Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 158 : Early Peoples Nine Languages 2

Li Qiye gently waved his sleeve while looking at the prostrating ancestor: “Rise, Im here to complete the transaction with you.”

Hallowed was halfway up but after hearing the full sentence, his legs turned weak so he kneeled again and hurriedly said: “Your Excellency, this lowly one was blind before like a frog under the well. I didnt know that you have personally arrived in Heaven Spirit. Trying to make a deal with you was a momentary lapse of propriety. Please forgive this ignorant one. I dont dare to trouble you with this life replenishment matter.”

Since he didnt know about Li Qiyes identity before, he tried to negotiate with the guy. But now, with this knowledge in mind, who would dare to negotiate with the eternal dark hand? Even emperors would have to take the long way around, others werent qualified to do so. He was no exception either.

“Ive always been a man of my words.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve again: “If I have agreed to replenish your life, I shall do so.”

“Your Excellency, I wont ever forget your grace.” The frightened ancestor finally heaved a sigh of relief and bowed again.

“Ill lead the way for you.” He said with reverence after standing up.

Li Qiye nodded: “Very well, I havent visited your pavilion in a while, its a good time to see its pretty sceneries.”

The Hallowed Ancestor quickly told the Seven Martial Goddess standing next to him: “Pavilion Lord, Miss Su isnt familiar with our home so why dont you show her around?”

Though he lacked a clear understanding of Li Qiye, he has heard of some legends before. Because of this, he didnt wish for a third party during their conversation.

The goddess took Su Yonghuang away to fulfill her role as a good host.

“Your Excellency, please come in.” The ancestor became Li Qiyes guide.

He entered the pavilion and took his time appreciating the beautiful sceneries with the ancestor. It was quite vast and magnificent all around with ethereal mists and clouds. The mountains and rivers were flourishing just like a land of immortals. Anyone would forget their way home from loving it so much. There was no rush to meet the Prime Sea God at all.

Today, the entire sect was very quiet with virtually no ordinary disciples around. Even the experts were nowhere to be found, only the ancestors showed themselves.

This was because the Hallowed Ancestor ordered specifically for the disciples to cultivate in isolation since Li Qiye was coming. He was afraid that some disciples might not know the immensity of the heaven and earth. If they were to annoy Li Qiye, then the pavilion would face a great disaster. Even the Ancestral Terra was annihilated and their sect wasnt that much stronger than the terra. An angry Li Qiye might mean an unavoidable doom.

Moreover, he has heard that the eternal dark hand didnt like others talking about him, especially about his past. Because of this, he was afraid of the disciples being too curious and think about a few things. That would lead to more trouble.

The entire pavilion was open for him including the forbidden and secret locations. The ancestor understood that if Li Qiye wanted to go somewhere, no one would be able to stop him anyway. Since he could come and go as he please, it would look better for them to open the entire sect to him.

Hallowed took him to many places unavailable to the protectors and elders as his guide without holding back. Eventually, the two of them reached the highest peak overlooking all of the magnificent sceneries of the sect.

Li Qiye took in the scene and eventually said: “The Seven Martial Pavilion is a treasure ground. Prime was very insightful indeed and has expended painstaking effort to create the sect here.”

“Our descendants are blessed today due to the protection of the progenitor and the wise sages.” Hallowed hurriedly answered: “Everything here was left behind for us already. Alas, we of the future generations are incompetent and cant make it even stronger.”

Li Qiye glanced at him and said: “Dont worry, I dont have any desire towards your pavilion but I do know that your sect has accumulated more than enough power with no lack of treasuries and resources.”

Being revealed by Li Qiye left Hallowed with a red complexion. He smiled wryly in response: “Its all due to our progenitor, including the current shielding situation. We are simply reaping the benefits of having a golden spoon.”

“While its true that he has performed the overarching shielding plan for the sect, the current accumulation and power of the sect arent all due to him. This takes many generations and part of it is because of your contribution.” Li Qiye said flatly.

“This lowly one didnt do much at all, cant reach the apex and cant get into your sight, Your Excellency.” Hallowed humbly responded with haste.

“No need to be humble. The hidden resources are quite incredible at this moment but I dont care for this particular inheritance, dont worry.” Li Qiye reiterated nonchalantly.

“Ah, just a bit of resource, not enough to impress you at all, Your Excellency.” Hallowed smiled hollowly.

Despite being very famous in Heaven Spirit, the pavilion maintained a low-key presence. This wasnt to say that they didnt bother with worldly affairs or chose a reclusive way of life. It was because they rarely took in guests.

Any other powerful sea gods lineage would be quite eventful and crowded. There would be great fanfare after the birth of a sea god since they would accept the tributes from sea demons everywhere.

Alas, the pavilion didnt do so. Only extremely important people could visit this sect as a guest. They also rarely took in tributes or meeting requests from other sea demons. Most people in Heaven Spirit, especially the sea demons, found this quite peculiar.

Ordinary people couldnt see it but not Li Qiye. The pavilions ancestral ground was completely hidden by an extremely heaven-defying method.

On the surface, the pavilion wasnt different from the other sea gods lineages. However, it was hiding many things that couldnt be seen from the outside. One had to enter before discovering these hidden matters. Of course, only someone of Li Qiyes level would be able to see through the true mysteries once inside.

Such concealment had no effect on Li Qiye even if Hallowed tried to.

“Theres a reason why your progenitor has the title, Prime.” Li Qiye uttered slowly: “Even though he started later compared to the Roaring Conchs progenitor, his outstanding vision wasnt something the Roaring Conchs progenitor could compare to. Even before becoming a sea god, he already had plans. Despite failing to make a choice like the others, he still left behind a backup plan for your pavilion or even the entire sea demon race.”

He continued: “But as for that Roaring Conch Sea God? His choice might have added some advantages but it came from a self-serving intent.”

“Well…” Hallowed became frightened and whispered: “Your Excellency, is this the right place to discuss this?” With that, he secretly pointed up above.

Li Qiye smiled in response: “Dont worry, spying is possible in the past but now, I actually want to see it happen. If they dare to come out, I shall fight but if they continue hiding, theres nothing I can do even if I want to initiate a war.”

Hallowed was scared out of his mind after hearing this secretive topic. He couldnt help but steal glances at the sky and was a bit afraid of a pair of eyes suddenly opening above.

After all, his sect has been hiding many things. In fact, this has been the case for three generations of sea gods.

Nevertheless, he understood that the eternal dark hand had no fear of anything. If someone actually dared to meet the challenge, a war will ensue to the bitter end.

Hallowed wouldnt dare to conjecture on the final victor but Li Qiye as the dark hand had absolute confidence. Of course, this would mean that the disaster would come early.

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