Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 168 : Jewel Pillar Saint Child 2

Li Qiye smiled and leisurely answered: “Courting death? No, no. I always reason first and Im confident that I can convince just about anyone.”

“Reason?” The woman still couldnt guess whether Li Qiye was a master in disguise or a foolish scholar.

She continued: “My father doesnt reason if it stands in the way of his goals. This applies to his family members as well, let alone an outsider.”

Li Qiye chuckled: “When I reason, no one can refuse to listen.”

She became speechless again, having no idea what kind of guy this was.

Meanwhile, the girl was not worried at all as she looked around curiously. It was as if this was her first time at Renowned.

Li Qiye saw this and spoke to her: “Looks like she rarely came to the city. She must have grown up in a remote place?”

The woman stared at her daughter with eyes full of affection and love. There was a deep regret as well.

“Shes a good seed. Further delays would only ruin her future.” He said with a smile.

The woman had no good response for this. The experts escorted the group forward with great caution. They kept their eyes on the group, especially the woman lest she were to run.

After a long time, a huge mansion appeared. It was covered in clouds and looked very transcending in this old city.

The girls eyes turned bright and pointed at the mansion: “Mom, this is grandpas house? The Renowned Mansion you talked about?”

The woman only sighed in response.

“Yes.” Wenren Jianshi answered instead: “This is your grandpas house, your mothers, and yours as well.”

She looked back at Jianshi and said: “Really? Grandpa is a bad guy and you are too!”

“Watch your words.” The woman scolded her right away.

“But its true!” She pouted indignantly: “If theyre not bad people, then why do they want to separate you and papa? Only bad guys will do something like that!”

The woman swallowed her words after seeing her daughters reddening eyes.

Jianshi didnt scold her and only smiled: “Its hard to gauge good and bad when it comes to adults. When you grow up, youll understand.”

“A good person is good and a bad person is bad, how is it difficult?” She angrily pouted.

Li Qiye enjoyed her cute appearance and rubbed her head.

However, the girl full of personality shook her head in order to dodge his hand.

“Am I not your papa?” Li Qiye wanted to tease her again: “In that case, Ill be leaving then.”

“Youre a bad guy too!” Her eyes became watery and acted as if she was wronged.

Li Qiye only smiled and didnt respond. Meanwhile, the woman was sighing with a dejected and sad appearance. Her pretty brows were shrouded in a gloomy air.

They entered Renowned and found themselves in a new world. The serene scene here immediately isolated the lively city outside.

An earthly scent pervaded the mansion like the mist. A mortal would find himself thinking that this was a land of immortals. Breathing in this aura was too comfortable.

“Feels nice, what is this?” The girl clearly reacted after entering.

Jianshi took note and told the woman: “Sis, shes a good seed. If she were to stay here, her future will be bright.”

The woman continued her silent act.

Li Qiye was just smiling like always. The earthly scene and energy might seem like a transcending realm for mortals but in his eyes, this was only a minor abode.

Wenren Jianshi let the rest stay outside while he came in alone.

The woman quietly told Li Qiye: “Before actually entering the mansion, you should escape now. This is your last chance.”

“Why?” To which he responded: “Getting a beautiful wife and a cute daughter on top of an influential father-in-law out of thin air, thats a good thing like a pie falling down from the sky. People would kill for this luck so how could I refuse it?”

“You…” She stared at Li Qiye, wondering about his true intention. In the end, she coldly said: “You should know what kind of existence the Wenren Clan is.”

“No idea.” He bluntly answered. In fact, he really didnt know and didnt need to know at all. It wasnt necessary to investigate a little clan.

After some time, Wenren Jianshi came back and told the woman: “Father wishes to see you.”

She took a deep breath and took the girls arm. However, Jianshi stopped her and said seriously: “Sis, its not wise to let father see her right now, thats fanning the fire. Dont worry, Ill make sure nothing happens to her.”

After hesitating for a bit, she eventually nodded and left the girl to enter alone.

The girl wasnt afraid of people. She looked at Jianshi and asked: “Does grandpa have horns and wings and a long neck like a bad guy?”

The experts here had black lines running through their forehead. Wenren Jianshi didnt know whether to laugh or cry either.

He squatted down and told the girl earnestly: “Grandpa isnt a bad guy. Its just that he doesnt have a choice in some matters…”

“If hes not a bad guy, why does he want to separate mama and papa?” The girl hastily complained.

“You will understand when you grow up.” Jianshi rubbed her head and smiled: “Your father and mother also understand his predicament.”

Having said that, Jianshi continued: “Tell your uncle, whats your fathers name?”

The girl blinked and circled back to hold onto Li Qiyes thigh: “This is my papa!”

Li Qiye said with a faint smile: “Its not that easy to trick this girl.”

Jianshi rubbed her head more and smiled wryly: “A clever child, like her mother. Unfortunately, clever people sometimes do foolish things.”

Li Qiye said casually: “Im tired. There must be an area for guests to rest?”

Jianshi gave him a strange stare and was full of curiosity at his leisure attitude. This guy was acting as if this was his own home.

“Accommodate the young noble, do not be impolite to our guest.” Jianshi told one of the experts nearby.

Li Qiye smiled casually and followed the expert without commenting.

They prepared a place for him. Of course, he was separated from the mother and daughter.

Despite being a guest, he wasnt that far off from being a prisoner and always had people following him. They did follow Jianshis order and didnt make it difficult for him.

After settling down, he treated this place as his own home and took his time relaxing. He seemed very comfortable taking a stroll everywhere.

The clans disciples followed him but didnt stop him from wandering since they didnt see any intent on escaping from him.

Not long later, Wenren Jianshi came by and saw Li Qiye in the garden. He smiled wryly at this guy appearing out of nowhere and acting as if he was the boss.

“Looks like you are used to this place now. I am relieved.” He came forward and said with a smile.

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