Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 9: Brutal 1

The shuttle carried Li Qiye into the big funnel and submerged itself in the dark water. Li Qiye couldnt see anything due to this darkness, but he could feel the shuttle falling down with increasing velocity. Occasionally, it would violently quake back and forth as if it was about to fall apart at any moment.

Li Qiye smiled and murmured: “If this boat falls apart, that bone brat will surely become furious.”

He activated the crystal physique just in case something happens to the boat. He would still be safe even if it breaks apart.

After an unknown amount of time, the shuttle finally stopped. The explosions from the water were gone and the area turned silent again.

The shuttle changed as well. It was crystal clear a moment ago but has now turned gray like a bleak piece of jade covered in dust.

Without a doubt, the shuttle has lost the majority of its divinity after falling into the funnel and needed a long recovery period.

Li Qiye said with a smile: “The bone brat will be bleeding with pain.”

In fact, the island lord had already felt the pain after giving the shuttle to Li Qiye. How could he not see through it? An existence like the Dark Crow wouldnt need to borrow his shuttle if he was only going to play around.

He understood that the Dark Crow was about to go all out in this endeavor, so he had already braced himself mentally to see his boat being greatly damaged. Despite knowing all of this, he still lent it to Li Qiye in the end.

Li Qiye jumped out of the shuttle and looked at the void in front of him. The main difference was that there was a large taiji diagram that looked like its own world. Even though it was rotating slowly, it was the core that dragged everything else along.

Upon careful inspection, one would notice that the Yin affinity was very familiar. It was extremely dark and capable of devouring all passing light.

“The old geezer was too heaven-defying and fierce back then. In his rage, he destroyed the Yin affinity.” Li Qiye shook his head and grinned.

The Yin force ahead was the black liquid he saw in the past back at the dragon mountain. It was a crucial part of this diagram and held grave importance.

In the distant years, the old geezer had been here before, even earlier than the other Immortal Emperors. He was different back then since he used to be a ferocious demon dragon. He launched an assault on this place and, under his relentless fury, he destroyed a part of the Yin force and brought it back home to be sealed.

Of course, he wanted to be able to use it one day in case a descendant of his becomes powerful enough to return because there was an item in this location that his dragon race must have. Another reason was that he didnt want others to obtain this particular item, so he destroyed half of this diagram.

In the present, his willingness to release it was a great favor to Li Qiye. No one else would be able to enjoy this grand gesture. In fact, someone had asked him before Li Qiye — Immortal Emperor Bu Si. Alas, the old man refused.

Li Qiye took a deep breath. With a buzz, he summoned the pentagate, the bronze box, the green lamp, and his Dao Sword…

He took out all of these wondrous treasures not for self protection, but to suppress his own dao foundation. This was an unthinkable move. With his dao foundation sealed, even if he was stronger, he wouldnt be able to retaliate. This turned him into a defenseless bookworm; even a mortal could kill him at this moment.

He had his reasons for doing so. Even though this rendered him helpless, there was one particular advantage — his dao foundation wouldnt suffer any damage. This left him completely vulnerable, but his core would be able to withstand a world-destroying attack and remain intact.

Even if he died and his body turns into smoke, his dao foundation would still be there with his palaces, inner physiques, and grand dao… These things would all be preserved.

Anyone would think that this line of thought was absurd. Everyone knew that once death approached, there would be nothing left. The death of the true fate was an eternal rest so keeping the dao foundation intact would be useless!

For a cultivator, a destroyed dao foundation could be rebuilt and a body reshaped. However, if the true fate were to be destroyed, the souls and spirits would dissipate completely. This was a true death without a chance to start again.

Therefore, in the face of inescapable danger, cultivators would give up their body and everything else besides the true fate. As long as they could survive, there would be another opportunity.

The fate palaces, physique, and even dao foundation paled in comparison to the true fate. However, Li Qiye was doing the complete opposite. He was prioritizing his dao foundation over his true fate. Anyone witnessing this scene would think that only a madman or an idiot would do this.

He took a deep breath and stood in the middle of the taiji diagram, the point that connected the Yin and Yang. He closed his eyes and waited for the right moment.

As time passed, a loud blast eventually resounded. The taiji emitted a brilliance signaling the harmony of the Yin and Yang. A new world was opened before him, prompting him to jump inside.

In the blink of an eye, the taiji disappeared along with the Yin and Yang light. He opened his eyes with a faint smile on his face. This new world with rosy clouds in the sky was magnificent. It seemed that this location was spewing out divine mists and clouds. Everything seemed incredibly soft. Walking in this land gave a strange comforting feel as if there was a pretty flower field beneath their feet.

In this vast world, there were things that resembled mountains and bridges leading from one realm to another. Walking on these bridges gave the feeling of walking up into the heavens.

What was even more satisfying was the general aura of this place. It was full of vitality as if this was an ancient era. A majestic life force pervaded this realm. In such a boundless atmosphere, inhaling a simple mouthful of air could immediately turn someone into an immortal.

“There are so many treasures hidden here that all would covet. Even if it doesnt grant immortality, it will still make someone live for a long, long time.” He laughed.

However, he wasnt like others. He released his own true fate while converging all of his blood energy into his dao foundation. Like this, his true fate was left defenseless. This was no different from committing suicide.

Of course, he was trying to suicide!

An immense sound suddenly blasted this location not long after. It sounded just like the heartbeat of this world that could render powerful cultivators to ashes instantly.

It was needless to mention Li Qiyes current state. Due to his defenseless true fate, he fell flat on the ground and died! This wasnt a state of suspended animation, this was real death!

However, just a moment later, eighteen petals emerged above him and the fourth one lit up.

“Aiz, this is true death.” He suddenly got up from the ground and laughed.

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