Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 8: Nine Saint Demon Gate 2

The forbidden area stopped here and continued as a boundless void. Who knows where it led to?

“Neigh!” The skeletal horse raised its hooves and seemed to be impatient.

Li Qiye patted it and smiled: “Dont worry, the brat has been dead for a very long time so he surely wont mind waiting a little more.”

The horse was still stomping the ground restlessly as if it wanted nothing more than to cross this void.

“Too much time has passed and not just one emperor has fought here before. It makes sense that you couldnt find the way. One battle took place after another, so this place has been fragmented.” Li Qiye flatly spoke, knowing why the horse was so anxious.

“Neigh.” The horse seemed to be agreeing with him.

He smiled and said: “Okay, Ill get you past this, but I have something else to do so I cant go with you. At that point, whether you can find the old road or not will be up to you.”

The horse unexpectedly didnt neigh this time. It looked at the void as if trying to recall the old path in its memories.

Li Qiye took out the small shuttle from the island lord and jumped inside. The horse followed him without any hesitation.

“Lets go.” He laughed as the shuttle lit up. Its crystal hull became dazzlingly bright.

“Buzz!” It jumped into the void like a flood dragon playing in water. It made this void look like a deep trench in an ocean.

In fact, this expanse ahead wasnt really a void, an Immortal Emperor had used heaven-defying means to cut off this area. Many had failed to conquer it completely despite the damage caused here. Ultimately, they chose to seal this area by creating this void.

It wasnt so easy to cross this severed location. Unless one knew the way or was strong enough to directly go through it, there was no chance of entering.

This was the case for the skeletal horse. It hadnt been here for a long time and didnt know this severed path, so it couldnt enter. As the shuttle rushed into the void, the darkness appeared again before disappearing a moment later. The scene constantly shifted from darkness to void. Suddenly, a blue sky and ocean appeared…

As the shuttle soared through this space, the scene continuously changed. This severing from an Immortal Emperor was incredible, so it wasnt that easy to find the way. However, this little shuttle could still seek the correct route time and time again. Navigating through this area of the forbidden zone once again emphasized just how precious this shuttle was.

It finally crossed the severed space and a new location appeared before Li Qiye. This scene would shock anyone and completely captivate all spectators.

The shattered sky was filled with huge holes. This would be unimaginable regardless of the location. It looked as if someone broke through the vault of the heavens. Of course, people knew that even if this was the case, the scars would eventually disappear as the sky restored itself.

Alas, these scars wouldnt disappear; it was as if the attacker had left something behind so that they would never go away. One could easily imagine just how powerful this attacker must be. Only existences of the Immortal Emperor level could cause such harm.

These holes had black water rushing out of them, making it seem as if the origin of the dark sea came from above. Like Li Qiye said before, this land has been ravaged and broken.

There used to be towering mountains here, but some had been cut down the middle. Crumbled peaks were scattered and floated among the void. They looked just like stars and formed a large and long meteorite belt.

Over yonder seemed to be a gigantic tree that could reach all the way to the highest part of the sky. However, this tree had been uprooted completely with its roots exposed.

There was a great bridge here connecting two different realms. Alas, this bridge had been severed into multiple sections in the sky. Some areas had continuous explosions with lava gushing out while others had been penetrated completely with a green liquid oozing out. It was as if these attacks had reached hell itself and this hellish water was gushing out.

In short, a terrifying war took place here, one that could annihilate this entire world. After these events, the world itself tried to heal. The shattered continents began to reconnect along with the broken bridges. The world was slowly repairing itself to come back to life.

Li Qiye gently sighed and said: “Still not successful, this destruction could only delay the inevitable. Unless one doesnt mind risking it all to annihilate this world completely, it wont end. However, that might destroy Heaven Spirit in the process…”

He lamented the current situation. Fighting was a disaster, but avoiding it was also a calamity. It will come sooner or later, who knows what the end result will be?

In fact, the emperors who had attacked this place understood it as well. They knew that by going all out, they risked turning Heaven Spirit into little pieces. Because of this, they chose to only deal great damage in order to buy time. As for the future, they would leave it to their descendants to find a solution.

The destructive capabilities of emperors were incredible, but this magical world still continued to repair all of this damage.

Li Qiye withdrew his gaze and looked back at the horse: “Well, you need to go on your own now. As for how far the brat can go, that is up to him as well.”

“Neigh!” The horse neighed and jumped out of the shuttle. It stood on top of this broken continent, looked around, then started to sniff as if wanting to find a particular scent in the air. After a while, it galloped with great haste towards the horizon and disappeared into one of the large holes.

“What a brat, I took you all the way here and you didnt even say thanks.” Li Qiye scolded its shadow after seeing this.

He didnt stop here for too long since it was very dangerous in this realm. Each step was full of peril, one wrong move would turn him into ashes. Of course, the shuttle shielded him from all of this since it would automatically avoid all dangers.

It carried him around this region like a fish swimming in the sea and dodged the dangers with ease. This area seemed to be home for the shuttle.

It flew for a long time before reaching a certain area with bursts of explosions.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” A big funnel was ahead and all of the dark water was pouring down into it. This seemed to be the final destination of all the water here.

Li Qiye looked at this phenomenon before sighing. The power of this large funnel was too powerful. Even though it was inferior to the maelstrom back in the Abyss Sea, it was still quite terrifying and dangerous. Even a Godking would be torn to pieces if they fell inside.

“Its time to go in.” He prepared by activating the crystal physique. In just a second, his body exuded a great brilliance, becoming sparkly and translucent just like a crystal.

With the physique and its light protecting him, no dangers or murderous intents could hurt him.

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