Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 165 : Ants Moving a Coffin 1

At this particular point, Shadowless lowered his head and spoke softly: “You have always been a strict father to us, but we are assassins, we have our mission…”

Li Qiye became a bit sad before eventually say: “I know. You may kneel, I shall allow this since we might not be able to meet again after this.”

It would be a separation between heavens and men after this goodbye so Li Qiye agreed.

“Thump!” Shadowless immediately kneeled solemnly there and bowed his head three times: “Father!”

Li Qiyes mind shuddered a bit as he closed his eyes and accepted the grand gesture from Shadowless.

Before Shadowless knew it, his eyes were already wet. He also knew that this would be the last time in his life when he could call Li Qiyes “father”.

Finally, his body flashed into nothingness. For him, the hardest thing in life was saying goodbye!

After a long time, Li Qiye also opened his eyes that were glistening as well. Even his numb heart shuddered a bit.

In the past when he started the Godslaying Corps, Shadowless group was only a group of teenage orphans with no home. He took them in and trained them under the harshest regiment for the highest effect. This was him being responsible for their lives. Otherwise, they could have died at any time during the war.

Under his guidance, the innocent children became remarkable killers and eventually, white-haired old men.

During the retirement of the corps, he has personally sent them off. He was the one who turned children into assassins so he needed to send them away from war.

In his mind, he hoped that they could find peace and rest for the remainder of their lives. Because of this, he didnt try to find them at all lest he would disturb their serenity.

Today, he met Shadowless again. The child was on the verge of death now. He felt his emotionless heart quivering when saying goodbye to Shadowless again. It was as if he was saying farewell to a junior, to his own son. In the future, they would all be buried in the soil.

He finally sighed and his calm gaze returned. He was now his old self, shrouded in indifference again. He was once again the Dark Crow. No need for emotions and sorrow. The grand dao was long and he needed to continue on.

He went back to the dao platform where Su Yonghuang and Sima Yujian were waiting for him.

He looked at Yujian and said: “Do you need to say goodbye to anyone? If so, then go or there wont be a chance later.”

Her eyes slightly batted as she stared towards the horizon. In the end, she took a deep breath and said: “I have said my goodbyes and am ready for this.”

She knew that she was about to leave Heaven Spirit completely so she had made ample preparation.

“Very well.” He continued: “From now on, you will stay by my side. The world in the future will be vast and cruel. Just a single thought could determine life and death. Because of this, your fortune and achievements in the future will rely on your own effort. I can only show you the way.”

“I understand.” She nodded solemnly. Though she didnt know what Li Qiye had to do with her Godslaying Corps, her ancestor has entrusted her to him. So from now on, she would give him her all!

“Alright.” Li Qiye told Su Yonghuang: “Im opening the dao portal to bring the two of you to the Grand Middle Territory. You take her to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.”

“What about you?” Su Yonghuang was surprised.

He responded: “I need to go to the Grand Sea to personally end a few things. Plus, I still have some items there.”

Su Yonghuang wondered why he had some items in that region. His only connection to the Grand Sea was Zi Cuining.

However, she wouldnt pry needlessly so she nodded: “Yes, Ill let the others know too.”

“Whoosh!” He opened the portal and locked onto the coordinates before telling the two: “Get ready. Once you arrive, keep on cultivating hard.”

The two nodded their head and entered the portal.

The nine worlds were sealed so these portals were not connected at all. It was exceedingly difficult to travel between worlds under these circumstances. An ordinary Godking wouldnt be able to do it with their own strength. Some could do so but an unstable dao portal had many uncertainties and risks.

However, it was too easy for Li Qiye since he cultivated the Space Scripture.

After sending the two girls away, he changed the coordinates and also stepped into the portal for the Grand Sea.

The Northern Grand Sea was one of the five domains in the Mortal Emperor World. It was vast and extremely prosperous.

The place was indeed full of oceans of an incalculable size. However, it was different from Heaven Spirit. There were many islands in this place and they formed chains together on top of the many continents.

The continents floated on this ocean like eternally unsinkable ships!

While standing in the sky of this place, the islands and continents scattered like jewels and gems. Its beauty was beyond description and made people forget their way back home!

After entering this region, Li Qiye was full of thoughts with memories emerging.

He came this time to end a few things. In fact, to be more specific, he came to collect some debts and eliminate a few people from this world. Most importantly, there were a few extremely important items he needed to take. One of them could decide the outcome of the ultimate war in the future.

He left a great number of treasures in this place, his largest treasury, in fact. People would never be able to squander the number of resources in this treasury for many lifetimes.

The resources were accumulated by him in preparation for the apocalypse. The treasures within were heaven-defying. Even emperors would crave them but of course, none of them would dare to have any thoughts about it. They knew who this treasury belonged to.

However, there was one unrepentant soul who has always been eyeing this treasury. His name was Gu Zun!

For Li Qiye, he could eradicate the guy easily regardless of how strong he was. In fact, he didnt even need to do it himself. If it wasnt for the Black Dragon Kings beseech moving Li Qiye, Gu Zun would have been removed from this world long ago.

Though Gu Zun claimed to be reformed and has changed his heart to become a good person, Li Qiye knew full well that a dog would never stop eating shit. He only acted in this manner back then to win the Black Dragon Kings sympathy and would never actually give up.

Of course, both Li Qiye and the dragon king knew that Gu Zun wouldnt change even in face of death. Alas, the king promised someone which was why Gu Zun could live till now. Otherwise, he would have personally crippled him and force him to be a mortal!

In Li Qiyes eyes, Gu Zun was only an ant. It didnt matter whether the guy was repenting or not. If Gu Zun continued to be a fool standing on his path, he would crush him like an ant.

Though he didnt want to massacre the Heaven Suppression City, he wouldnt show any mercy if it had to be done even if it meant slaughtering the city! Thus, for this trip to the Grand Sea, blood was on his mind.

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