Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 150 : Tyrannical Valley Immortal Spring Physique 2

The two branches and leaf from the three ancestral trees could make short work of a Nine Worlds Godking.

However, Li Qiyes shiny body under the protection of the crystal physique was impervious even against the ancestral trees. They simply couldnt break through.

“Whoosh!” They tried again with the thickest branches this time in the most destructive blow.

In a split second, it was as if three treefathers were attacking themselves. The branches acted like palms deriving wondrous laws to kill Li Qiye.

The grand dao cracked beneath this attack. All of Heaven Spirit suffered earthquakes. The strongest wouldnt be able to escape this disaster unless they were an Immortal Emperor.

However, the shiny light continued to flow on Li Qiyes body. He was completely unharmed.

“Heavens Will Crystal Physique, untouchable even by emperors. How the hell did a human like Li Qiye cultivate this supreme art from the golem race?” An invincible character exclaimed emotionally.

Another powerful being predicted: “I wonder how long his physique can last? If it is on the same level as Immortal Emperor Jing Yu, it will completely surpass even a grand completion Indestructible Diamond Physique.”

Li Qiye chuckled while looking at the trees: “Anything else? Go for it.”

He was completely unbeatable with the crystal physique since the trees couldnt kill him as long as it was activated.

The Stygian Monarchs group inside the terra was astonished as well. They didnt expect Li Qiye to have such an invincible art like the crystal physique. This allowed him to always be in an unlosable position.

Ling Fengyun sighed as well. Li Qiyes power has far exceeded their expectation. It looked like they have underestimated him the entire time.

“Whoosh!” Three more branches stretched out from the trees just like laws. They came together to form a portal.

When this portal opened, it looked like a world of primordial chaos. It was profound and dark with primal energy. It was as if this place has never been visited by man before.

“Banishment, its a high-level spatial banishment!” Even the strongest was alarmed to see this world behind the portal.

Once banished to this space, even they wouldnt be able to return right away. While being lost inside, even a Nine Worlds Godking might take anywhere from ten to one thousand years to come back. This was the reason why the strong masters in the crowd were stunned.

“Bang!” A wave emanated from this portal and rushed towards Li Qiye. This spatial wave wanted to drown him and left him nowhere to run.

The experts understood what the ancestral trees wanted to do instantly. Li Qiye has used the crystal physique so they couldnt kill him. The only thing possible in this situation was to banish him so that he wouldnt be able to return.

Li Qiye didnt bother avoiding this and smiled: “Want to play with space? Very well, well see who is better.”

With that, the thirteen palaces suppressing Heaven Spirit quaked. It looked as if the coordinates of the world were visible and they locked onto a particular one.

Li Qiye slightly pressed down with his palm on space itself. The entire area of the terra was about to be melted.

Even though the terra had three ancestral trees, they still couldnt stop Space Removal from affecting the terra. The space outside began to melt and this directly affected and resonated with the terras location.

“Boom!” A different portal opened right outside like a primal beast wanting to swallow the entire world.

“Rumble!” A vast amount of seawater overcame the terra with a deafening blast. The entire land started to shake.

“The Maelstrom!” The experts shouted in horror. The Maelstrom suddenly appeared right outside of the terra and intended on pulling the sect inside along with the Jade Sea itself.

“This again…” People turned pale while watching this.

Li Qiye has used Space Connection before back at the War Cliff to destroy the Regal Valley by using the Maelstrom. Right now, he did it again with more preparation. Because of this, the terra was still affected despite being protected by the ancestral trees.

The portal leading to the deep space banishment shattered. Even though it was very powerful, it was no match for the Maelstrom.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The terra was greatly affected by this earth-shattering development. The Maelstrom seemed to be extremely hungry and could even bite the stars in the sky.

This area fell into a terrible darkness. It was doomsday for the disciples there.

“Boom!” In the midst of this crisis, the trees took action. Branches soared to the sky like waterfalls and poured down countless laws. Each of them turned into a chapter with an ensuing detonation.

The chapter emitted an unstoppable divinity and left three marks from the trees on this space.

“Buzz.” The space ripped open by Li Qiye began to close. The devouring power of the Maelstrom gradually decreased.

“Not bad at all.” Li Qiye smiled and didnt panic while the trees were intending to seal this space.

“Boom!” He attacked again with his World Seal by unleashing an annihilation.

A terrible karmic flame descended and incinerated all things.

The trees activated their most powerful defense but many of their leaves instantly withered beneath this terrible karmic flame. The defensive line failed to stop the fire completely.

“Ah!” Though the flame didnt actually make contact with the terra, the terrible heat wave seemed to be burning the whole place. Many cultivators couldnt escape in time and were instantly scorched into coals.

Karmic Imperial Flame! This was the annihilation of the Brightflame Cauldron. It contained the karmic flames of the nine heavens and ten earths with an unimaginable power.

“Boom!” This was only the beginning of the end. A second annihilation came right after.

Darkness engulfed and stained everything around this realm.

This was the ultimate attack from the Immortal Devouring Evil Jar that made the world tremble!

It didnt end there. “Boom!” Even the deities would fall before this strike. The Nine Grand Supremes attacked again instantly.

“Bang!” A fourth annihilation came right after.

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