Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 156 : Competing Wealth with me? 2

The verdant tree covered all of Heaven Spirit as if it was the real ruler. All other creatures seemed so tiny beneath its shadow, not worth mentioning at all.

People could only look up to this tree with fear in their mind. Any existence would feel that they couldnt reach the apex, completely helpless.

For example, All-Martial General also shared this same sentiment with a tinge of powerlessness. He wasnt even an ant compared to this verdant tree.

In the past, he didnt understand why his princess supported Li Qiye so much. She even felt that it was natural for him to sit above a sea god.

But now, it was all clear. He felt that her choice was quite insightful and visionary.

He has destroyed the Ancestral Terra even before becoming an Immortal Emperor. Then what about after his ascension…

Just thinking of that made the general shudder. Li Qiye was already frightening enough now. After becoming emperor, the general could only describe Li Qiye with one moniker – Eternal Prime Emperor!

In fact, he wasnt the only one with this thought. Many experts at the pinnacle of Heaven Spirit were trembling as well.

Before shouldering the Heavens Will, this was his capability. After becoming emperor, they would be insects before him!

“The greatest emperor of all time!” One invincible master gently sighed. This was perhaps inevitable in the future.

All existences were nervous with fear. Some were forced on the ground while shaking in Heaven Spirit.

Three great powers have been destroyed and even the famous impregnable Ancestral Terra couldnt escape this fate.

Just thinking about Li Qiyes ferocious method to uproot the three ancestral trees made everyone shudder. Some even lost control of their bowel movement.

Many people in the future would wake up in the middle of the night due to seeing the nightmarish scene of today!

How could anyone ever forget three ancestral trees being forcibly uprooted? This merciless scene has imprinted itself into everyones memories for the rest of their lives.

“Anyone else wants to take me on?” His voice echoed again. Though no one could see him, they could feel his gaze sweeping by all of Heaven Spirit to their horror.

Even the strongest masters didnt dare to face him at this moment.

Thus, he turned his gaze towards the Bonesea. His eyes became extremely profound.

“Come out and fight?” A second challenge echoed and terrified the crowd.

Of course, he wasnt challenging the experts of this world since he was aiming for the Bonesea.

However, it was completely silent as if no creature has heard his words. No one answered his challenge.

“Your Majesty, please recall your technique.” The frightened people of this world directly called him king now. They prostrated and hoped that he would recall his power.

In fact, all of the cultivators here misunderstood him and thought that he was challenging Heaven Spirits inhabitants.

Even the invincible masters began to flee without saying goodbye to anyone.

Of course, no one in Heaven Spirit was worthy of fighting him. Only the Bonesea was a challenge at this moment.

But its lack of response made Li Qiye look away. He darted towards Godhalt in a very mysterious location.

It was a gaze capable of crossing through time and everything in this world. At this moment, he was illuminating that location.

“Looks like it is giving up completely, which necessitates finding a completely new method.” He slowly spoke while fixating in this place.

There was no response or reaction either. The place was still mysterious and normal looking. No one would give it a second glance outside of Li Qiye!

He eventually retracted his gaze as well.

“I want a fight but unfortunately, they all want to hide with their tail tucked between their legs. What a shame.” His words resounded sonorously across the world, robbing its inhabitants of their colors.

“Boss, who would dare to fight you now? Please, recall your power already.” Some of the bowing crowd couldnt help but beg.

Emperor Assailants were running away as well while thinking that Li Qiye was asking for more opponents.

At this key juncture, no one dared to oppose him, let alone fighting him. Even assailants would be slaughtered by him since the three ancestral trees failed as well.

This misunderstanding wasnt resolved in the end.

“A pity.” In the end, he could only sigh since he couldnt do anything if the Bonesea and the Divine Tree Ridge chose against coming into being.

“Whoosh!” As the crowd was trembling in fear, the verdant tree blotting out the world suddenly disappeared with a loud noise. A boundless green radiance fell upon Heaven Spirit. These green wisps fluttered downward, creating a beautiful and dreamy spectacle.

With this tree gone, many experts stare back towards the Divine Tree Ridge. They found that it was finally back to its original position of stretching through Godhalt. It was still one of the twelve burial grounds as if nothing has happened.

People rubbed their eyes and felt that this was only a dream. One expert even told the person next to him: “Hey, pinch my thigh.”

The pain told him that it wasnt a dream! Of course, this was obvious looking at the destroyed great powers as well. The ultimate massacre just now was indeed reality.

Though it was over, a somber serenity overwhelmed Heaven Spirit for a long while. Experts and lineages didnt dare to voice their opinion. To embellish the atmosphere a little, one could even say that no one dared to breathe loudly.

The cultivators in this world chose to hide in their home instead of showing their face. The battle today has shattered their courage. A few masters who just got out of their coffins immediately crawled back in.

“Be smart and tuck your tail in this generation, do not cause trouble!” Some Emperor Assailants even warned their descendants before running back to their lairs.

Li Qiye returned to his Tetra-war Bronze Chariot and casually threw the ancient jade from the Dream Empyrean and the primordial weapon of the abyss at Su Yonghuang.

“Try your best researching these two items. It will be very beneficial.” He said lightly.

“For me? I have treasures already.” She found this surprising.

Though she didnt know why these two treasures were amazing, they were definitely extraordinary since they were the defining artifacts of the abyss and empyrean.

“Your main treasure belongs to the Su Clan so place it back into the old temple. These two treasures, on the other hand, shall go on conquest with you.” He knew what she was referring to.

When he gave the old treasure to the Su Clan back then, it was to protect them. Thus, after Su Yonghuang found it again, he still hoped that it could stay in their old temple so continue protecting them. He owed them this much.

Yonghuang quietly puts away the two treasures. Li Qiye had so many treasures so he must have his reasons for giving these two to her, she felt.

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