Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 162 : Dealing with the Dead 2

said that she would challenge him after becoming a sea god. However, she knew that even after becoming one, it was far from enough to defeat him.

“Be confident in yourself.” Li Qiye stated: “Not being able to beat me is not something to be ashamed about. In the nine heavens and ten earths, you wont the only one who is afraid of me either. Remember, you are one of the few people in the history of the pavilion who have mastered the seven styles. Your future will be brilliant; your achievements could even be on the same level as the Prime Sea God.”

“I understand.” She took a deep breath and stood proudly with her eyes lighting up. The confident goddess has returned again!

“The Trident will pick you.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “Even if it doesnt, no big deal, just seize it then. Its not like your pavilion hasnt done this before. Once you could wield it, you will become sea god regardless of whether it picks you or not.”

She solemnly nodded since Li Qiye was right regarding this matter. Their pavilion has done this before. In the past, Deep Blue Sea God actually seized the Trident by force! Moreover, the Hallowed Ancestor was still around in case she needed assistance!

“I have faith in you.” He looked at her and said: “Just work hard and youll be a sea god. The important part is whether you will be ready after becoming one.”

She calmly met his gaze with her own that seemed to be illuminating into his mind. After a long time, she nodded: “Dont worry, Ill remember you well. If I have made a choice, I shall do it without letting you down.”

“Very good. One day, you will be a hero of the sea demon race, the greatest sea god of them all.” Li Qiye smiled and said while getting ready to leave.

She stopped him: “Young Noble Li.”

Li Qiye slowly replied: “Theres something else?”

“I heard the Hallowed Ancestor said that youre not just leaving Heaven Spirit?” She hesitated for a moment before speaking.

Li Qiye confirmed: “Yes, when I leave, it wont just be leaving Heaven Spirit since Ill be off to a faraway place.”

“Will I be able to say goodbye before you leave?” She eventually stared deeply at him.

“Yes. Dont forget that you still owe me. In this world, anyone who owes me will have to pay in the end when the time is right.”

The goddess smiled and nodded solemnly: “I will repay what I owe you, Young Noble.”

With that, he turned and left while she watched his departing back until he was out of sight.

Finally, Li Qiye and Su Yonghuang traveled towards the sky. Each of the nine worlds had a gigantic dao platform. It was the portal connecting all of them. However, it was sealed after the Black Dragon King tore apart the Heavens Will.

He was thinking of using this dao platform to return to the Mortal Emperor World. However, there was someone quietly waiting for him there. It was a woman with a cold expression, Sima Yujian who has left several days ago.

“Why are you here?” He was surprised to see her.

“I was ordered to follow you, Young Master.” She bowed after seeing. She was completely different and respectful this time around.

“Young Master?” His eyes became serious as he immediately turned around while being affixed to a certain spot in the sky.

He took a step forward and instantly climbed into the nebula above.

“Come out, there is only one person in the world who has cultivated the Godslaying Dao to this level.” He said slowly.

The nebula was still silent with no one appearing.

“Its been so many years, Shadowless, but you are still so cautious. I chose you back then precisely because of your prudence.” Li Qiye didnt blame the guy for not showing up and laughed.

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