Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 149 : Tyrannical Valley Immortal Spring Physique 1

Seeing the three ancestral trees standing in the middle of the world protecting the ancestral terra suddenly made many people feel relieved.

They were considerably old yet their lifeforce was still plentiful. It looked as if they could live for another million years.

Heaven Spirit found peace with their coming. It seemed that as long as they were around, both the Ancestral Terra and Heaven Spirit would be perfectly fine.

“Our ancestral trees!” The disciples from the terra jubilated after seeing these trees. In their eyes, as long as the trees were around, they would never falter regardless of who they were facing.

With the apocalypse caused by the three Heavenly Annihilations, there were many craters now surrounding the terra. The main region was still protected by the trees.

They became invincible the moment they took root and became one with the earth, allowing them to have the same power as when they were alive.

“Theyve finally awakened!” Creek Bamboo and the others heaved a sigh of relief. Everything would be fine now.

Ancestral trees didnt wake up so easily unless their lineage was about to face an existential crisis.

The three annihilations could be considered as such and would have wiped out the terra completely.

“So thats an ancestral tree.” Many experts in Heaven Spirit were in awe. The masters became emotional as well. Even emperors might not be able to break through these awakened trees at the terra unless they were willing to pay an exorbitant cost.

Some people took a deep breath. This was the true power of the terra; no wonder why their disciples would act so arrogant. They really had the backing to do so. After all, too few sects enjoyed this privilege like the terra.

“Would Li Qiye be able to break through the protection of three ancestral trees?” Among the spectators nearby, some began to doubt Li Qiyes abilities.

“Buzz!” One of the ancestral trees took action. A single branch thrust out in such a simple manner but it was akin to the most terrible sword move. There was no overly convoluted path or variation, just a direct thrust yet nothing in the world could stop or escape from it.

Even Nine Worlds God Kings became afraid before this throat-piercing attack but Li Qiye only smiled without dodging.

“Whoosh!” The World Seal appeared with the Peacock Tree. Immortal rays engulfed the sky like a peacock parading its tail. With a loud impact and sparks sputtering everywhere, this barrier of light managed to stop the thrusting branch.

The sound wasnt earth-shatteringly loud but everyone was shaken to the bones and became dizzy. Some immediately dropped to the ground and couldnt get back up.

“Rustle!” A different ancestral tree took action with a downward slash of a branch. Despite not being a divine weapon, this slash left behind an indelible scar in the sky.

Primordial chaos emerged on its path. This was a slash capable of cutting through everything in this world, returning them to the primordial chaos.

Souls left the body before this attack. Everyone could feel themselves visiting the Yellow River after being split into two halves.

Suddenly, a blessed tree with many vines emerged and wove together into a majestic wall to stop the incoming slash.

“Heavenvine!” Many people shouted in horror: “Thats the ancestral vine from the Heavenvine Citadel. Why is here now?”

“Thats not the ancestral vine.” People looked over at the citadel back at the Jade Sea. This was the same case as the Peacock Tree since the citadel was still there. This vine tree ahead was an exact copy as well.

After curing the vine and gaining its permission, Li Qiye has also copied it with his World Seal.

“This is too unreal.” Everyone became dazed: “First he had the Peacock Tree, now the heavenly vine as well? Li Qiyes methods are so terrifying.”

“Buzz!” The third ancestral tree attacked with a shooting leaf. Despite being a little leaf, everyone had the illusion that it was made from three thousand worlds, aiming to decapitate Li Qiye.

Just imagine, three thousand worlds have turned into a throwing weapon. Its power was completely immeasurable and could cut down many stars in an instant.

A gigantic bamboo tree appeared. With loud rustles, it moved its branches like mountain ranges scattering across the sky to stop the ultimate leaf.

“What is that?” The crowd this time couldnt recognize this particular bamboo tree.

This was, of course, the guardian deity of Giant Bamboo. It came out powerfully and stopped the leaf from that ancestral tree.

In just a short time, there were three ancestral trees above the terra on top of the Peacock Tree, Heavenvine, and Giant Bamboo. This was a magnificent and stirring scene.

“This is like there are six ancestral trees!” Even the most knowledgeable old men said emotionally: “Ive never seen a more spectacular sight than this in my whole life!”

The existences in Heaven Spirit felt suffocated as if their death was approaching.

At this moment, the children in the terra became slack-jawed. Stygian and the others were stunned too with their palm sweating from being nervous.

They had an ominous foreboding with a sense of unease. They felt a bit regretful for not agreeing to Li Qiyes demand!

“So terrifying, we should never oppose Li Qiye.” After seeing him summon the Peacock Tree, Heavenvine, and Giant Bamboo, even Emperor Assailants broke out in cold sweats. Such methods were unstoppable in the nine worlds. No wonder why he was so confident and arrogant. Who could actually compete for the Heavens Will against him?

“Bang!” After the successful block, the three ancestral trees emitted a surging immortal light. Everyone could hear a buzzing sound. In this blink of an eye, they felt that the trees were sucking all of the power from Heaven Spirit.

It was as if the power from all the earth veins were being siphoned by the trees. The power from all plants in Heaven Spirit heeded their call, allowing the trees to gain this power of life.

“Bang!” Their true power erupted by several magnitudes. In a split second, they unleashed the same attacks as before. The thrust pierced through the immortal lights; the slash cut through Heavenvine while the leaf also made it through Giant Bamboos defensive barrier.

All three attacks came from different directions straight towards Li Qiye. In the end, his own trees were only copies and couldnt compare to real ancestral trees. The real ones took root in their earth so they had immeasurable power.

“Careful!” Many experts before their mirrors were astounded. Some even blurted at Li Qiye.

All eyes opened wide and some people event felt disappointed. Even a Nine Worlds Godking would die before this onslaught.

“Buzz!” In this key moment, crystals covered Li Qiyes body. The branches and leaf struck him but there was no damage.

“What!” People couldnt believe their own eyes and had to shout.

“What is this?” They saw the glittering and translucent crystal body stopping the attacks. Even the strongest crowd was amazed.

“Heavens Will Crystal Physique, the legendary impenetrable defense. But how the hell did he cultivate this, isnt he a human? How was it a successful cultivation?” Even those who knew the merit law couldnt believe it.

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