Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 154 : Ancient Sky City 2

This was a quiet world stricken with a palpable pressure due to the corpses of Dualchild, Stygian, and Shen Mengtian nailed to the sky. The suffocated crowd had sweat all over.

Remember that these three represented the top existences for Heaven Spirit.

Even if they werent Emperor Assailants, there was only a little gap. Powerful characters like them could be count on ones hands in Heaven Spirit.

However, against that green tree, they were mere ants and were instantly slaughtered. Just how terrible was its power? Many people recalled what Li Qiye has said earlier. Even if Dualchilds father was in this world, he would still have to take the long way around this tree.

Remember that his father was an emperor. Just thinking about this terrified everyone. The power of this tree has exceeded their imagination. This prompted the question – what the heck was it?

Even though after withering, it turned into the Divine Tree Ridge. Then what about when it was alive?

At this time, people held their breath while looking at the terra. Their heartbeat became rapid because they knew that this was the end for this sect.

Among the five, Shen Mengtian, Stygian, and Dualchild were killed in battle. Ling Fengyun has surrendered. The only one left was Creek Bamboo.

Furthermore, three great powers have been annihilated. The Ancestral Terra most likely couldnt escape this fate either.

It was very somber inside the sect. An air of despair ravaged this place. Just a while ago, the experts were celebrating and thought that the three ancestral trees could protect them from this disaster. Alas, it was inevitable.

“Lets do this.” Li Qiyes voice came from the nine heavens.

“Li Qiye, no, Young Noble Li, I surrender. Our Ancestral Terra will surrender.” Creek Bamboo soared to the sky and raised the white flag.

“We will give up everything and surrender. From now on, The Ancestral Terra is yours!” He beseeched.

“Its too late.” The faint voice responded: “I have given you an opportunity but you didnt value it. A missed venture does not return.”

“Young Noble Li, everyone makes mistakes. We lost today and we will hand over the terra, this is our everything, will you still not spare us?” Creek Bamboo begged loudly.

“You didnt have this thought in the beginning and only changed your mind after facing despair. There is no medicine for regrets in this world.” The voice leisurely said.

“Young Noble Li, as the saying goes, killing someone is only making their head fall on the ground…” Creek Bamboo continued begging.

“Alright, no need to talk to me about morality or act all pitiful. The grand dao is merciless, theres no room for mercy. After making the wrong choice, you must face it bravely. The high heaven does not forgive the weak or bully the strong. Though I am not the high heaven, I will not give the enemy a second chance. If I were to lose, I would also face a grotesque end without regrets.” Li Qiye was unmoved.

No one said anything during this cry for mercy from Creek Bamboo.

There was nothing else to say since this was the world of cultivation where the law of the jungle reigned. Once they chose to be enemies, it was a fight to the bitter end.

In a war like this, if Li Qiye were to win, he would slaughter his enemies. But if he had lost, Stygian and others would have ripped him to pieces or maybe even tortured him.

War has always been cruel and the enemies would never show mercy. Because of this, there was no need to reciprocate!

Creek Bamboo stood there with a pale complexion. They were willing to give up everything to stay alive but Li Qiye refused!

He was overwhelmed with regrets since he was the one who brought this disaster upon the Ancestral Terra. It wouldnt only end with an invasion; they would be destroyed just like the empyrean and the abyss.

He regretted not picking the same choice as Ling Fengyun. At the very least, he would have been able to protect his descendants. But now, both the terra and its disciples were about to turn into ashes.

He was too confident at the start due to the protection of the ancestral trees. But then again, no one in the world would have expected such an outcome.

Ultimately, he has become the sinner of the terra for causing its demise!

“Are you ready, doom is here.” Li Qiyes faint voice descended.

Branches drilled down from the sky straight for the terra. They looked quite weak and fragile but the reality was that nothing could stop them.

“Kill!” Creek Bamboo had no other choice but to die in battle. He roared as his body exploded. His remaining vitality instantly unleashed the last attack. There was only a bloody shadow shooting to the sky containing all of his longevity blood. It was quite destructive in nature.

“Boom!” It still couldnt change anything. The bloody shadow seemed weak against the piercing branches and was instantly killed.

The branches continued onward for the Ancestral Terra. The ancestral marks floating above exuded endless laws that turned into a gigantic shield. It covered all of the sect like the vault of the sky.

“Boom!” The unbelievable happened. This shield actually managed to stop all the branches.

The entire place shook like crazy. The ancestors and experts dropped to the ground from the vibration. The ocean outside had numerous tsunami as if the land here was about to sink.

“Wow!” Many disciples there cheered after seeing the shield. They saw hope that the ancestral trees could stop the verdant trees offense.

“Too bad, this is only the final death throes.” Li Qiyes voice echoed across the world again.

“Rumble!” In the blink of an eye, thick branches landed down around the sea surrounding the terra. The sect itself lost connection with Heaven Spirit.

“Boom!” Everyone could feel the world quake a little bit. It wasnt due to an overwhelming force but rather, the connection between the terra and the earth was severed.

Sure enough, the initially radiant marks lost their light as if the ancestral trees roots were cut down.

“The ancestral trees cant borrow the power of the world anymore.” An invincible character understood what was going on and murmured.

Everyone knew that returning to the earth allowed these trees to be one with the world, allowing them to use the strength of the countless earth veins.

However, the verdant tree has severed this connection so the three ancestral trees couldnt use these earth veins anymore.

“Bang!” The branches pierced through the shield without hesitation. After breaching the area, they coiled around the three ancestral trees like spirit snakes.

“Shit, run away!” The experts here lost all courage. In a short time, it was a scene of chaos. Even some ancestors turned and ran.

“No! Let the young and old escape, we shall stay!” A high ranking ancestor took charge and howled loudly to stop the fleeing party.

In the next second, several ancestors brought a huge ship here and boarded all the young and old before sending them away.

They understood that Li Qiye definitely wouldnt spare them even if they made it to the far horizons. However, he wouldnt pursue the truly helpless so they sent this group away.

In their eyes, even if their terra was about to be destroyed, at the very least, some of their bloodlines could still continue.

1. I remember this idiom was used long ago, maybe chapter 300-500 and I had a long footnote explaining it. But in short, it is an appeal to morality, a cry for mercy Previous ChapterNext Chapte

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