Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 162 : Dealing with the Dead 2

Li Qiye smiled and said after hearing True Martial: “Min Ren really has a big mouth but hes right.”

Prime and the others were shaken as they glanced at each other.

Li Qiye took note of their expression and said: “Thats right, I do have a few terrorizing items and enough resources to slay gods and emperors. This is my power, thus, those who want to oppose me must weight their own worth first and see if they are ready to be annihilated by me!”

He uttered such words so casually but when the rest of the group heard the words “slay gods and emperors”, they became quite tense. As sea gods, they knew that the dark hand behind the curtain wasnt all talk. Moreover, he has done it before!

“Im sure no wise soul would oppose you, Your Excellency.” True Martial spoke.

Li Qiye continued on: “For me, the disaster isnt much. If I am willing, I can destroy the Bonesea and the Divine Tree Ridge due to my ample resources. The Trident is amazing, right? I can easily take out three or five treasures at the same level!”

He paused for a moment before continuing: “And yes, Immortal Emperor Min Ren is right about something else. There is one ultimate artifact in the world capable of annihilating all things. Its power is far beyond your imagination. I dont mind letting you guys know that I do have it in my possession right now!”

The rest was shaken again. Deep Blue had to ask: “How powerful is it, exactly?”

“I can tell you that using it to massacre an Immortal Emperor is too wasteful. In my eyes, even using it to kill the emperors and gods above the nine heavens is still squandering it away.” Li Qiye took his time making this statement.

Few people knew that he was saving these resources for the final battle! Even emperors werent worthy of touching this particular arsenal!

The sea gods felt something they havent felt a long time before, a shuddering chill emanating through their mind. They understood that he was telling the truth. There was no reason for the ruler of the universe and the master of the nine worlds to lie at all.

“So now, you all should know the wise path to take.” Li Qiye said flatly: “In your mind, an existence like the Bonesea is your final destination, your ultimate target.”

“But for me, the Bonesea and Divine Tree Ridge, as well as the rest of the burial grounds, are only part of my journey; mountains along the way. If Im willing to pay a great price, theyll be crushed beneath my feet! What are they compared to the end of the world?”

The sea gods were silent. They have only heard stories about the end of the world from a few emperors. Alas, they didnt have a chance to actually see it.

Even one of the greatest sea gods, True Martial, didnt have this opportunity but he did hear Immortal Emperor Min Ren talk about it.

“Your Excellency, you can really destroy the Bonesea?” Prime became serious.

“Its possible but I wont do it. Not unless it declared war against me first.” Li Qiye smiled.

“What if you destroy it? Though our true bodies are no longer in this world, we can let the sea demons serve you and give you all of our races resources!” Prime suggested.

“Prime, your idea isnt bad.” Li Qiye shook his head: “But it isnt worth it for me. The deal is no good. The thing I need cant be given to me by you or the sea demon race. Plus, I dont need your allegiance.”

“I was already the ruler of the nine worlds. If I wanted the nine worlds to serve me, I wouldnt need to wait till now. My resources are not meant for the Bonesea, only for the final battle. Plus, Im not a benevolent person. I wont try to save this world. The life-and-death of the sea demons and the charming spirits have nothing to do with me.”

The group naturally got the point. In order to get to their current position, they understood that relying on benevolence and the high heaven couldnt amount anything. Ultimately, one must talk with their fist.

If one could walk this path with kindness, there would be no sea gods and Immortal Emperors in this world. Which of them didnt tread on countless bones? If they didnt do so, they would be the bones paving the route.

“In the end, this world requires all of you to save it. There is no savior in this world, never has. At the very least, Im not one of them. Only a butcher.” Li Qiye slowly said.

“But you have done so before.” True Martial blurted: “During the darkest hours of the nine worlds, you guarded it. Otherwise, it would be forever fell into the hands of the Ancient Ming. This is your benevolence, granting salvation to the nine worlds!”

Li Qiye mused for a bit before replying: “Yes, I have guarded this world before. However, it was because the Ancient Mings were invaders in my eyes. They didnt belong to this world and they shouldnt have brought the darkness along with them! But worst of all, they shouldnt have opposed me, thats why I annihilated them.”

With that, he spoke to the entire table: “But, all of you know what the Bonesea, Maelstrom and Divine Tree Ridge are. These are your three races business so you must be the one taking care of them!”

He spoke coldly: “Just like the Ancient Ming and their darkness, thats why our nine worlds took care of them. During their reign, did immortals above the high heaven come to save the nine worlds? Did the emperors and gods above come? Did the high heaven itself save the nine worlds?”

“No!” Li Qiyes eyes became deep as he continued on: “To the high heaven and what lies above the nine heavens, we are nothing, only a bunch of ants. They gave no shit about the well-being of the nine worlds! Because of this, we had to be the one protecting and saving the nine worlds.”

“Thats how simple it is. No savior and no guardian. The weak and insignificant existences of the nine worlds must work for their own destiny. They must be the one fighting instead of praying for a savior! If they don ’t try to save themselves, why should anyone else save them? Kindness and sympathy can only go so far in saving the world; the rest is done by soldiers giving up their lives, wise sages exchanging with their blood!” His words became resoundingly powerful during the speech.

To which the sea gods didnt respond at all for a long time.

Li Qiye ended with a faint smile: “No savior in this world but all of you are the brave soldiers and wise sages of the sea demon race! If your race were to be prosperous in the future, you must pay with your blood and life, not just a simple deal, whether it be with me or the Bonesea. Thats only the beginning. Theres no getting out of a bigger sacrifice! Its as simple as that.”

“Your Excellencys words have shown us the way.” Prime solemnly nodded: “We shall use our blood and lives in exchange for our races future and end this disaster!”

“I know that you will be ready. However, the world wont remember the brave soldiers and the wise sages. They will only know about an emperor, a random sea god, or even an Emperor Assailant. No one will remember the characters in the background.” He smiled at this point.

“Let them be then. We dont need them to remember and worship us.” True Martial laughed freely.

“Behind every brilliant daughter is a great father.” Li Qiye couldnt help but praise.

True Martial only laughed back. In the end, Li Qiye stood up since he has achieved his goal. It was time to leave.

“Your Excellency.” As he was leaving, True Martial suddenly called for him. He pondered for a bit before asking: “How is Ruonan doing?”

Despite no longer being in this world, a father still worried about his daughter all the same.

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