Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 146 : Silence in all Directions 2

The Ancestral Terra was a lineage with three treefathers — one of the strongest in Heaven Spirit. It stood out among the treants and was considered to be the safest area in the world.

It was a large landmass residing inside the Jade Sea that spanned tens of millions of miles. Such a continent was nothing in the other eight worlds.

However, it was extremely luxurious in Heaven Spirit. Lineages who had this much land in this world could be counted on ones fingers. Not even an imperial lineage might have access to this vast territory. Land was as valuable as gold in Heaven Spirit. Thus, such a large continent was a coveted treasure in everyones eyes.

Alas, no sect or people dared to have any ideas about it. Just think about it, what was the meaning behind having three ancestral trees? It was definitely the hardest place to attack.

Due to their protection, it was also known as a location impregnable by even Immortal Emperors.

When Shen Mengtians group followed Creek Bamboo to the Ancestral Terra, their intent was very clear. They wanted to use this supreme defense to avoid Li Qiye. As long as they stayed in this place, there was no way Li Qiye could attack.

At this moment, countless experts watched as Li Qiye approach the terra.

He was walking on a supreme path with each step crossing one world. He soon traversed one domain after another, allowing him to travel from the Broken God Cliff to the Ancestral Terra.

The entire terra was without a single sound. It was as if all of its disciples and creatures were hiding in their nests.

Just imagine this scene. This was a mighty lineage with absolute power, capable of calling for rain and winds in Heaven Spirit. Only an imperial lineage with an emperor present would dare to oppose them.

Alas, the imperious sect has turned into a turtle that shrank into its shell. Its disciples didnt dare to exit the main gate.

They have never experienced such humiliation before. Fear wouldnt be on their minds unless an emperor were to attack. After all, no one else could even attempt to launch an assault.

Today, after Creek Bamboo ran back, these disciples were completely aghast. This was their strongest and oldest ancestor, yet Li Qiye completely obliterated him. Moreover, he had an alliance with other masters as well.

Thus, they didnt dare to breathe loudly and listened to their seniors orders. All went into hiding and stayed within their own clans.

“This is actually happening to the Ancestral Terra.” The cultivators in the world were in awe of this scene.

Normally, the terras disciples were pompous, aggressive, and didnt give a damn about anyone. Todays scene painted a stark contrast in comparison.

“Its about time they get taught a lesson.” Some cultivators were cheering inside. Too many in Heaven Spirit have suffered the bombastic attitude from the terra, so they were gleefully gloating at this moment.

While standing right outside, Li Qiye stared at the Ancestral Terra and smiled: “Should I make my way in, or will you come out and accept your deaths?”

Even the invincible masters were stricken with anticipation. Li Qiye was actually doing it. They wanted to see whether the miracle creator could continue to do his work and break the terra with its three ancestral trees.

“Fellow Daoist Li, no, Young Noble Li, it is better to let go of grievances.” Creek Bamboo showed his face outside the terra and surrendered: “We accept our defeat in the war today.”

Seeing him raise the white flag made everyone in the world take a deep breath. This was Creek Bamboo, someone whose line had produced two treefathers. Alas, despite hiding in the safest location in the world, he still chose to surrender.

This truly shocked the crowd. No one expected for him to surrender like this one day.

“As you have said, this is a battle.” Li Qiye chuckled in response: “A war is no joke. The losers must pay a great price.”

Creek Bamboo hesitated for a moment before acquiescing: “What price do you desire, Young Noble Li?”

At this time, they had no other choice. It was either to fight Li Qiye to the very end or negotiate the conditions after losing completely.

Li Qiye freely stated: “What I want… Im afraid you cant make this decision or satisfy me.”

“Young Noble Li, what do you want?” Shen Mengtian and Stygian came out as well.

Li Qiye smirked before taking his time answering: “What I want isnt too outrageous. One, all of you will commit suicide…”

“This demand is too unreasonable!” Creek Bamboos expression sank and interrupted him: “Young Noble Li, there is no denying that we have lost. However, it doesnt mean that we cant rise again, we still have a chance. If you want treasures, spirit medicines, and other items, we can give them to you. However, we cannot obey when you ask for our lives.”

“Is that so?” Li Qiye leisurely replied: “Its all in the eyes of the beholder. You feel that your lives are valuable, but in my eyes, theyre not worth mentioning.”

“I am a benevolent person.” He grinned: “Im giving you one last chance right now. I dont mind if you still resist either. I shall trample your Ancestral Terra, Spirit Abyss, and the Dream Empyrean. Remember, this is war, and since you have chosen this path, you must pay the price!”

The faces of the three turned quite ugly, but they didnt have a response.

“Ill make the deal with you.” Ling Fengyun appeared and slowly spoke after hearing Li Qiyes condition: “I can let you do as you please, but you must spare the Roaring Conch!”

He walked out without any resistance and surrendered completely to Li Qiye.

“A war cant end that easily. I have given you a chance before the fight started, but you didnt value it.” Li Qiye looked at him and smiled: “The Roaring Conch chose to oppose me, so they must pay as well.”

“Well…” Ling Fengyuns expression sank after hearing this.

“You can feel that Im being too harsh.” Li Qiye added: “But remember, I am the one in the position to talk about conditions while all of you are fish on a chopping block. Since you chose to surrender, I wont massacre and annihilate the Roaring Conch completely. Nevertheless, they must still pay a great price. This is the result of opposing me.”

Fengyun pondered for a moment as he couldnt hastily make a decision. It took him some time before he sincerely gave up: “Young Noble Li, my life is in your hands. My only hope and final request is that you will spare the Roaring Conch.”

“I do appreciate talents, but it is too late now. You cant negotiate any longer, the conch must pay.” Li Qiye responded with a faint smile.

“What do you want, Young Noble?” Fengyun gave up since he was out of options. It was either a fight to the death or surrender.

“The Roaring Conch!” Li Qiye calmly said: “I can spare its disciples, but I want the conch! Of course, if they oppose me, there will be no mercy.”

Fengyun blurted: “Impossible!”

“Once again, I am the one giving you a choice. You can choose to die fighting and Ill annihilate the Roaring Conch. Of course, its disciples can destroy the ship too if they want, I dont mind. I just want the world to see the fate of those who oppose me. However, surrender and Ill spare their lives.”

Fengyun couldnt speak. He understood just how limited his options were.

Everyone in Heaven Spirit was eager to hear his decision. Keep in mind that if the disciples from the conch were to lose their ship, it would be the same as losing their home and ancestral ground. From then on, the sect would continuously decline. The Roaring Conch shall be no more.

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