Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 161: Dealing with the Dead 1

Primes group knew more information and understood what the disaster would entailed.

“Your Excellency, what do you mean? Are you talking about the Bonesea, the Maelstrom, or the Divine Tree Ridge?” One of the sea gods spoke.

“Do you still not see clearly? In your eyes, the Bonesea is what you worry about. Moreover, the three have always maintained a state of balance so when the disaster comes, what will happen should be clear.” Li Qiye couldnt help but smile.

The sea gods here didnt respond but they agreed with his comment.

“Then what good news do you bring us, Your Excellency?” Prime took a deep breath and asked.

“Congratulation, everyone should be happy that I finally want to interfere with this matter with my bet on the charming spirit race, like I have said earlier.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

The expression of the sea gods became much better. They knew just how significant the moment someone of Li Qiyes level wanted to get involved! This was an eternal overlord, capable of slaughtering the Ancient Ming!

“Your Excellency, you are the savior and guardian of the nine worlds…” True Martial hurriedly said with excitement.

“Stop.” Li Qiye interrupted him: “True Martial, dont flatter me so fast. First, Im not a savior or a guardian. If the world wants to give me a moniker, I feel thatButcher of the Nine Worlds fits me more. Of course, I personally like the title ofDark Hand behind the Curtain.”

True Martial could only smile wryly at the humorous response.

“Will you declare war, Your Excellency?” It was Deep Blues turn to ask.

“No.” Li Qiye shook his head and said: “Two days ago, I actually tried to provoke them so that Heaven Spirit would be warmed up before the disaster. Unfortunately, both the Bonesea and the ridge ignored me. But of course, dont think that Ill be staying here to fight.”

“You mean…?” Prime asked for clarification.

Li Qiye chuckled and said: “Heaven Spirit doesnt have much to do with me so frankly, I wont be staying here and fight for its sake. However, I have made some preparations, not because Im merciful. It is only that there are a few people and matters worthy of me doing something.”

“Could you be more specific in your future assistance?” Deep Blue asked.

“Not me.” Li Qiye shook his head: “Like I said earlier, I wont be here when the disaster comes. However, I made some plans at the Bonesea and the Maelstrom themselves.”

“The Maelstrom might not necessarily stand with the charming spirits.” True Martial stated his concern.

“Dont worry, the darkness at the bottom of the Maelstrom wont be able to do anything. Plus, Im not betting on the ants down there anyway.” Li Qiye continued: “If you want assurance from me, so be it. I can guarantee that when you all fight against the Bonesea, someone who can actually withstand it in a direct confrontation will step up to the battlefield!”

“A direct confrontation?” The sea gods were shocked. They understood the meaning behind such a feat and just how powerful such an existence would be.

“Of course, I left behind far more than just that.” He said flatly: “Thus, if you wish to win the war and for Heaven Spirit to exist afterward with your sea demon descendants alive, you must pay a great price!”

They exchanged glances at this moment before making up their mind. Prime was the negotiator: “What is your condition, Your Excellency?”

“I dont want anything but a promise from all of you. At the start of the war, you must be on our side. Moreover, that is the time for you to sacrifice yourselves.”

Having said that, he became serious: “This long-lasting shadow council must have been the place for many discussions about methods of resistance. At that time, Im sure you will know what to do!”

True Martial was next to speak: “To be perfectly candid, Your Majesty, we have indeed discussed a few methods. However, it is limited and only in theory, we have never actually carried it out. We dont know which methods are possible.”

“Blood detonation.” Li Qiye slowly said: “All I can suggest is this method. This is the most direct and effective solution.”

Blue Sea pondered for a moment before asking: “Hmm, is that possible?”

“Heaven Spirit, no, all of nine worlds, wouldnt have something like this.” Li Qiye replied: “its just like the immortal beasts, do they really exist in the nine worlds? Of course not. But this doesnt mean they dont exist so I can guarantee that this method is the best choice.”

“Has it been done before?” The group was slightly tempted now.

Li Qiye looked at them and explained: “The crucial question now is whether you are willing to pay the price for your race and Heaven Spirit. I know that you have made a deal with the Bonesea before. But now, do you wish to work with me or the Bonesea? Whether it is for your own sake, your descendants, or the sea demon race, it is your choice now.”

After some wordless deliberation and exchanged glances, all the sea gods solemnly nodded.

Prime spoke: “Your Excellency, we can sacrifice ourselves. The truth is that I wouldnt have started the shadow council and they wouldnt have joined if it wasnt for our descendants and the sea demon race. As long as our race can survive in this disaster, we can end our transaction with the Bonesea. However, we cant underestimate the Bonesea at all. Even if we could carry out your proposal, Im afraid it will still be very difficult. You know it well enough. Once it reaches that point, it will have total control.” He gently sighed with the last statement.

“Dont worry, since I offered a method, I will also have a way to make your blood detonation a success. Dont forget, this method of mine didnt come out of thin air. Its not in theory only.” He assured them with a smile.

The group became spirited after hearing this right away. Prime nodded again: “We are relieved to hear your assurance and shall promise you to work together during the decisive battle!”

Finally, the sea gods and Li Qiye have reached an agreement. Just like Li Qiye has said, this choice of theirs meant personal sacrifices!

Prime pondered for a bit and said: “Your Excellency, I wonder if I should ask you this question or not?”

“Speak.” Li Qiye chuckled while looking at him.

“I heard that you are always confident of victory because you have in your possession a few ultimate artifacts. Even emperors do not have items of this level.” He spoke with uncertainty.

The sea gods here stared at him with anticipation. They rarely made contact with him so they knew nothing about him. Of course, True Martial was the exception.

However, the legends about the dark hand behind the curtain scared even emperors, let alone them. This made them quite curious about his ultimate means.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Certain ultimate artifacts, right? If Im not mistaken, True Martial must have told you.”

True Martial coughed and said: “Yes, I blurted it out when discussing different resisting methods. I heard Immortal Emperor Min Ren talked about it before. He said that you still have a few extremely terrifying items, some that could destroy everything. He even went as far as to say that if they existed, only you would have them.”

He felt a bit awkward about it. After all, not everyone was qualified to know these secrets. The consequence would be unimaginable if this rubbed Li Qiye the wrong way.

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