Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 166 : Ants Moving a Coffin 2

A clean, ocean breeze made Li Qiye take a deep breath and felt quite refreshed.

Despite their aquatic nature, Heaven Spirit and the Grand Sea were distinctly different. Heaven Spirit was a marsh full of abundant moisture or a grand mist with the smell of the ocean. The Grand Sea, on the other hand, had a pure and refreshing aura with a slight fragrance of soil and vegetation.

Li Qiye landed on a series of islands. The large ones were ten thousands of miles while the small ones were around a hundred mile wide. These islands chained together like a long bridge spanning a vast distance.

They actually surrounded a great continent stretching for a million miles. It was a giant ship that would never sink.

Li Qiye stepped on this continent and took his time strolling through it.

“The evolution of the races is one of the most profound questions across time. A few evolutions have far exceeded linear expectation. A creature crawling out of the deep sea, theres too many secrets behind it.” Li Qiye commented with a tinge of emotions.

He eventually came to an old city and looked up to see the words, “Renowned”.

Renowned was a bustling city under the control of influential clans. Most properties were owned by them.

He stepped among the loud streets with the waves of people. He enjoyed this rare experience of mortal life.

“I still like the Mortal Emperor World the most.” Li Qiye couldnt help but smile.

Mortal Emperor gave such a different aura than Heaven Spirit. Though the latter was outstanding, it gave a suffocating feeling after staying there for too long as if a shadow was looming overhead.

Finally, he leisurely entered an inn and sat by the window before calling for several breakfast meals with some warm wine. He drank and ate his breakfast while watching the crowd. There was an indescribable sense of enjoyment to just waste away the day with a smile.

He didnt come here randomly since there was an item that he wanted. This trip was meant to gather several weapons that he hasnt touched before. However, since he was planning to leave the nine worlds to go all out, he must bring his ace cards with him.

True Martial has heard from Immortal Emperor Min Ren before. Li Qiye indeed had some terrifying items and weapons. Moreover, there was a world-destroying artifact that could render the gods and emperors to ashes in an instant.

Such an item truly existed. More importantly, it has fallen into his possession after he paid a great price.

As the saying goes, a wily rabbit has three nests. For Li Qiye, the Grand Sea was one of them. He hid many things in this place, including two weapons.

He was ready to bring these weapons along for the final battle in the future. Victory shall be decided with one blow since there wont be another chance.

He took his time sipping his wine and watched the pedestrians outside. Meanwhile, the guests in the inn were chatting it up about everything.

Normally, these conversations wouldnt interest him since they were completely insignificant. But at this moment, he enjoyed listening in.

It reminded him of Jian Wenxins phrase – the heavens is too unreachable. There is nothing bad about being a trapped ant in this world.

He smiled wryly after thinking about this. Unfortunately, he cant do it. He was a rebellious ant that wanted to trample on an elephant!

Children everywhere and prosperity… If he wanted this, he could still experience such happy days. Alas, this was not his true pursuit. Nothing in this world could stop him from treading forward.

He dispelled his thoughts and everything disappeared with a single smile.

“Thump! Thump! Thump!” Busy and light footsteps came about. Two people entered the inn, one old and one young like a mother and daughter. They entered the top floor and quietly sat by a remote corner and ordered a few dishes.

Li Qiye glanced over and found that the woman was more than thirty but still looked quite young. She wore a simple hemp dress with an embroidered flower and no makeup.

The dress was quite big with a hood. She wore it all the way down as if wanting to hide her face. These factors didnt hide her beauty at all due to her charming eyes and defined brows. It was an amorous and flirtatious look.

On top of her finely sculpted features, her figure was also incredible. The dress couldnt hide her curves, full breasts, and rounded hips. Her feminine charm was as clear as day. This was a mature and juicy grape that made others cant help but want to pluck it down for a bite.

She was very cautious. After sitting down with a sweeping glance, she immediately lowered her hood even more. On the contrary, her daughter was a lot bolder. She was around six or seven with a pair of big and round eyes, full of spirit and life. Her fair skin and already-apparent features made it clear that she would grow up to be a beauty.

The girl curiously looked around as if she rarely came to such a fun area. Everything seemed new to her.

She also saw Li Qiye looking at them but she wasnt afraid of strangers at all. She even glared at him and raised her tiny fist.

Her mother immediately pulled her back and gave her a mean stare. This was a nervous and vigilant woman.

At this time, more noise came from the outside from horses and carriages. The inn was surrounded in a short time.

“Whats going on?” The guests looked around after hearing the commotion.

“Its people from the Wenren Clan.” The guests were alarmed after seeing the troops outside.

The woman sitting in the corner was alarmed as well and pulled her daughter behind her for concealment.

“Thump! Thump! Thump!” Vigorous footsteps resounded with dozens of people coming to the top floor.

They all wore silk robes with a young man leading the way. He wore a dazzling robe and looked quite handsome and gallant. His eyes were quite clear with a smile as bright as the sun. This made him look quite approachable.

“Young Noble, what, whats going on? Did my little inn offend you in any way?” The shopkeeper was quite tense and hurriedly asked.

“No, this has nothing to do with your inn.” The youth looked around and saw the woman. He then told everyone: “Gentlemen, the Wenren Clan has to take care of personal business, please leave for now. Its my treat today.”

Having said that, he handed a gold ingot to the shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper was happy right away and didnt dare to object. The guests also withdrew one after another without lingering around.

Wenren Jianshi was the oldest male from the Wenren Clan. This was the ruling clan of Renowned so everyone gave the clan and its oldest son some face.

In a short time, there was only Li Qiye and the mother-daughter duo left. The inn became quiet instantly. Li Qiye acted as if nothing has happened and continue to eat and drink while watching people walking through the street.

“Hey brother, its my treat today. Please take your leave?” Wenren Jianshi noticed Li Qiye and asked.

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