. Though well be going there with you, you need to take care of yourself then.” He said solemnly.

“Do you think Im your brother-in-law?” Li Qiye asked Jianshi who was about to leave.

Jianshi gave him a playful smile: “If youre not my brother-in-law, why do you insist on staying here? Why not deny it?”

“Makes sense.” Li Qiye smiled back: “To your clan, whether Im the real thing or not isnt important as long as I admit it to become a scapegoat. Your father might not know but you certainly do.”

Jianshi slowly said: “Brother Li, you cant blame me for this. I wasnt trying to implicate you and gave you opportunities to leave. The way I see it, youre the one who has an ulterior motive by wanting to stay here.”

“Well said, I dont blame you.” Li Qiye laughed: “I actually wanted to join in this trouble, just having some fun.”

Jianshi became quiet. His father didnt know that LI Qiye was fake but he knew the truth. However, they were already riding the tiger and as Li Qiye has said, they needed a scapegoat.

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